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  • The Green House Effect: How to Organize Your Home in Earth-Friendly Ways

    Human beings don't typically live in the branches of trees along with birds and squirrels, but there blue-planet-earth_CC_woodleywonderworksare still ways to make your home earth- friendly. Organizing, decorating and cleaning a house while regarding the natural environment will keep the process more focused, will teach your family how to treat the earth well, and will improve the health of everyone who lives in your home.

    Of course, if you are just now building a home or moving into one, it will be easier to incorporate some green ideas into the household. But, if you've lived in one place for years, don't fret - it's still simple to begin some green habits. Approach your decor with love for the planet in mind and everyone wins.


    Don't buy a sustainable sofa unless you're going to dress it with green pillows. Pillows stuffed with natural fibers, such as cotton and goose down, are preferable for the environment and ensure better air quality. A great place to obtain earth-friendly decor is at flea markets, farmer's markets and other places where local artisans display their craftsmanship. Try an original painting, or something made by a member of the community from wood or other natural materials. These are great opportunities to keep synthetic items out of the home environment.


    Don't forget the appliances when you go green. Low-flush toilets, kitchen appliances that consume less energy and CFL or LED lights are all good options. In general, appliances that have the Energy Star approval are efficient choices.

    It's not just what you put inside your house that makes it green -- it's how you maintain those belongings, from cleaning to organization.


    Containers If you're stumped about what to use for organizing smaller items in the kitchen and bathroom, try re-purposing old shoe boxes, cans that held soups, and jars that held pickles and spaghetti sauces.

    You can also make your own containers out of products such as zBoard, a nontoxic material that doesn't require nails or tools.

    Paper vs. Online

    Most financial institutions offer you the option of online statements, rather than paper ones, so take them up on it. Get in the habit of paying your bills online. Use an e-reader to enjoy magazines and newspapers. You'll cut down on the amount of paper that gathers in the corners of your home and maintain a greener lifestyle.


    When an item is no longer necessary, such as a toy your child has outgrown, make a habit of gathering and donating them to charities so that someone else can enjoy them. You'll be recycling in the best possible way - another family will find a use for your products and your home will be less cluttered.

    Cleaning Household Products

    Instead of buying an all-purpose cleaner at the nearest supermarket, why not make your own products for keeping kitchens and bathrooms clean? It's more fun, and you probably have the things you need in your pantry.

    • Baking soda and water - This solution cleans just about anything, from tiles in the shower to kitchen countertops.

    • Lemon juice and vinegar - If you're dealing with mildew or grease, douse with either lemon juice or vinegar and scrub vigorously with a brush.

    • Soap and tea tree oil - You can make a homemade disinfectant that rivals bleach by combining water, liquid soap and several drops of tea tree oil.

    Garden Products

    Remember, green doesn't stop inside the house. Tend to your flower or vegetable garden with products that are better for nature.

    • Set up a compost bin with vegetable peelings, garden waste, plus newspaper and other fibrous material to create a compost pile.

    • Allow birds that eat garden pests to thrive in your garden. Encourage them with bird feeders.

    • Use acetic acid (about 20% acid, 80% water) or oils made from citrus and clove for earth-friendly weed killing solutions.

    These items might disturb other plants, so use with caution. The process of having a more eco-friendly home environment can take time. But the rewards for your family and for the earth are numerous.

    Garret Stembridge is a member of the Internet marketing team at Extra Space Storage, a leading provider of self storage facilities. Garret often writes about sustainable practices for the home and for businesses. The Self Storage Facility in Philadelphia has been retrofitted to reduce energy consumption.

    130814_Green House Effect and Home Organization

  • Bookshelf Décor Ideas

    collectionBookshelves are a great way to store and display items. You may move into a house with built-in bookshelves, and you do not know how to use them to really accentuate your room. You may also be in a situation where you have several books and items that you want to display, but you want to create a unique focal point for your room. There are several different approaches you can take to make your bookshelves become more than just a place to hold books.


    Use the Bookshelf to Hold Your Collections

    Bookshelves are a great place to display things that you have collected or items that are important to you. In fact using them to store your collections can prevent clutter collecting in the shelves. Look at the number of items you want to store and then determine the best way to display the different items. You may want to mix the collection in between books or alternate shelves to help create a clean look. If you have deep shelves, you can put the collection in front of the books you are storing.

    Use Floating Shelves to Make a Statement

    Floating shelves that you attach to the wall can create a beautiful display for the den, reading room, or library of your home. With this option, you can choose a pattern that creates a design and focal point for the walls.  floating shelves

    This also allows you to choose just the right amount of shelving for the room. You will need bookends and items to put on the ends of the shelves including photos or other items. Sketch out the different patterns you like before you start hanging the shelves.

