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  • Way Basics' Shelving Perfect for Tradeshows!

    Way Basics cubes and bookshelves are the perfect solution for your trade-show needs. Why you may ask?

    Well, they are lightweight, easy to put together, and don't require tools or an engineering degree to put them together. Best of all, they are eco-friendly and better for the environment! This last point is what attracted  Preserve  (a company focused on making better plastics that are better for our environment) to our products for the International Home + Housewares Show.

    Laurie, the Sales & Marketing Manager at Preserve, said:

    “As an environmentally conscious mission-driven company, Preserve was seeking a trade show shelving that would be an affordable, environmentally-conscious material with a clean, sleek look – and Way Basics shelving was the perfect fit! It was so easy to mix and match the shelving units to get the exact size and height we were looking for! On the day of the shows, assembly was a piece-of-cake. Plus, we felt good at the end of the show because we were able to donate and recycle any shelving units we had left over”

    Laurie and Preserve  did an amazing job with their trade-show display! Check out the pictures below and next time you are looking for the perfect trade-show solution, think of the simple solution of Way Basics!

    Way Basics cubes used for tradeshow

  • New Arrival Award!

    We are so proud to have been awarded the "New Arrival Award" for our Box Storage System by the Cribsie Academy. Cribsie Awards

    What is the Cribsie Academy you may ask? Great question!

    They are the most influential experts, head honchos, and celebrities in the baby and family industry! We were so excited to be rated and chosen by such industry leaders as Jessica Alba (Honest Company), Ali Wing (founder of Giggle!), and Liz Gumbinner (Mom 101) amongst many others! The Cribsie Awards are held every year to help families find the best products out their for their homes. We are so excited to be included and we hope everyone is inspired to get organized and build opportunities with Way Basics!

  • Let's Spring Clean Together!

    Spring Cleaning can be a real downer. But it doesn't have to be! Get the whole family/apartment/roommates involved and make it into a little party. Throw on some tunes and make plans that evening so you have something to look forward to! General Spring Cleaning tips also help things go smoothly so follow these for the easiest clean of your life:

    1.  Change the feel by adding some new blankets, textiles or pillows. Maybe swap with a friend so you each get a "new" place for no cost!
    2. Move from room to room so you feel like you are accomplishing something. Start small with mini goals and the time will fly by!
    3. Take a picture before and after so you can truly see the difference! Also something to keep the room in check in the future!
    4. Going all out and washing windows? Make sure you pick a cloudy day so they don't dry before you get to wipe them down.
    5. Clean under furniture! That's right, move it around. This will also allow you to try out some new locations for that beloved chair.
    6. Start from the top down. Dust the tops of cabinets and light fixtures and finish with the floor. That way you don't have to clean your floor twice!
    7. Our favorite: Make sure to equip yourself with a "Donate" and "Trash" bag in every room. This will inspire you to de-clutter!
    8. Feel like you don't have enough storage space? Check out our bookshelves and cubes for endless solutions!

    Spring cleaning can seem daunting but remember, you only do it once a year and you will feel so GREAT after!

    Ps. Still feeling stressed? Read our tips about how to bring Zen to your Spring Clean HERE!

  • The Zen Way to Spring Clean

    So, be honest. How is that Spring Cleaning going?

    Sometimes we dread tasks like cleaning and organizing because they are made out to be the bad guys. Let’s flip that theory on its head. I love to get organized mainly because it feels so darn good! Reducing clutter isn’t just good for your home, it’s good for your spirit! After all, that is what Feng Shui is all about: cleaning up clutter and helping you live a minimalistic life. Let’s explore five ways that help you lighten that load!

    1. How about that dreaded closet? I live by the rule that all clothes that have not been worn in two years should be donated. Of course I make exceptions for wool coats or items that are not needed on a daily basis, but this rule helps remind you of what is in your closet and what no longer works. Helping others is a feel-good activity and with those un-worn clothes gone you will feel like you can breathe again!
    2. You know medicine, sunscreen, and non-perishable food actually do have use by dates? Find those dates and use them!
    3. Instate a 24 hour rule for big purchases that are usually impulse buys. Do you really need another black purse? This helps you examine your decision and prevent clutter in your home.
    4. Remove toxic inducing, unfriendly furniture, and go eco instead! Did you know that formaldehyde is a toxin found in most furniture and can cause allergies and extensive health issues? Use formaldehyde-free furniture and bring plants into your home to help cleanse your air!
    5. Live with items that you love! Don’t feel obligated to keep something just because it was a gift. Surround yourself with things that inspire you and reflect who you are as a person.

    Just remember that your home is a big part of your life and the way that you care for it influences your happiness. So don’t dread Spring Cleaning, think of the positive ways you are helping yourself and your family towards a productive, inspiring year!

    Want more tips? Read our practical tips towards Spring Cleaning HERE!

  • Let's Meet Natalie!

