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  • Create Possibilities with The Box

    At Way Basics, one of our favorite things is seeing all the amazing organizational creations that you all come up with! We have designed our products to be simple, modern, and conducive to whatever creative touch you put on them. Whether you are organizing a kitchen, office, bedroom, or closet, your creative choices are what makes our job so much fun!

    Today we want to celebrate your creative brilliance and highlight some of our favorite customer creations with the Box.

    Kitchen pantry organization Organizing a kitchen pantry
    closet organization box Organizing your closet!
    Kids room box organization Kid's Room Organization
    Office organization box Organized office with the Box!

    Do you have any photos of your Box system or other Way Basics's products? Be sure to share them on our Share Page for a chance to win $100 to www.waybasics.com.

    Thanks again for being a part of the Way Basics' community and sharing your creativity with us!

  • We Truly Care!

    At Way Basics, we love going above and beyond for our customers. We love our products and love getting you and your family organized. This is why we have someone on call to answer all your questions and help you make educated choices for your home.

    Here is one of those stories:

    Last month our customer Googled "rectangle cube" and came across our products but she wasn't sure what to buy! She contacted us through e-mail (talktous@waybasics.com) and asked for help with a space that she wanted to get organized. She sent in some pictures, measurements of the space and the idea of what she needed. She was looking for a 4 shelf system to store boots and back packs in her front hall.

    This was her "before picture"

    Hanna, our amazing customer care woman, looked through our products, calculated the space our pre-configured Freedom Shelf which has a similar modern, unique feel but different dimensions.

    Hanna recommend having 4 Cube Plus at the Bottom, 2 Rectangle Plus for 2nd row shelf, 2 Cube for 3rd row and 1 Cube on the top. This has a total measurements of 56.6" in Height and 53.6" in Length.

    Look at the difference it makes!

    When asked about the favorite part of her job, Hanna replied, "Helping customers and making them feel that we care." I certainly think Hanna did a fabulous job here! What is your Way Basics story?


  • The Green House Effect: How to Organize Your Home in Earth-Friendly Ways

    Human beings don't typically live in the branches of trees along with birds and squirrels, but there blue-planet-earth_CC_woodleywonderworksare still ways to make your home earth- friendly. Organizing, decorating and cleaning a house while regarding the natural environment will keep the process more focused, will teach your family how to treat the earth well, and will improve the health of everyone who lives in your home.

    Of course, if you are just now building a home or moving into one, it will be easier to incorporate some green ideas into the household. But, if you've lived in one place for years, don't fret - it's still simple to begin some green habits. Approach your decor with love for the planet in mind and everyone wins.


    Don't buy a sustainable sofa unless you're going to dress it with green pillows. Pillows stuffed with natural fibers, such as cotton and goose down, are preferable for the environment and ensure better air quality. A great place to obtain earth-friendly decor is at flea markets, farmer's markets and other places where local artisans display their craftsmanship. Try an original painting, or something made by a member of the community from wood or other natural materials. These are great opportunities to keep synthetic items out of the home environment.


    Don't forget the appliances when you go green. Low-flush toilets, kitchen appliances that consume less energy and CFL or LED lights are all good options. In general, appliances that have the Energy Star approval are efficient choices.

    It's not just what you put inside your house that makes it green -- it's how you maintain those belongings, from cleaning to organization.


    Containers If you're stumped about what to use for organizing smaller items in the kitchen and bathroom, try re-purposing old shoe boxes, cans that held soups, and jars that held pickles and spaghetti sauces.

    You can also make your own containers out of products such as zBoard, a nontoxic material that doesn't require nails or tools.

    Paper vs. Online

    Most financial institutions offer you the option of online statements, rather than paper ones, so take them up on it. Get in the habit of paying your bills online. Use an e-reader to enjoy magazines and newspapers. You'll cut down on the amount of paper that gathers in the corners of your home and maintain a greener lifestyle.


    When an item is no longer necessary, such as a toy your child has outgrown, make a habit of gathering and donating them to charities so that someone else can enjoy them. You'll be recycling in the best possible way - another family will find a use for your products and your home will be less cluttered.

