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  • Way Basics Available in Canada

    My Little Green Shop Logo

    We have many customers interested in Way Basics in Canada, but shipping can be so expensive! My Little Green Shop to the rescue. My Little Green Shop is an eco-friendly e-boutique for babies, their siblings and mums based in downtown Vancouver. Offerings include safe and colourful children’s table sets and storage cubes, organic clothing and accessories, eco-toys, BPA-free meal items, mum essentials like organic nursing pillows, nursing covers and baby slings, OKO-Tex Certified and PVC-free rainwear for babies and kids, natural pet products, eco-stationery and lots more.  My Little Green Shop offers mostly items made in North America and some Fair Trade items. My Little Green Shop' is very proud to be Canada's first Way Basics retailer!

    Shop our collection here:

  • Customer Fan Photos

    Check out these awesome photos our fans sent in!  We have the best fans on the planet - join us on Facebook!  Start building your simple, safe, eco storage solution today: Shop now!

    Creations from Way Basics Customers

  • Just Peel, Stick, Done! It Really Just Sticks Together.

    Just peel, stick done? No tools required, no hardware included? How can that be and will it hold, is it strong? People often ask us these questions about our zBoard storage furniture and we thought a short little video can help demonstrate the remarkable simplicity of our products. During our development process, we found out from 3M that adhesive is used in aircraft wings! The constant vibration from the wings require more than just screw that may come loose over time. The solution is adhesive used to bond wing parts together. In zBoard storage products, we use 3M industrial adhesive and eliminated the need for tools and hardware in the assembly process. As we all know from a certain large blue and yellow retailer, furniture assembly can be difficult  :)  Way Basics believes in keeping things simple and doing the right thing which means making products that are easy to use, practical and sustainable. We're just so excited about our products, we'll be quiet now and let you watch the video.

    This video shows how strong the zBoard storage products are. You can even stand on it!

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