    I don't know if you have noticed, but we have had some incredible new pictures of our bookshelves up on our site. This incredible work was done by a New York Photography student name Natalie. Because she is so talented and has such a bright future, we wanted to share more about her here. Remember, you saw her here first!

    Natalie is currently a photography major at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts in my freshman year.

    She first became interested in photography around middle school. She started off with basic digital cameras, but switched to film because of multiple technical complications. (Wow!)

    She says that ,"it was a hobby that I never expected to amount to much, but it became a passion for me and I've been shooting since then. I'm not certain what I want to do in the future in terms of specific fields of photography because I enjoy shooting in very different styles (fine art, fashion, portraiture, weddings, etc.). I'm hoping that my time at NYU will help me to grow and eventually prepare me for where I need to be."

    We so applaud all your hard work and talent, Natalie! We think you have an amazing photography future and we are so happy to be apart of your hobby turned career. Check out more of her amazing work here: http://www.nataliefong.com/


  • How Paper Can Make a Difference

    Have you heard of Shigeru Ban? Maybe you have been lucky enough to watch his Ted talk or see some of his inspiring work in person. He is an architect. The only architect in the world making buildings out of paper. Ban began experimenting with paper buildings in 1994 after he discovered how much more architecturally sound it was that everyone thought. He also loved the idea that you can get paper anywhere in the world and it is therefore a universal building material.

    Due to this universality, he has been commissioned after natural disasters for buildings around the world to help bring shelter people who have lost their homes.

    slide09 After the 2008 Sichuan earthquake killed 70,000 people in China, he built a school so the children could keep learning. They constructed 9 classrooms in just one month
    After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Ban constructed 50 shelters for the people in need After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Ban constructed 50 shelters for the people in need
    anderson_mg_5524 Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral constructed after the Christchurch earthquake

    "I like to build monuments that are beloved by people," Ban says. He obviously has a deep connection to his work and to the people that he helps around the world. He is an inspiration to architects and people everywhere in his exploration of how common items such as paper have so much more use than what they were made for. Just like our zBoard, taking one product and recycling it into something that is so much more. We commend you Shigeru Ban and recommend everyone learn more about this incredible man.

  • Happy New Year!

    Welcome to the year of the wooden horse! The lunar New Year begins today with celebrations around the world welcome a fresh start. These celebrations are marked with parades, wonderful food, dragon dances, exchanging gifts and more! What do you do to bring in the new year?

    Postcard Template

  • We raised over $900!

    Did you know that $1.00 can feed a family of four in the Philippines. When we heard about the devastating effects of the typhoons hitting the Philippines, our heart went out to these people in need. From November 25 - 29th we donated 50% of our sales to the Philippine's Red Cross and YOU raised $983.84! Thank you everyone for your amazing contributions. Since 1994, the Philippine's Red Cross Disaster Management Service (DMS) has assisted over 22,579 families. This program not only assists those in need, but identifies hazard prone areas and sets up preventive programs. To learn more about their amazing work, click here.

    Again, THANK YOU for helping us make a tiny bit of difference!

  • 7 Ideas to Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis

    By Steven Athea Image

    Living in Miami has given me a greater understanding of how to blur the lines of traditional gathering spaces.

    South Florida has a unique way of bringing indoor activities outside. These days, it seems like I spend more time outside than I do in my own living room! I entertain friends, family and even clients in my patio area, so I know that keeping up with outdoor décor can be just as important as the look of my foyer.

    Just because winter weather is upon much of the U.S., that doesn't mean that you need to bring your party indoors. Adding just a few new décor pieces and creative flare to your patio will transform it into an extended living space.

    Here are seven tips for how to maximize your space, from layouts to accessorizing, giving your space an added design touch that will maximize your home's square footage:

    1. Don't Be Afraid of Plastic

    Usually the first thing that pops into people's minds when they think of a patio set is wicker furniture. Ditch the grandma décor and update with the times!

    Outdoor décor has come so far in the last 20 years. Plastic furniture pieces have made a comeback and provide modern and sleek lines for a fraction of the cost. These pieces also are easy to maintain and clean even through harsh weather conditions, including snow and colder temperatures.

    2. Consider the Alternatives

    Many designers have also incorporated materials such as outdoor leather, rattan and Sunbrella fabric when creating their outdoor lines. I always recommend looking to see what types of materials were used to create your furniture, in order to be sure you can maintain the up-keep of the pieces.

    3. Think like a Swiss Army Knife

    When purchasing a new set, invest in multi-purpose pieces. For example:

    • An outdoor bar area can double up as a buffet table when you have extra family and friends over.
    • Small seat ottomans also come with built in storage, perfect for hiding your beach balls, paddleboards and floats.
    • You can add pops of color by accessorizing your furniture with throw pillows that are interchangeable or hanging décor, such as festive lanterns or chic chandeliers.

    4. Be Deliberate About Layout

    When formulating the layout of your backyard space, remember that even the smallest of spaces needs a focal point. Create an inviting space by placing your furniture in a semi-circle for a good flow of conversation. Don't place your pieces so far from one another that your guests need to yell to speak to each other; rather, focus on finding unique settings for an easy flow.

