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  • Retailer Highlight: Green Cupboards!

    Way Basics loves companies that are similarly minded and we have found a kindred spirit in GreenCupboards!

    GreenCupboards is an online retailer that specializes in certified organic, fair trade, cruelty free and environmentally friendly products (and foods) for low-impact and healthy living. They have a staff that thoroughly researches every brand and product they offer online (called the Green Compliance Team, how cool is that?).  This year, the GCT asked customers about what being green means to them and came up with 24 eco-traits to help decide what products they should offer and how to filter the products online!

    Whether you are looking for Vegan, Gluten Free, products made in the USA, or products made with reusable materials, search happy; as GreenCupboards has done the research for you!  Just as Way Basics's goal is to build possibilities and help you organize your home, GreenCupboards goal is to create the most extensive resource for eco-friendly living! Way Basics is so pleased to be included in GreenCupboard's carefully selected products and you can find them here! Bonus, GreenCupboards offers free shipping on any order over $49, a different “deal of the week” every week and complimentary carbon neutral shipping. Happy shopping with Way Basics and GreenCupboards!

    Find them at: www.greencupboards.com

  • Tuesday Tip: Kid's Room Organization

    We asked, "The room in my house that needs organization most is __________?" and Maureen Liz answered, "My 8 year old daughters room - can we say TOY STORE LOL." We loved her comment so much we decided to grant her wish and compile some tips about organizing a kid's room. Enjoy and thanks Maureen for a great answer!

    1) Organize, sort and store - Kid's rooms are often lacking in space so make sure that their room isn't crammed (not that we want their stuff overflowing into other rooms). A great example is winter/ summer clothing. Make sure to sort and separate the clothes and store the opposite season way up high in a shelving unit or in another room (garage/ basement?).

    2) Get them involved!- Kid's are definitely more likely to try and keep the room tidy when they are the ones that have to help with the organization. As soon as they are old enough, make sure they are apart of the organizing action (even with little ones, get them to sort through their favorite books or dolls).

    3) Get down to their level- Obvious one but make sure they can reach their most used items and need help with the less used items. You could even put the toys with lots of pieces on a higher shelf so they have to ask permission to play with it (and you can remind them that they must put it away when they are finished!). Use clear plastic boxes where possible to organize clothes, socks, etc so they can see what they are grabbing for!

    4) Keep your Children SAFE- One of the key things with kids' rooms is that furniture made out of particle board is full of formaldehyde! This is very dangerous for kids (and anyone) to breathe in. Make sure to use our products for organization solutions whenever possible as they are non-toxic and lighter than particle board. No squished fingers here!

    Hope these ideas were a bit of help! What other tips do you have?

  • LYDONY's New York Kind of Organization

    Making the most of your living space in the home or office is something we all have in common. Big

    Lydony Logo Lydony Logo

    or small, finding the most efficient way to organize your belongings can be tricky. In today's market, there is a wide variety of storage organizers, most of which are made to be disposable and not last beyond a few years. With this new age of build it yourself, disposable furniture it is more important than ever to seek out green solutions.

    We at Lydony pride ourselves on seeking out the greenist products we can find and incorporate into our lifestyle. Based in New York and Los Angeles, we know first hand from our years of city living how important it is to optimize our space. In each city, along with many others like it, space is a commodity.

    In New York, creative floor plans and the city's ever growing population continue to push people to use innovative ways to make the most of their space. Living in New York is an experience and for many, moving into a NYC apartment for the first time can be shocking. In some situations a closet, or lack there of can make all the difference to potential renters. However this is a situation that can lead to very creative organizational ideas.

    From this, New Yorkers make tough decisions every day over which possessions to keep and which to rid of. With just under 25,000 restaurants in NYC to pick from, many keep their kitchens to the bare essentials, even using silverware drawers as menu drawers. No washer/dryer in your building? Drop off service can be found at the nearest corner. Everything you could possibly need is a 2-3 minute walk away and if not multiple forms of public transportation or taxis are just a hand in the air away.

    Over the years, we have picked up a few storage tricks. With only one closet for two in an apartment, wardrobes, dressers and a handful of shelves are a must. For those of you like us who love to cook, you know very well that sometimes kitchen must haves take on an entirely different meaning and require counter space - also a rarity in a New Yorker's world. Rather than use our dishwasher for washing dishes, we opt to hand wash and use our dishwasher for storage of pots, pans, glasses, and cooking equipment. A controversial idea to many of our friends who would love to have a dishwasher and frown upon our use of it as storage, but this clever idea more than meets our need and helps us make the most of our space.