    Cleaning Household Products

    Instead of buying an all-purpose cleaner at the nearest supermarket, why not make your own products for keeping kitchens and bathrooms clean? It's more fun, and you probably have the things you need in your pantry.

    • Baking soda and water - This solution cleans just about anything, from tiles in the shower to kitchen countertops.

    • Lemon juice and vinegar - If you're dealing with mildew or grease, douse with either lemon juice or vinegar and scrub vigorously with a brush.

    • Soap and tea tree oil - You can make a homemade disinfectant that rivals bleach by combining water, liquid soap and several drops of tea tree oil.

    Garden Products

    Remember, green doesn't stop inside the house. Tend to your flower or vegetable garden with products that are better for nature.

    • Set up a compost bin with vegetable peelings, garden waste, plus newspaper and other fibrous material to create a compost pile.

    • Allow birds that eat garden pests to thrive in your garden. Encourage them with bird feeders.

    • Use acetic acid (about 20% acid, 80% water) or oils made from citrus and clove for earth-friendly weed killing solutions.

    These items might disturb other plants, so use with caution. The process of having a more eco-friendly home environment can take time. But the rewards for your family and for the earth are numerous.

    Garret Stembridge is a member of the Internet marketing team at Extra Space Storage, a leading provider of self storage facilities. Garret often writes about sustainable practices for the home and for businesses. The Self Storage Facility in Philadelphia has been retrofitted to reduce energy consumption.

    130814_Green House Effect and Home Organization

  • Benefits of Custom Shelving

    Customized closets and storage systems seem like something of a dream. Something that you only see in HGTV and Home Network styling shows. It doesn’t have to be that way. Way Basics has created a storage system that you can customize for your needs. Introducing the Freedom Shelf! This shelving system was designed with simplicity and customizability in mind. You get to choose your color, number of shelves, and height of shelves; just like a customized storage system! The kits that comprise the shelves are described below, but remember that you can always contact our customer care team if you have an issue. We can talk you through your order so you get exactly what you need! Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.42.08 AM

    Start with the height of the shelf:

    Freedom Kit Short: Freedom Kit Short is the smallest shelf in the Freedom Kit Set. This 5.3" interior height small shelf is perfect for DVD players, your CD collection, and horizontal knick-knacks that you want to organize and display in your home.

    Freedom Kit Medium: Freedom Kit Medium is the mid shelf in the Freedom Kit Set. This 6.5" interior height shelf is perfect for game consoles, stereos, smaller books, knick-knacks, clothes and shoes that you want to organize and display in your home or office.

    Freedom Shelf Tall: This 11.2" interior height tall shelf is perfect for books, recorders and tall vases that you want to organize and display in your home.

    Decide how many shelves you want:

    You can build your custom shelf as tall as you want! Just decide how many kits you want and order a Middle Shelf to go between each kit. Remember, we are always here to help if you have any questions.

    Purchase a Top and Bottom:

    Just like with any shelf, your new customized storage solution needs a top and bottom. Just make sure to add that to your cart and you will be good to go!

    Customized storage solutions usually cost over $1000. With this new Freedom Shelf system, you can get a storage solution for a fraction of the cost. The benefits of customized shelving are never ending! Some of the amazing benefits are: white-closet-organizer-system_1

    • The shelves will fit into your space and there will not be any wasted space
    • Way Basics’ Freedom Shelves are put together with our easy no-tool system which means no confusing instructions and no chance for squished fingers (from a hammer and nails)
    • Since the shelves are put together in the room you are organizing, you don’t have to risk damaging your walls or hiring a helping hand to maneuver a large bookcase
    • Use bins or baskets to get organized within your shelves
    • The Way Basics’ Freedom Shelf are perfect for garage organization and the tallest shelf is the perfect height for winter boot storage
    • Our shelves are built to last and protect the environment!

    Custom shelving units are the perfect organizational solution for any space in your house. Just remember to measure up your space and let us know if we can assist with ordering or design ideas. And don’t worry about damaging the earth with your new shelving; Way Basics’ Freedom Shelves are made with the same zBoard that is used to make our cubes. zBoard is our awesome patented product that is made fro 99% recycled paper! No extra trees will be cut down for your custom shelving solution. Doesn’t that feel great? Custom shelving at a fraction of the cost and helping recycle at the same time!