    Keep furniture around the perimeter of your outdoor space to maximize walkway room and always make sure there is adequate seating for guests. Mix and match by bringing in odd chairs and adding benches for additional seating. Another great accessory can be outdoor floor pillows. Place them around the coffee table for a laid back Mediterranean feel.

    5. Plan For Your Purpose

    One thing I love to do is have dinner parties under my gazebo. Great food and conversation can keep us outdoors all night long. When preparing for such an event it seems as though people tend to forget sizes when picking out furniture appropriate for their space.

    Place dining tables diagonally to fit as many guests as needed. Keep in mind the size of your furniture: the bigger the furniture the less walking space there will be for guests.

    Play with shapes and sizes of tables; they do not all need to be the same. Another great tip for outdoor gatherings is the use of stackable chairs. These can be put away in a pinch to create more space depending on the occasion.

    6. Create a Central Space

    A fire pit is a fun focal piece to add to your new outdoor living space. On extra chilly nights it is great to gather around and relax by the flames. Fire pits are easy to maintain and the glow provides a natural source of light. Whether it is a built-in pit within the ground or a movable one, the fire pit provides warmth to any area. It is even a great feature to entertain children, allowing them to roast marshmallows outside, letting their imaginations run free and feel like they are camping. The fire pit is a great investment that can be used throughout the year.

    7. Take Advantage of Surroundings

    You have natural elements all around you; you should use this to your advantage. Purchasing tree lights and hanging them throughout your gazebo and through your trees enhances the focal point and makes any space seem bigger. Tree lights aren't only for the holidays; you can change them out for colored lights during Christmas time or keep it simple with silver and white throughout the year.

    There are many simple solutions to update your outdoor living space and make it one-of-a-kind. Work with what you currently have in your patio and add your unique sense of style. This holiday season, take advantage of the fresh air and entertain your guests outdoors by showing off all that your new and improved patio has to offer.

    Steven Athea is the co-founder of Modani, a contemporary furniture store with locations across the U.S. Steven has a degree in Design and Architecture from The Architecture School of Antibes in France. He has designed and decorated several high-end night clubs and restaurants in Miami Beach. Steven's eye for design has helped launch Modani into a national success, attracting the attention of celebrities such as Sean Combs, the Kardashians and Lady Gaga.

  • Bookshelf Décor Ideas

    collectionBookshelves are a great way to store and display items. You may move into a house with built-in bookshelves, and you do not know how to use them to really accentuate your room. You may also be in a situation where you have several books and items that you want to display, but you want to create a unique focal point for your room. There are several different approaches you can take to make your bookshelves become more than just a place to hold books.


    Use the Bookshelf to Hold Your Collections

    Bookshelves are a great place to display things that you have collected or items that are important to you. In fact using them to store your collections can prevent clutter collecting in the shelves. Look at the number of items you want to store and then determine the best way to display the different items. You may want to mix the collection in between books or alternate shelves to help create a clean look. If you have deep shelves, you can put the collection in front of the books you are storing.

    Use Floating Shelves to Make a Statement

    Floating shelves that you attach to the wall can create a beautiful display for the den, reading room, or library of your home. With this option, you can choose a pattern that creates a design and focal point for the walls.  floating shelves

    This also allows you to choose just the right amount of shelving for the room. You will need bookends and items to put on the ends of the shelves including photos or other items. Sketch out the different patterns you like before you start hanging the shelves.

    Make the Most of Built-Ins

    Built-in bookshelves can be tricky to deal with because you cannot move them around or determine the depth of the shelves. You can paint the interior of the bookshelves a different color than the room to emphasize the shelves. If you have deep shelves, you can use them to store and display your china or other important items. A room with all of the walls covered in built-ins can be overwhelming, but you can break up the monotony by using some of the shelves to display items instead.

    Think Colorful

    Many bookshelves are traditionally stained wood or painted white or black. You can change the mood of the room, and brighten up the space by adding color to your bookshelf. You may choose to paint the entire shelf one color, or you can paint the interior of the shelves a few different complementary colors. This works well in a large bookshelf with several different square compartments. Test the colors out together, and be sure that they complement the rest of the room.

    Create a Kid Friendly Space

    tumblr_mbemuvLO011qe59oao1_500Bookshelves can create a kid friendly space in a family room, playroom or a child’s bedroom. Choosing long shelves that are low to the ground will make the items easily accessible. You can also mix the items on the shelves between toys and books. If you want your children to interact with books on a regular basis, this is a great way to do this. Choose light or bright colors for the shelf. You can also find bins to store some items on the shelves. This can be a great option to really bring a room to life while keeping the toys easy to access and the room mess free.




    Author bio: Tiffany Faming is a passionate writer and proud mom of two kids. She loves to share family, fashion, travel, home décor and gardening tips. Please visit her Google+ and PromoCode4Share.com blog to see more useful posts.

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