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  • Benefits of Custom Shelving

    Customized closets and storage systems seem like something of a dream. Something that you only see in HGTV and Home Network styling shows. It doesn’t have to be that way. Way Basics has created a storage system that you can customize for your needs. Introducing the Freedom Shelf! This shelving system was designed with simplicity and customizability in mind. You get to choose your color, number of shelves, and height of shelves; just like a customized storage system! The kits that comprise the shelves are described below, but remember that you can always contact our customer care team if you have an issue. We can talk you through your order so you get exactly what you need! Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.42.08 AM

    Start with the height of the shelf:

    Freedom Kit Short: Freedom Kit Short is the smallest shelf in the Freedom Kit Set. This 5.3" interior height small shelf is perfect for DVD players, your CD collection, and horizontal knick-knacks that you want to organize and display in your home.

    Freedom Kit Medium: Freedom Kit Medium is the mid shelf in the Freedom Kit Set. This 6.5" interior height shelf is perfect for game consoles, stereos, smaller books, knick-knacks, clothes and shoes that you want to organize and display in your home or office.

    Freedom Shelf Tall: This 11.2" interior height tall shelf is perfect for books, recorders and tall vases that you want to organize and display in your home.

    Decide how many shelves you want:

    You can build your custom shelf as tall as you want! Just decide how many kits you want and order a Middle Shelf to go between each kit. Remember, we are always here to help if you have any questions.

    Purchase a Top and Bottom:

    Just like with any shelf, your new customized storage solution needs a top and bottom. Just make sure to add that to your cart and you will be good to go!

    Customized storage solutions usually cost over $1000. With this new Freedom Shelf system, you can get a storage solution for a fraction of the cost. The benefits of customized shelving are never ending! Some of the amazing benefits are: white-closet-organizer-system_1

    • The shelves will fit into your space and there will not be any wasted space
    • Way Basics’ Freedom Shelves are put together with our easy no-tool system which means no confusing instructions and no chance for squished fingers (from a hammer and nails)
    • Since the shelves are put together in the room you are organizing, you don’t have to risk damaging your walls or hiring a helping hand to maneuver a large bookcase
    • Use bins or baskets to get organized within your shelves
    • The Way Basics’ Freedom Shelf are perfect for garage organization and the tallest shelf is the perfect height for winter boot storage
    • Our shelves are built to last and protect the environment!

    Custom shelving units are the perfect organizational solution for any space in your house. Just remember to measure up your space and let us know if we can assist with ordering or design ideas. And don’t worry about damaging the earth with your new shelving; Way Basics’ Freedom Shelves are made with the same zBoard that is used to make our cubes. zBoard is our awesome patented product that is made fro 99% recycled paper! No extra trees will be cut down for your custom shelving solution. Doesn’t that feel great? Custom shelving at a fraction of the cost and helping recycle at the same time!

    This is just one way Way Basics is helping you with simple home organization. Best of all, we love helping you and your family!

    Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.49.51 AM

  • Thinking Out of the Box About Recycling Paper!

    Paper is one of the most plentiful manufactured items on the planet but we often overlook its’ magic and potential. Different types of paper can give hints about a culture, a time in history, or a specific place on the planet, but they all tie back to the resource that makes it: trees. Unfortunately, our civilization takes for granted this resource that is used every day. At some point in the future, we are going to have to seriously look at our paper consumption and consider how we can recycle, reduce, and reuse in order to save this precious resource. To give you some background about this amazing product, paper, here are some facts about paper-making!

    1) Paper can be made through a mechanical or chemical process

    2) Paper is bleached to give it the white color

    3) Papermaking uses a huge amount of water in the process

    4) North American’s consume more paper per capita than any other country (500lbs per year!)

    5) 40% of the world’s logging is used to make paper (that is a heck of a lot of trees!)

    6) The paper industry emits a lot of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere (over 100 million kilograms of toxins each year!)

    7) Paper production is the third most energy-intensive of all types of manufacturing

    At Way Basics, we are already thinking ahead of the game and upcycling paper to be used in many Infographic-Healthier-World-Healthier-Youdifferent ways. Our zBoard is made from 99% post-consumer recycled paper, which means no new trees are being cut down when you purchase our cubes or bookshelves made from recycled paper. We love to celebrate other individuals and companies that are thinking out of the box when it comes to paper. Only when we celebrate it for the precious resource that it is, will we begin to save our trees.