    This is just one way Way Basics is helping you with simple home organization. Best of all, we love helping you and your family!

    Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.49.51 AM

  • Thinking Out of the Box About Recycling Paper!

    Paper is one of the most plentiful manufactured items on the planet but we often overlook its’ magic and potential. Different types of paper can give hints about a culture, a time in history, or a specific place on the planet, but they all tie back to the resource that makes it: trees. Unfortunately, our civilization takes for granted this resource that is used every day. At some point in the future, we are going to have to seriously look at our paper consumption and consider how we can recycle, reduce, and reuse in order to save this precious resource. To give you some background about this amazing product, paper, here are some facts about paper-making!

    1) Paper can be made through a mechanical or chemical process

    2) Paper is bleached to give it the white color

    3) Papermaking uses a huge amount of water in the process

    4) North American’s consume more paper per capita than any other country (500lbs per year!)

    5) 40% of the world’s logging is used to make paper (that is a heck of a lot of trees!)

    6) The paper industry emits a lot of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere (over 100 million kilograms of toxins each year!)

    7) Paper production is the third most energy-intensive of all types of manufacturing

    At Way Basics, we are already thinking ahead of the game and upcycling paper to be used in many Infographic-Healthier-World-Healthier-Youdifferent ways. Our zBoard is made from 99% post-consumer recycled paper, which means no new trees are being cut down when you purchase our cubes or bookshelves made from recycled paper. We love to celebrate other individuals and companies that are thinking out of the box when it comes to paper. Only when we celebrate it for the precious resource that it is, will we begin to save our trees.

    The artist, Li Hongbo has created paper sculptures, which are made of thousands of sheets of paper. These honeycomb like structures were inspired by his fascination with the Chinese art of paper gourds. These sculptures are part of a greater body of work called Tools of Study and are replicas of old marble busks such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s David. This new way of utilizing paper is truly mind blowing. Be sure to check out the video clip below:

    Another awesome recycling story we want to share is about the company AkzoNobel. They have created the world’s first 100% recycled cup! Most cups (even the recycled ones) have a petroleum-based coating that is used to keep the liquid from permeating the cup. AkzoNobel have created a coating that is made from plant-based oils, which makes the cup 100% recycled and compostable! Learn more about this groundbreaking company and how they are planning on “doing more with less.” Learn more: https://www.akzonobel.com/

    Just like Way Basics, Li Hongbo and AkzoNobel are doing great things in the paper recycling industry. It is important to think out of the box to help recycle! Even you can do things to recycle paper in your own home. At the moment, most American’s only recycle 15% of their paper. This is a real shame because America’s paper consumption is going up. To combat this, make sure to recycle in your home and office. If your workplace does not recycle, offer to start a recycling program and pave the way! Let us know about your paper recycling journey. Way Basics would love to help start this initiative and we would even offer some prizes as a way to get people recycling! After all, our first Way Basics’ product was a recyclable recycling bin! It all comes back to helping our community and spreading the word around paper recycling! What do you do to recycle in your home

  • Residence Hall Student Moving Tips

    There are many things a student has to deal with when they arrive at their new university. The life of a freshman is stressful at first, so they will need a lot of help if they want to deal with things in a more peaceful and useful manner. The following tips will point out the possible way you can make that happen:

    • Helping a student to move on campus can be pretty overwhelming for a good number of reasons, from the emotions of taking the kid to college to the simple logistics involved in moving. You will need to allow the student to navigate the move themselves. The sooner they start taking responsibility for this, the better.
    • You should do what you can t review the rules of the residence hall before you move. Make a checklist concerning the moving and make sure everyone is familiar with the policies of on-campus life so you can handle the move with greater ease.
    • You need to make sure you have an open-minded approach to the roommate your student will need to deal with. They will need to live with them for a whole year, adapting to the experience of working with someone very different from them. Emotions will be running high during this time, so you may need to forgive some outbursts due to nervousness.
    • Attending college means a significant step in moving away from friends and family, so homesickness is to be expected. The combination of this, the hope of seeing someone familiar and the inherent uneasiness of being in a new place will wreak havoc on the emotions of those in such circumstances, so you will need to do whatever you can to support the student in a way that doesn't interfere with their individuality, but it helps them emotionally.
    • Remember to help them with activities they may be familiar with, so they can get used to the new environment. This will help greatly with adjusting.
    • Put some photos, posters, quotes or anything else that reminds them of home and make sure you call them on a regular basis just to hear them.
    • Make sure they learn more about the local area, the students and more so they can have an easier time creating bonds with the class mates.
    • They can get in a club or a sports team, attend many programs and participate in events around campus to get used to their new status.
    • Make a routine of calling, e-mailing or texting with the kids so they can keep in contact, but maintain their independence and grow as people without constant control.

