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  • Happy holidays from the Way Basics family to yours.


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  • Q&A with Way Basics Design Studio

    The two most common questons we get at Way Basics are: 1) Can I place my Way Basics furniture on its side? and 2) Can I assembly my Way Basics furniture without the backing board?  We'll address both!

    Question 1) Our products are vertically constructed and when properly oriented can hold a substantial amount of weight.  When these products are placed on their side, the boards that were once vertical (now horizontal) do not have the proper support in order for the product to have a long life.  With proper upright orientation, each shelf has the support of the two boards it is placed upon, which makes the unit strong and stable.  When placed on its side, there is only the adhesive providing support and will fail if weight is placed on the unit when oriented improperly.


    Question 2) The backing board is instrumental to preserving the overall structural integrity of your Way Basics Products.  It acts at a skeleton that provides lasting support for your Way Basics products.  Choosing to not use it will make the product susceptible of collapse.

    Check out this video, which helps to illustrate these questions and answers.

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  • Way Basics is Evergreen Assured!


    Way Basics has been included as an inaugural member of the Evergreen Assured Standard, the first consumer program to identify those companies and services that support and participate in sustainable practices and global responsibility.

    Evergreen believes that the “Balance of Power” can be achieved through social responsibility, environmental impact and individual actions. Our core values are grounded in the belief that the individual and the choices they make can lead to change.

  • Opportunity Green

    The world can no longer afford business as usual. Opportunity Green emerged to confront this challenge and bring together the brightest innovators leading the growth of the new green economy.

    Check out these pictures of Way Basics at Opportunity Green.  We love being green and helping showcase other green and innovative companies!

     Image 1  Image 7
     Image 3  Image 4
     Image 5  Image 5
     Image 8  Image 2
  • This Thanksgiving, Way Basics is thankful for...


    Beth: “I am thankful for my dear husband, he is my best friend and my two wonderful children.”


    Leo: “I am thankful for my beautiful wife, Rachel, and bouncing baby boy, Henry!”


    Andrei: "I am thankful for having the good fortune of not just a job, but a job at a company I admire. Plus to be working with some of the coolest, brightest and just down-to-earth team members is truly a blessing!"


    Irene: “I am thankful for love, health, happiness and FOOD!”


    Jimmy: “Every day is amazing and I’m thankful I can enjoy life’s journey with my wonderful family and friends.”


    David: "I am thankful for turkey, cranberries, stuffing, mashed potatoes, family, friends, laughing, smiling, dancing, music, sunshine and good vibes!"

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