    Make the Most of Built-Ins

    Built-in bookshelves can be tricky to deal with because you cannot move them around or determine the depth of the shelves. You can paint the interior of the bookshelves a different color than the room to emphasize the shelves. If you have deep shelves, you can use them to store and display your china or other important items. A room with all of the walls covered in built-ins can be overwhelming, but you can break up the monotony by using some of the shelves to display items instead.

    Think Colorful

    Many bookshelves are traditionally stained wood or painted white or black. You can change the mood of the room, and brighten up the space by adding color to your bookshelf. You may choose to paint the entire shelf one color, or you can paint the interior of the shelves a few different complementary colors. This works well in a large bookshelf with several different square compartments. Test the colors out together, and be sure that they complement the rest of the room.

    Create a Kid Friendly Space

    tumblr_mbemuvLO011qe59oao1_500Bookshelves can create a kid friendly space in a family room, playroom or a child’s bedroom. Choosing long shelves that are low to the ground will make the items easily accessible. You can also mix the items on the shelves between toys and books. If you want your children to interact with books on a regular basis, this is a great way to do this. Choose light or bright colors for the shelf. You can also find bins to store some items on the shelves. This can be a great option to really bring a room to life while keeping the toys easy to access and the room mess free.




    Author bio: Tiffany Faming is a passionate writer and proud mom of two kids. She loves to share family, fashion, travel, home décor and gardening tips. Please visit her Google+ and blog to see more useful posts.

  • 10 Ways to Use The Box

    We love being inspired by others and we loved Obsessive Mommy's latest post: 10 Things To Store In "The Box" because it gave so many practical uses for our new eco-friendly storage solution, The Box. Our list below is inspired (and some ideas are borrowed) from the amazing Ashleigh at

    coffee table, storage solution Coffee Table & Storage Solution!

    Obsessive Mommy.

    1) Kid's DVD Collection - Perfect place for your kid's to store THEIR DVDs that way they don't mess up the entire collection and you can monitor what they are allowed to watch!

    2) Games - Favorite games can be stored in the Box while the rest are neatly packed away in the garage.

    3) Homework - Perfect homework station for books, pencils, and homework. You could even have them decorate the outside with stickers that they receive when their homework is complete!

    4) Key/Purse/Wallet Holder - Not just for kids, this is the perfect place for those items that you need as you dash out the door. Just place in a closet and throw your necessities inside!

    5) Blankets - Perfect place to store your blankets. Connect a few together and it makes the perfect coffee table!

    6) Remotes - Don't you hate all those remotes that get lost in the couch. Designate one Box in your coffee table specifically for remotes!Eco Friendly Bookshelf

    7) Bookshelf - Use one Box at a time to store "favorite books" or stack them together to make a full bookshelf. The Box is the perfect bookshelf because it is lightweight, sturdy, non-toxic and can be assembled with or without doors.

    8) Art Supplies - The multicolored Box will inspire your creative side and it is ok if you miss your canvas. The Box looks great with paint splatter!

    9) Shoes - Perfect way to store your shoes in the garage for easy access without them getting dirty and dusty!

    10) Spices - Organize your pantry with different colored boxes for each type of cooking. Savory spices in blue, sweet spices in pink and salty spices in white. Easy to remember and keep organized!

    What practical uses do YOU have for The Box?

  • Moving Preparations Checklist

    At Way Basics, we are all about helping you personalize and organize your home. But what do you do if you are moving from one home to the next? Guest blogger, Grace has some tips about how to make the move as smooth as possible!

    When you have a move ahead, you might think its an easy task that may easily be done in a weekend or two. Well you should stop for a minute and think ahead before you allow things to progress that far. There are plenty of tasks that need to be completed long before the arrival of the moving vehicle. Planning ahead ensures you won't suffer from last minute changes and trouble. Check out the following tips so you can be prepared well ahead of time:

    • Get free estimates

    You will most likely need professional movers to handle heavy lifting and the sheer volume of possessions you need to move when the time arrives. If you put off hiring them for a long time however, you risk not being able to do proper research of the moving companies available in your area. Make sure you begin checking out and calling companies at least a month ahead of time so you'll be able to figure out the best deals, prices and chances to work with them. Calling up and checking as many of them as you can will allow you to even let companies know of better deals offered by their rivals, allowing you to maybe get a better deal yourself.

    • Selecting a mover

    Once you have done this, you need to ensure you understand the agreement you are signing before the contract is finalized. Ask a number of questions that give the best information all around. Know whether the company will charge you by the hour or by weight of the items, whether they will do the packing for you, what type of insurance they offer and so on. Ensure there are no surprise fees or hidden charges and make sure everything you are promised is promised on paper as part of the contract.

