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    Madison Bookcase and Room Divider Savannah

    Our Modern Bookcases are now 25% off! If you’ve been eyeing one, now is your chance to get it! Each comes with easy-align pins to make the world’s easiest assembly even easier. Sale lasts until next Friday…don’t miss it!

  • Press: Sustainablog

    Sustainablog Approved: Way Basics’ Recycled Paper Furnishings

    Looking for reasonably-priced shelving and storage for your home? If you make your way to the local big box store, you’re going to find a lot of items made from particle board. Yes, it’s cheap, and relatively durable, but it’s also health hazard: all those wood chips are held together with formaldehyde, a known carcinogen that will be off-gassing into your house for 5-10 years. Furthermore, once that pressboard item passes its useful life, there’s little you can do with it other than send it to the landfill.



    Since July 2003, sustainablog has been providing information on environmental and economic sustainability, green and sustainable business, and environmental politics. The blog regularly features environmental leaders, experts in alternative energy and green technology, and real people trying to lighten their environmental footprints.

  • Sustainability for your family!

    Way Basics - Recycler 360
  • The World's First Recycler 360

    Plastic bags, (gasp/eek/scream) I think not!  Cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles (July 2010) have already or will be banning plastic bags with many other cities to follow suit.  In countries like Taiwan, you have to pay for a plastic bag.  If you don’t see for yourself, you don’t really know the plague of plastic bags in our landfills.  Way Basics visited Waste Management at their MURF facility (which is basically a transfer station for materials to be recycled or sent to the landfill) here in Irvine.  Check out these photos…

    Piles of Trash1 Piles of Trash2 Piles of Trash3 Piles of Trash4

    See all the plastic bags?!  This is too much!  All of this waste is being sent to the landfill.  According to the EPA, the average American produces 4.62 lbs of trash daily!  Compare that to the average 2.91 lbs generated by a European Union country.

    Our creative designers have a fun, simple, solution—just like us!  Coming soon, the Way Basics Recycler 360!  The first of its kind— it shows recycling at its finest.  With the Recycler 360, the Way Basics design has been simplified even further— No more peel, stick, done.  Just open the box and slide the interlocking zBoards together—done! Why is it called the Recycler 360 you may ask?  It’s sustainably made from zBoards, which is used paper, so there is no added impact on the environment.

    Recycler 360 Recycler 360 (2) Recycler 360 (3)
    Recycler 360 (4) Recycler 360 (5) Recycler 360 (6)
    Recycler 360 (7) Recycler 360 (8) Recycler 360 (9)

    If you forget your reusable bag from home when you go grocery shopping (sometimes we do too), ask for a paper bag instead of plastic so you can use it for your Recycler 360.  We do, and we’re sure many of you also use paper grocery bags as a container for trash, newspaper, kitchen waste, you name it.  Isn’t it just plain and ugly though!?  Coupled with the Recycler 360, these paper grocery bags are the ideal liner for your recyclables (so instead of brown baggin’ it, we’re baggin’ the brown bag).

    The Recycler 360 is ideal at home or in the office, where the recycling process begins with you—throw your recycled material in the Recycler 360 and when the bag is full, simply fold up the bag and toss it into your larger municipal recycling container where it will soon find its way to the recycling facility.

    Watch your recyclables come full circle—all scrap paper that gets wrapped up and recycled has the potential to be used again and created into zBoards.  You can put other recyclables in it too for a  complete recycling center.

    *Recycling tip:  When you recycle paper shreds or scrap paper, make sure to put it in a paper bag and fold the opening over onto itself a couple of times.  This tells the person at the recycling facility that there is recycling material inside (just a little something we picked up when we made our visit to the MURF).

    It’s a perfect collection center for your plastic containers, many of which are recyclable.  It’s the perfect size for recycling in the bathroom too, where shampoo bottles, contact lens bottles, aerosol cans, empty laundry detergent bottles and even used deodorant can be recycled.  And since the recycling bin is almost always in the kitchen, these items are usually never recycled.  We can change that!

    It starts with you…Consumer demand for recycled products drives the supply chain, and unless you (the consumer) demand more from your manufacturers, the products you seek will never come.  Do your part today to help.  Use the Recycler 360 and help garner the support we need to demand more from our manufacturers for recycled products.  Make sure to sign up for our Email Exclusives to find out when it will become available!  Also, make sure you're a fan on Facebook to vote for your favorite colors and offer feedback!

  • October Email Exclusive

    October Coupon Code Inside

    Greetings from Way Basics!
    We’re now into October, and already homes everywhere are decorated with skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, and other Halloween delights. We’re also starting to see flashy costumes or extra-large bags of candy on sale. But one aspect of holidays that we seldom consider is the amount of resources that goes into preparing for a single day. Enormous amounts of plastic and paper are used for wrappers and candy bags, and many trick-or-treaters would cringe at the idea of using the same costume for more than one year.
    While it’s good to celebrate and have fun, it’s also important to be conscious of all the trash that’s being produced. Conscious thinking is always the first step to solving any problem. Take a look at these stats on our nation’s trash:
    - In 2006, 30 million tons of municipal solid waste (aka garbage), was plastic.
    - 14 million tons were in the form of plastic containers and packaging, like bags and wrappers.
    - Out of all that plastic waste, we only recycled a mere 7%!
    Even with such daunting numbers, plastic is still a relatively small portion of America’s municipal waste.
    - Americans also generated 86 million tons of paper waste in 2006.
    - Over 40 million tons went directly into landfills and waste incinerators, increasing greenhouse gases and pollution.
    So this holiday season, be aware of all the trash you may be producing. While it may be difficult to find alternatives to costumes or candy in bags, one thing you can always do is recycle. At Way Basics, we use the paper that people have recycled to build our zBoards, which are then used to make your own furniture. Here’s a coupon WBNL1008 to get 20% off of your next order, valid until this Halloween!
    Make sure to check out our website in the near future. We’ll have some brand new products and ideas as well as some cool contests. Also, tell your friends that when they sign up for our newsletter, they’ll also get 20% off their first order.
  • Welcome to Way Basics!

    Until now cardboard furniture, paper furniture, and any variation of them have been too flimsy, too expensive, or too unpractical. Way Basics brings you the essential storage, organization, and furnishing basics infused with eco-modern design. Our goals is to simplify, make things easier, and do things the right way, which means being a friend to our environment.

    Our products are made from recycled paper and completely recyclable at end of life. At the core is the ingenous zBoard, a rigid board that's 99% post consumer waste, 62% lighter than particle board, but just as strong, and is water resistant. Assembly is simple as 1, 2, 3. You just peel the protective adhesive strip, stick the zBoards together, and you're done!

    Curious? take a look at our homepage

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