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  • Messy Room Contest Winner


    Congrats Adam L! You have a VERY messy room. Thank you all for participating! Be a fan of Way Basics on facebook for exclusive contests and giveaways! Didn't win? Take advantage of our incredible Summer Sale at waybasics.com to get organized.

  • Press: Wired


    Wired Magazine's beyond the beyond blog mentions the zBoard. We agree with Bruce that the designs are chic :)


  • Press: Yanko Design


    Chief Editor, Long Tran, from Yanko Design is a fan of Way Basics. We sent him a cube for his review and he even produced a video. Check it out.

    Yanko Design is a web magazine dedicated to introducing the best modern international design, covering from industrial design, concepts, technology, interior design, architecture, exhibition and fashion. It’s about the cutting edge and the classic, the new and the rediscovered. It’s all about the best.

  • Messy Room Contest Entries


    Here are the top 5 entries to the Messy Room Contest! Click HERE to vote and simply click on the photo you would like to win, and comment "Like". The photo with the most votes will win...so if you wanna win, get your friends to help vote for you! The voting will conclude on July 31st. So get going! You have one week to make it happen! A $250.00 shopping spree is on the line!

    messyroomcontest5 messyroomcontest4 messyroomcontest3  messyroomcontest1 messyroomcontest2

  • Way Basics on the Today Show!

  • It's a flipped out world!


    Ben & Jerry's and Daily Candy celebrate those who are turning the world upside down— literally and figuratively.  With their contest, “It’s a flipped out world,” they took nominations for who is doing the best job to flip our world upside down. 

    Way Basics was this year’s runner up!  Woohoo!


  • Way Basics nominated for Nau's Grant 4 Change


    Positive change is at the core of who we are and what we do. It influences the design of our product, our model for business, and how we interact with each other and the world.

    We want to be an effective agent for positive change, to move ourselves, our industry and the economy forward in a smarter, more sustainable way.

    Way Basics has been nominated as an agent for positive change, and we encourage everyone who wants to make a difference in our communities to log on and cast your vote for your pick in Nau's Grant 4 Change!  Vote Way Basics!

  • Press: Womans World Magazine


    Check it out! We'll be in the July 13th issue of Woman's World Magazine! If you get a chance, stop by a news stand and pick up a copy! There's a special coupon inside... 

    Make sure to be checking up on the Summer Sale section of our website too! We'll be randomly adding products so don't miss out on your chance to get your Way Basics products for up to 50% off!

  • Happy Independence Day!

    Way Basics Shop zBOARD Design Gallery Blog
    It was ten years in the making before the zBoard design was perfected and Way Basics was able to declare its independence from the constraints of conventional furniture—and what a way to celebrate!

    With our Summer Sale in full tilt, we are empowering our favorite people in the world (you) with even more design possibilities to create eco-modern furniture solutions to fit your lifestyle. What could be more fitting than a red, white, and blue sale!

    Find our red, white, and blue products in the Summer Sale section of our website for up to 25% off along with tons of other great deals to fuel the fire for your creative spirit!

    Our 1-2-3 Modular Storage Unit, in (of course) red, white, and blue, is a great way to begin the design process at 12.3% off for the month of July. We know, we know, 1-2-3 Modular Storage Unit, 12.3% off—we’re just trying to keep you on your toes!

    Have a wonderful and safe Independence Day!

  • Q&A With The Design Studio: Backer Board


    Q: What is a backer board and why do I have to use it with my Way Basics furniture?

    A: The white backer board included with all Way Basics furniture is the essential framing piece that holds everything together.  It’s kinda like the legs to a tripod—if you take away one leg, it’s not quite as sturdy.  How about this analogy: It’s kinda like the bread to a PB & J sandwich—all the ingredients are delicious, but the bread is what brings it all together to make it functional.  Without the bread, what do you have?  A mess! 

    The backer board is designed to adhere neatly, stabilize your furniture and create a finished look.  Mmm tasty!

    Q: What about the stuff in your Design Gallery?  Some of that stuff doesn’t have a backer board!  

    A: There are ways to get around the use of the backer board.  Take for instance the photo shown on the left.  This is one of the possibilities available with the Tribeca.  The reason why this works without the backer board is due to the Divider Boards which are placed perpendicular to the front of the structure.  The structure is more rigid with the boards in this configuration and necessary to preserve the life of the product. 

    If you chose to have neither the backer board nor the perpendicular Divider Boards, you may find it similar to eating your PB & J sandwich without the bread!


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