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  • HGTV's Carter Oosterhouse uses Way Basics in eco-friendly makeover

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The quiet southeast Charlotte street that looked more like a movie set this week wasn’t for carpenter Carter Oosterhouse’s show on HGTV.  It was for a series of online clips that will be posted on the web site for Clorox Green Works.

    Oosterhouse was in Charlotte for three days creating a $20,000 makeover for the Harding family.

    “We're going to give the nursery and the family room, which is kind of like a rec room playroom, a complete greenover, which is a makeover with an eco friendly twist,” Oosterhouse explained.

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  • Press: Apartment Therapy Budget Basics

    Way Basics at Apartment Therapy

    Way Basics was proud to be included in Apartment Therapy's Shopper's Guide!

    "When you're looking for CHEAP — but not willing to throw all aesthetic consideration to the wind — this is the list for you. Here are 5 go-to sources for budget-friendly shelving and storage options for the design-minded organizer. Almost all of the units shown here are priced right around $100."

    "Exactly as the name implies, these shelving systems are way basic. Made from recycled paper, the zBoard furniture is exceptionally lightweight, sturdy and amazingly cheap — its downfall is that the weight limit is on the low side. I like the Madison Bookcase ($89.50) the best but their are fun, cheaper options like the Triple Rectangle Plus in Green($29.99). Strong enough for most uses, Way Basics are ideal for kids' rooms, and nooks that you need some bonus shelving. As an added bonus, Way Basics are completely recyclable."

  • Happy Holidays from Way Basics!

    Happy Holidays from Way Basics

    Wishing you and yours the absolute best 2010 holiday season!  We hope you enjoy and share our holiday card!

  • New Video: Building with zBoards

    Here is a new video that demonstrates how easy it is to build with zBoards - our patented recycled material!

  • Customer Fan Photos

    Check out these awesome photos our fans sent in!  We have the best fans on the planet - join us on Facebook!  Start building your simple, safe, eco storage solution today: Shop now!

    Creations from Way Basics Customers

  • Modern Bookcases on Sale!

    Madison Bookcase and Room Divider Savannah

    Our Modern Bookcases are now 25% off! If you’ve been eyeing one, now is your chance to get it! Each comes with easy-align pins to make the world’s easiest assembly even easier. Sale lasts until next Friday…don’t miss it!

  • Fresh Home Page

    Way Basics Home Page

    We've redesigned our home page with you in mind! We wanted to clearly and concisely convey the defining characteristics that make zBoard a smarter choice for you, your family, and your planet. In a nutshell, our storage line is: Simple (World's easiest assembly), Safe (No VOCs) and Eco (Saves trees). Please, take a few seconds and visit the page! Comment here or email talktous at waybasics dot com with any feedback!

  • Press: Montreal Home

    These recycled paper modular cubes from Way Basics are an eco-friendly way to store your stuff. Build them, pile them and then fill them. great for adults and children alike. Depth 11.3 in, width 13.4 in, height 12.6 in. available in many colours $20. Ecolo Panda 759 Commerciale, St. Jean Chrysostome, Quebec. 418-839-3299 ~ In the U.S. available at

  • New: Charlotte Table Set

    Charlotte Table Set Charlotte Table Set

    Introducing the Charlotte Table Set! This table set has been one of the staples of Way Basics, so we're very excited to offer the new design on this tried and true Way Basics gem.  Each stool is a mini version of the table and features the cut-corner look, which helps to prevent some of those everyday bumps and bruises of the playroom.  The slot design of the table and stools is very simple to assemble.  Simply slide the base boards together and stick the top on.  Each stool comfortably tucks under the table when not in use. Oh the beauty of modular designs!

    Another staple of the Way Basics product line is our super simple assembly process.  We've made our assembly process even easier by integrating dowels into the design.  Simply peel back the protective covering on each adhesive strip, insert the dowels, and set the boards together.

    Check out how we've used Wall Candy Decals on the White Charlotte Table Set!  How fun is that!?

    Playful, fun, creative, sturdy, and unique are just some of the words that have been used to describe the Charlotte Table Set.  We love the Charlotte and know that you will too!

  • Q & A with the Way Basics Cube

    We got a chance to sit down with the most popular item at for an interview.  In this interview, the Cube talks all about how it came to be, what it's made of and plans for the future.

    WB: So Cube, what makes you so popular?

    Cube: Well, I come in 9 different colors, you can accessorize me with storage baskets and decorate me with the new decals from Wall Candy and Wee Gallery.  Not to mention, I go great with all the other zBoard items.

    WB: Very cool.  But what makes you so different from all the other Cubes out there?

    Cube: Glad you asked.  For starters, I'm made of 99% recycled paper.

    WB: Wow, really?  How'd you manage that!?  And what about the other 1%?

    Cube: It's true.  I'm actually made in Taiwan, which is much more advanced than the rest of the world in their paper manufacturing technology.  Necessity is the mother of all invention you know, and with resources in short supply in Taiwan, it's important to make good use of the materials they have.  So here I am!  The other 1% is actually virgin paper.

    WB: So why is that necessary?

    Cube: Eco friendly ink is printed directly onto the virgin paper, and it's made into the paper veneer that wraps my inner core.

    WB: We've found that almost all household furniture contains MDF or particle board, which also contains VOCs and formaldehyde.  Please don't tell me that you have that harmful stuff.

    Cube: I've heard about that too, and worry not!  There's no VOCs, formaldehyde, or ANY toxic materials in me.  I've actually undergone third party testing, so you can lay your worries to rest.  Many families are concerned with off gassing and other toxins being present, so I'm happy to say that you'll get none of that nonsense with me.

    WB:  Wheeew.. That's a relief.  So there really isn't any comparison is there?

    Cube: You guessed it.  Now the only trick is gonna be finding some sunglasses that'll fit my stylish self.

    WB:  Well if that's the only thing you have to worry about, life is good!  Any plans for the future?

    Cube: The possibilities are endless you know.  My main goal is helping people to live simply.  With everything getting more and more complicated, I feel like we should slow things down and bring it back to the basics.

    WB: Very true.  Well I'd say good luck, but I know you're not gonna need it.  You might need a little luck with the shades though lol. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to talk to us.  We really appreciate it.

    Cube: Of course!  You know, if you have any other questions, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.  Drop me a line at talktous[at] any time.

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