    • Prepare plenty of boxes

    Before you begin the packing process you will of course need boxes. You can buy them off a retail store, office supply store or even the moving company itself if they offer such services. The main thing is that you will need a lot of boxes to get the job done. Make sure you pick a wide range of boxes from varying sizes so you'll have no trouble fitting everything you need safely. They have to be strong and possibly reusable. In some cases you can even find boxes for free from a number of sources, such as retail stores, liquor stores and more.

    • Start packing small

    You should focus on rarely used items first, packing them at least a month or two in advance. Most of us keep a staggering amount of personal possessions that accumulate around our homes as the years go by. Begin packing those who are out of season at the moment, starting with clothes, blankets and more, slowly working your way toward the final day. Ensuring that is done early will allow you to deal with the stress of last minute moving troubles.

    • Declutter and minimize

    Moving is the perfect moment to downsize your belongings to a more manageable size. Any items you don't consider vital or that you have not used for a long time should simply go, opening the way for something new or more useful. Although this may seem a bit drastic at first, you should consider the prices involved in moving everything you own. The more you move, the more expensive the final result will be, so making sure you are only moving what you care about is vital to keeping your expenses low and at the same time ensuring a stress-free move.

    • Organize a yard sale or donate unwanted items

    Doing so will either help someone else obtain what they want or you could lessen your moving expenses further by using unwanted items as fuel, so to speak. Put up fliers or even a listing on a classifieds website such as Craigslist to spread the word. Donate your unwanted books to your local library to enrich the community and so on. There is much you can benefit from, both financially and as a philanthropist.

    Grace is an expert in the field of real estates and relocation, working on a behalf of SM6 moving firm.

  • Indoor Air Pollution Can Kill!

    According to the, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that indoor air pollution can be 2 - 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Mind numbing, isn't it?! Our homes are supposed to be a safe haven and yet they can cause allergies, asthma attacks and other respiratory conditions. At Way Basics, we would like to help you cleanse your home so it truly can be a place of solitude and health! Here are some of the most common causes of indoor pollution and what you can do to combat the dangers! 130203_Indoor Air Pollution

    1. Smoking - Sort of a "duh" moment there but think about how dangerous second hand smoke is in the outside world, and then trap all those carcinogens into an enclosed space. Even after cleaning, cigarette smoke sinks into everything. Suggestion: Make a designated outside smoking area. I know, I know, it isyourhome but think of your guests and family members, children, pets etc.

    2. Paint - It sure is pretty but also extremely toxic. Of course lead isn't an ingredient in paint anymore, but there are still other toxins that are released many days or months after an area has been painted. Suggestion: Ventilate, Ventilate, Ventilate!  Also look for low VOC or no-VOC paints (VOC is the organic compound that is toxic).  If you are getting a professional to paint for you, specify what you want because the toxic compound stays in your house long after they are gone!

    3. Dirt - Another no brainer, but dirt on the floor and furniture is the perfect breeding ground for allergens. Suggestion: This is a no fun one, but necessary, get your vacuum out and use it! Put on some music, pretend it is a mic, whatever it takes to suck those dust bunnies up!

    4. Household Cleaners - As they wage battle against the dirt in your home, they also attack your lungs and brain (metaphorically of course... sorta). Chemical cleaners are extremely dangerous especially for children and women who may be pregnant. You know that tip about processed food? Look at the label and if you don't understand the ingredients, don't eat it. Same sorta thing, if you don't know what is in the cleaners, chances are there are toxins that are killing the dirt and your brain cells. Suggestion: Buy or make non-toxic cleaners. Check out our Facebook tomorrow for our top suggestions (or Google "Home Made Non-Toxic Cleaners"!

    5. Formaldehyde - This is the one that we especially wage war on! Formaldehyde is just as dangerous as asbestos and mold and yet it is found in most of your furniture! Formaldehyde is used widely in the manufacturing of chipboard/ particle board (the stuff that all IKEA furniture is made out of). This stuff is extremely hazardous as it continues to release toxic gas into your household for as long as you own it. Scary, huh?! Suggestion: Buy furniture products that do not contain PCB or formaldehyde. Example, all of our zBoard products (ie. Storage Cubes) are completely non-toxic. Pretty cool, huh? zBoard storage shelves look and are in the same price range as IKEA bookshelves and yet are not releasing toxins into your home!

    Phew, that was a long one. I think I should go open a window and let in some fresh air while I let all this learning sink in (ps. opening windows in your home- KEY to decreasing pollution). This is just the start of our Healthy Home Campaign. Check our Facebook/ Google + tomorrow for some non-toxic cleaning product suggestions! 

    PS. I, Deborah, am the Marketing Manager for Way Basics and coordinating this month of Healthy activities! See me here ----> 

    and contact me through Facebook or by commenting below for any questions and suggestions!

  • Modlife: Creativity Knows No Bounds

    The zBoard product line has been Way Basics' pride and joy for years. Its modular capabilities have unleashed our creative side. Its strength and durability have supported us (and our possessions) in times of need. Its peel-stick-done assembly process have kept us tool- and frustration-free. Its recycle-ability has kept our planet a little greener. And its brilliant colors have lit up our day.