    If you need more moving ideas you can contact: Man with a Van Wandsworth

  • Earth Day

    Our Earth is a precious thing! It is important to recycle, think about our planet, and live sustainably every day. But especially on Earth Day. What are you doing for our beautiful earth today?

    Earth Day

  • Way Basics' Shelving Perfect for Tradeshows!

    Way Basics cubes and bookshelves are the perfect solution for your trade-show needs. Why you may ask? Well, they are lightweight, easy to put together, and don't require tools or an engineering degree to put them together. Best of all, they are eco-friendly and better for the environment! This last point is what attracted  Preserve  (a company focused on making better plastics that are better for our environment) to our products for the International Home + Housewares Show. Laurie, the Sales & Marketing Manager at Preserve, said: “As an environmentally conscious mission-driven company, Preserve was seeking a trade show shelving that would be an affordable, environmentally-conscious material with a clean, sleek look – and Way Basics shelving was the perfect fit! It was so easy to mix and match the shelving units to get the exact size and height we were looking for! On the day of the shows, assembly was a piece-of-cake. Plus, we felt good at the end of the show because we were able to donate and recycle any shelving units we had left over” Laurie and Preserve  did an amazing job with their trade-show display! Check out the pictures below and next time you are looking for the perfect trade-show solution, think of the simple solution of Way Basics! Way Basics cubes used for tradeshow

  • New Arrival Award!

    We are so proud to have been awarded the "New Arrival Award" for our Box Storage System by the Cribsie Academy. Cribsie Awards

    What is the Cribsie Academy you may ask? Great question!

    They are the most influential experts, head honchos, and celebrities in the baby and family industry! We were so excited to be rated and chosen by such industry leaders as Jessica Alba (Honest Company), Ali Wing (founder of Giggle!), and Liz Gumbinner (Mom 101) amongst many others! The Cribsie Awards are held every year to help families find the best products out their for their homes. We are so excited to be included and we hope everyone is inspired to get organized and build opportunities with Way Basics!

  • Let's Spring Clean Together!

    Spring Cleaning can be a real downer. But it doesn't have to be! Get the whole family/apartment/roommates involved and make it into a little party. Throw on some tunes and make plans that evening so you have something to look forward to! General Spring Cleaning tips also help things go smoothly so follow these for the easiest clean of your life:

    1.  Change the feel by adding some new blankets, textiles or pillows. Maybe swap with a friend so you each get a "new" place for no cost!
    2. Move from room to room so you feel like you are accomplishing something. Start small with mini goals and the time will fly by!
    3. Take a picture before and after so you can truly see the difference! Also something to keep the room in check in the future!
    4. Going all out and washing windows? Make sure you pick a cloudy day so they don't dry before you get to wipe them down.
    5. Clean under furniture! That's right, move it around. This will also allow you to try out some new locations for that beloved chair.
    6. Start from the top down. Dust the tops of cabinets and light fixtures and finish with the floor. That way you don't have to clean your floor twice!
    7. Our favorite: Make sure to equip yourself with a "Donate" and "Trash" bag in every room. This will inspire you to de-clutter!
    8. Feel like you don't have enough storage space? Check out our bookshelves and cubes for endless solutions!

    Spring cleaning can seem daunting but remember, you only do it once a year and you will feel so GREAT after!

    Ps. Still feeling stressed? Read our tips about how to bring Zen to your Spring Clean HERE!

    140301_General Spring Cleaning tips

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