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  • Happy Independence Day!

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    It was ten years in the making before the zBoard design was perfected and Way Basics was able to declare its independence from the constraints of conventional furniture—and what a way to celebrate!

    With our Summer Sale in full tilt, we are empowering our favorite people in the world (you) with even more design possibilities to create eco-modern furniture solutions to fit your lifestyle. What could be more fitting than a red, white, and blue sale!

    Find our red, white, and blue products in the Summer Sale section of our website for up to 25% off along with tons of other great deals to fuel the fire for your creative spirit!

    Our 1-2-3 Modular Storage Unit, in (of course) red, white, and blue, is a great way to begin the design process at 12.3% off for the month of July. We know, we know, 1-2-3 Modular Storage Unit, 12.3% off—we’re just trying to keep you on your toes!

    Have a wonderful and safe Independence Day!

  • Spring is Here!

    Spring is Here!


    With spring in the air, a bounce in your step, and a heart-felt commitment to finally get after those New Years Resolutions, Spring Fever is upon us. As the great Mark Twain once said, you may not know what it is you DO want, but it makes your heart ache and you want it so! 
    The new Modular Table Set from Way Basics will breathe new life into any room with playful colors. So pucker those lips and “whistle while you work” because spring cleaning won’t last forever, but your love for the environment will. Perfect for craft time, small spaces or that certain je’n se quoi to remind you spring is here, you’ll be twitter-peated at first sight. Along with the Modular Table Set come four Cubes for seating. You can even put our collapsible storage bins inside the cubes for style and storage!
    If you don’t already know, check us out on Facebook! Each week we will be randomly selecting one of our fans to win FREE Way Basics products. It could be a paper pen, a modular cube, paper placemats, a collapsible cube, and more. And remember, with spring cleaning comes unnecessary waste, so please reduce, reuse, and recycle those things you’ve been meaning to clean out of the attic. If we all play our part, we will ensure our spring environment is fresh for years to come! 

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