    Since the majority of apartments are small, if you have a messy area it is extremely noticeable. Organization is key to keeping the apartment looking clean and also for sanity. One space repeatedly misused and overlooked is the entertainment area. The place where many people spend the most time is often the most cluttered, but doesn't have to be. With remotes, accessories, decorations, and tangled cords, storage cubes are a phenomenal way to make the most of the space surrounding your entertainment set up and store all that come with it. Purchasing a large, bulky, multi-level organizer not only takes up more precious space than needed, but also increases the amount of needless items you keep. One or even two Quad Cubes can keep your TV and entertainment center clean, sleek, and double your space by providing cubby squares below and a TV stand above.

    Living in a major city is very fun and exciting with all that is going on, however it can prove to be a challenge in our tight quarters. Being smart about organizing your belongings is the key to making sure your time at home is just as great as your time out in the city.

    Written by Lydia of Lydony

  • Back to School Organization

    Prepping for back to school can be a nightmare and all organization seems to fly right out the window! Below are some tips and tricks to stay on top of the mess utilizing our very own organizational products! Sara Fiellman Customer Photo

    1) Homework station: If you have more than one kid, you know how tough it is to keep the homework/ school notes/ books in order. Our suggestion, use our multi-colored storage cubes! Have each kid choose their favorite colored cube and deem it "theirs!" They can decorate it, sticker it, draw on it, and best of all, you can drill in them that their work goes in their colored cube!

    2) Growth spurt nightmare: How do those kiddos get so big so fast? I am sure there are loads of clothes in your kid's closets that could be donated, handed down, etc and before school starts is the perfect time to do it! Maximize closet space with our storage cubes and shelving units.


    3) Backpack Drop Zone: The hardest thing to get a handle on (besides endless homework papers) is the backpacks, sports bags, cheer leading bags etc, that seem to spring up everywhere. Who knew one child could need so many different bags? Make one central location for all bags/backpacks so there is no thought needed as those kiddos race in the door. To make this zone less cluttered (and hazard free) get the bags off the ground and into storage shelving units.

    The main idea behind these tips and tricks is that it is important to make things as clear and easy as possible now before the craziness starts. Give it three weeks and you won't have time to reorganize so grasps these last few days of summer (get the kiddos involved with picking colors/storage units) and get organized! To help you with this we have created a 20% off coupon code for your back to school use! (WBB2S20, expires 9/30).

    Happy Organizing and remember we are always here to lend a helping organizational hand!

  • Thank You!

    Way Basics loves giving back to our community, even when the giving is thanks and admiration. The following is a little thank you note dedicated to our amazing bloggers and media contacts that we work with daily. 

    To all you stellar individuals,

    Thank you so much for your efforts and willingness to help spread the Way Basics word over the past few months. You all make my profession a real pleasure. I love opening my email and seeing a new idea or comment presented by you brilliant individuals! Way Basics loves building possibilities and you all bring our vision and possibilities to life! We are a company of differing opinions and ideas, and that is what makes us so strong. Thank you for helping us by sharing your own ideas and reviews. You are all a crucial part of the Way Basics family! From all of us to you, THANK YOU!

    All the Best,

    Deborah (and the rest of the Way Basics crew)

  • Cardboard Creations

    We love building possibilities and creative design with just a bit of a wow factor. These cardboard trains, restaurant and shops pictured below, blew us away with their detail and innovation. These trains reside in the Xin Wu Ri train station, an annex station to the High Speed Railroad in Taichung, Taiwan. As our zBoard products are created on the beautiful island of Taiwan, we felt a special kinship with these immense cardboard structures created by the Taiwanese company, Carton King (http://www.cartonking.com.tw/).

    We think these are the perfect fusion of creative design and fun, while embracing the recycling culture that we stand behind with our zBoard line. Enjoy!

    cardboard traincardboard station

  • Way Basics on the Today Show!

    Way Basics is proud to be a mini star in the Today Show's "Hottest, colorful, green products for the home" show, which aired on April 18th. Elizabeth Mayhew, the correspondent, is Editor-in-Chief of Woman's Day Magazine and the author of FLIP! For Decorating, and we are so honored to be recognized by her expertise!