    However, we think it's time to make a new addition to our Way Basics family, one that offers a whole new spectrum of possibilities. The best part about it? It has all the favorite traits and core values of Way Basics. Way Basics is proud to present to you our entirely new product line: Modlife.

    Modlife is a series of shelving units made of high-grade plastic that is made in Switzerland, ensuring top-quality material and design. Assembly is simple: just plug, snap, done! No tools required and no room for error. As the name suggests, all modlife products are capable of anywhere from three to six different configurations depending on the shelf. Our four basic shelves have a total of 17 different possible designs! Be sure to check out the different configurations on our website [hyperlink to Way Basics' modlife page]. These shelves provide plenty of space for convenient storage for audio equipment, books, files, textiles, toys or ornaments. Different configurations, different possibilities. With modlife, creativity knows no bounds.


    The Lucerne shelf is perfect for making the most use of small spaces, but is simple and savvy enough to stand on the main stage as well. The low tiers make the Lucerne great as a shoe rack, a magazine holder, or even desk shelving. Configure it into one of its two other forms and you have yourself a nightstand or coffee table.

    The Lugano shelf represents all the creativity and innovation of the modlife line in its most basic form. Its particular configuration possibilities make it one of the most efficient modlife products, able to be used in an endless variety of situations. The original configuration is well-suited as a stand for low-lying furniture or as a footrest. In its tall configuration, it's a perfect size for shelving in the office or in the bathroom. Lastly, use it as a simple cube to add playfulness or boldness into a room depending on what you put on it.

    The Geneva shelf boasts five different possible configurations, making it truly a shelf for all occasions. Its size sits at a nice median, so you can configure it to meld into the background, or use it to display a collection in the center of the room. Because of its many configurations, it can be used as anything from a coffee table to in-closet storage, to a bathroom shelf, or even in the office. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours!

    As its name suggests, the Zurich shelf is our largest and therefore most variable shelf. Its size allows for it to fit some roles that none of the other midlife shelves can approach, such as a room divider or a staircase shelf. Put two side-by-side and fill an entire closet with ample shelving space. Of course, it can still serve as more traditional space for displaying a collection, holding large quantities of office supplies or clothes, or livening up a room. You'll definitely want to spend some time looking at the additional images to see which of the six distinct configurations you'll want to choose.

    We're very proud of our new modlife line, and hope you'll love it as much as we do! New colors coming soon!

  • SuperCubes - Bigger IS Better

    It's finally here! Due to popular demand, we have decided to release our amazing cubes in a new, super size! Now sporting an increase in all three dimensions, the SuperCube is here to store an even greater variety of items: extra-large stuffed animals, vinyl records, textbooks, purses, anything! As with all our products, they're perfect for designers or lovers of elegance in simplicity. Mix and match them with our storage baskets and other accessories to make yourself a personalized and gorgeous shelving system. Take a look at some of these neat configurations, and send us some of your own creative flair!

  • Unveiling: The Manhattan Storage Bench and Coffee Table

    We know how difficult it is to keep a clean space with minimal effort. That's why we've developed our newest product to fit that role and help you a bit in sweeping the proverbial mess under the rug! Because we all need that nice-looking box that we can throw all our stuff into and shut the lid. We are pleased to introduce to you our newest product: The Manhattan Storage Bench and Coffee Table!

    This brand-new storage bench has a secure lid so a space remains clean no matter what mess you throw in! Use it as a footrest in front of your couch, or a footstool to reach high places. It's also perfect to use for storage in your garage, entryway, kitchen, anywhere! And of course you can sit on it while whittling a wood sculpture or just tying your shoes.

    Keeping things simple is one of our hallmarks! The assembly process  is so simple, it doesn't even require words. Just take a look at the photos below!

    Outside: Depth 15.0" | Width 30.0" | Height 15.6"
    Inside: Depth 10.8" | Width 25.7" | Height 14.8"

  • Say Goodbye to Melamine


    A Way Basics customer recently used our storage products as displays at the CaterSource tradeshow. Bamboo Studio makes disposable bamboo dinnerware for foodservice and reusable bamboo dinnerware for the home. The booth looks great with the total eco theme and natural wood colors. Really nice how they chose Way Basics'z zBoard to display their products instead of using particle board or MDF made product. Great job Bamboo Studio!

    Presented in this display are the Triple Cube Plus and Double Rectangle Plus.

  • Modern Bookcases on Sale!

    Madison Bookcase and Room Divider Savannah

    Our Modern Bookcases are now 25% off! If you’ve been eyeing one, now is your chance to get it! Each comes with easy-align pins to make the world’s easiest assembly even easier. Sale lasts until next Friday…don’t miss it!

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