    Special thanks to our authorized retailer www.buygreen.com for the media coverage.

  • Earth Day Contest!

    In honor of Earth Day this year, we want to retouch on why zBoard is such an amazing alternative material.  Every year, thousands of units of furniture, literally tons, build up in our nation’s landfills. Way Basics helps reduce this buildup with our recyclable furniture that’s also 99% post-consumer paper, so we completely reuse material that has already been through the consumption process. We would like to remind everyone to help reduce our nation’s already-crowded landfills and find other creative ways of using and reusing your furniture!

    Of course, reusing and recycling your furniture is not the only way to help sustain our Earth. Please comment below on your favorite ways of being eco-friendly at home (the wackier/more creative the better!) and be entered to win a cube for you and a friend (color of your choice).

    Ps. Next week's contest has to do with pictures of you/your family celebrating Earth Day so if you do anything to celebrate, be sure to snap a pic!

    Way Basics zboard

  • Way Basics Cares

    As most of you know, at Way Basics we love to give back to the community in as many ways as possible. On March 29th, the Nature Conservatory held its annual Cocktails Under the Stars event and silent auction to benefit their Leaders in Environmental Action for the Future program (LEAF).  This amazing event supports programs for high school students and their educators to learn more about helping sustain our world.  We were so pleased to be included among the sponsors and one lucky attendee went home with a gift certificate for Way Basics!

    This beautiful event was captured by event photographer Steven Smith and all the chic pictures can be checked out here! We are so pleased to be apart of such a wonderful event with an incredible message and hope for the future!

    food at Nature Conservatory event

    Way Basics contributes to Nature Conservatory 

    Photos by Stephen Smith

  • Modlife: Creativity Knows No Bounds

    The zBoard product line has been Way Basics' pride and joy for years. Its modular capabilities have unleashed our creative side. Its strength and durability have supported us (and our possessions) in times of need. Its peel-stick-done assembly process have kept us tool- and frustration-free. Its recycle-ability has kept our planet a little greener. And its brilliant colors have lit up our day.

    However, we think it's time to make a new addition to our Way Basics family, one that offers a whole new spectrum of possibilities. The best part about it? It has all the favorite traits and core values of Way Basics. Way Basics is proud to present to you our entirely new product line: Modlife.

    Modlife is a series of shelving units made of high-grade plastic that is made in Switzerland, ensuring top-quality material and design. Assembly is simple: just plug, snap, done! No tools required and no room for error. As the name suggests, all modlife products are capable of anywhere from three to six different configurations depending on the shelf. Our four basic shelves have a total of 17 different possible designs! Be sure to check out the different configurations on our website [hyperlink to Way Basics' modlife page]. These shelves provide plenty of space for convenient storage for audio equipment, books, files, textiles, toys or ornaments. Different configurations, different possibilities. With modlife, creativity knows no bounds.


    The Lucerne shelf is perfect for making the most use of small spaces, but is simple and savvy enough to stand on the main stage as well. The low tiers make the Lucerne great as a shoe rack, a magazine holder, or even desk shelving. Configure it into one of its two other forms and you have yourself a nightstand or coffee table.

    The Lugano shelf represents all the creativity and innovation of the modlife line in its most basic form. Its particular configuration possibilities make it one of the most efficient modlife products, able to be used in an endless variety of situations. The original configuration is well-suited as a stand for low-lying furniture or as a footrest. In its tall configuration, it's a perfect size for shelving in the office or in the bathroom. Lastly, use it as a simple cube to add playfulness or boldness into a room depending on what you put on it.

    The Geneva shelf boasts five different possible configurations, making it truly a shelf for all occasions. Its size sits at a nice median, so you can configure it to meld into the background, or use it to display a collection in the center of the room. Because of its many configurations, it can be used as anything from a coffee table to in-closet storage, to a bathroom shelf, or even in the office. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours!

    As its name suggests, the Zurich shelf is our largest and therefore most variable shelf. Its size allows for it to fit some roles that none of the other midlife shelves can approach, such as a room divider or a staircase shelf. Put two side-by-side and fill an entire closet with ample shelving space. Of course, it can still serve as more traditional space for displaying a collection, holding large quantities of office supplies or clothes, or livening up a room. You'll definitely want to spend some time looking at the additional images to see which of the six distinct configurations you'll want to choose.

    We're very proud of our new modlife line, and hope you'll love it as much as we do! New colors coming soon!

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