    The artist, Li Hongbo has created paper sculptures, which are made of thousands of sheets of paper. These honeycomb like structures were inspired by his fascination with the Chinese art of paper gourds. These sculptures are part of a greater body of work called Tools of Study and are replicas of old marble busks such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s David. This new way of utilizing paper is truly mind blowing. Be sure to check out the video clip below:

    Another awesome recycling story we want to share is about the company AkzoNobel. They have created the world’s first 100% recycled cup! Most cups (even the recycled ones) have a petroleum-based coating that is used to keep the liquid from permeating the cup. AkzoNobel have created a coating that is made from plant-based oils, which makes the cup 100% recycled and compostable! Learn more about this groundbreaking company and how they are planning on “doing more with less.” Learn more:

    Just like Way Basics, Li Hongbo and AkzoNobel are doing great things in the paper recycling industry. It is important to think out of the box to help recycle! Even you can do things to recycle paper in your own home. At the moment, most American’s only recycle 15% of their paper. This is a real shame because America’s paper consumption is going up. To combat this, make sure to recycle in your home and office. If your workplace does not recycle, offer to start a recycling program and pave the way! Let us know about your paper recycling journey. Way Basics would love to help start this initiative and we would even offer some prizes as a way to get people recycling! After all, our first Way Basics’ product was a recyclable recycling bin! It all comes back to helping our community and spreading the word around paper recycling! What do you do to recycle in your home

  • How Paper Can Make a Difference

    Have you heard of Shigeru Ban? Maybe you have been lucky enough to watch his Ted talk or see some of his inspiring work in person. He is an architect. The only architect in the world making buildings out of paper. Ban began experimenting with paper buildings in 1994 after he discovered how much more architecturally sound it was that everyone thought. He also loved the idea that you can get paper anywhere in the world and it is therefore a universal building material.

    Due to this universality, he has been commissioned after natural disasters for buildings around the world to help bring shelter people who have lost their homes.

    slide09 After the 2008 Sichuan earthquake killed 70,000 people in China, he built a school so the children could keep learning. They constructed 9 classrooms in just one month
    After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Ban constructed 50 shelters for the people in need After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Ban constructed 50 shelters for the people in need
    anderson_mg_5524 Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral constructed after the Christchurch earthquake

    "I like to build monuments that are beloved by people," Ban says. He obviously has a deep connection to his work and to the people that he helps around the world. He is an inspiration to architects and people everywhere in his exploration of how common items such as paper have so much more use than what they were made for. Just like our zBoard, taking one product and recycling it into something that is so much more. We commend you Shigeru Ban and recommend everyone learn more about this incredible man.

  • Kitchen Makeover!

    We saw this amazing shelf makeover DIY on Design Sponge and we thought it would be the perfect way to introduce our NEW floating shelves (and all the amazing things you can do with them!

    Way Basics zBoard floating shelves NEW Espresso zBoard floating shelves

    Don't have enough room in your kitchen for full shelves but want more organizational space?

    Way Basic's new floating shelves are the perfect way to give you that extra space without all the hassle. If you want to mix it up and decorate them DIY style, follow the tutorial below (tutorial from here).

    Shelf Makeover

    here’s what you’ll need:
    -Way Basics zBoard floating shelves (any size!)
    -woven grass cloth (you can also use paper, fabric, vinyl, etc.)
    -tape measure
    -staple gun
    -polycrylic clear sealant
    -wood stain in color of your choosing
    -paint brush
    -rubber gloves
    -spray paint/primer

    Shelf Complete! (Image source:

    1. prime or spray paint shelves
    2. lay shelf on top of a piece of grass cloth. wrap cloth around shelf until it overlaps 1/2″ and trim to size. staple cloth to back edge of shelf.
    3. wrap short ends like a present and staple, tucking in all raw edges.
    4. mix 3 parts polycrylic to 1 part stain and brush over cloth covered shelf. wearing your gloves, rub stain into cloth fibers with your hands.
    5. let dry and finish with a coat of clear polycrylic.
    6. hang shelves (tip: you can camouflage the hanging hardware and screws with acrylic paint.)


    Thanks for the amazing inspiration Design Sponge!

  • Retailer Highlight:

    We are proud to announce our partnership with the amazing  Vine is an online destination for natural, organic and sustainably-made products. Of course we were overjoyed to help them stock their online shelves with our zBoard products. 121003_Vine

    Described directly from their PR team, "Featuring everything from paraben-free skincare and gluten-free snacks to reclaimed wood furnishings and solar-powered electronics, makes life easier for consumers who want to access to green products and shop for them in one place. Customers receive free 1-2 day delivery on orders of $49 or more." Best of all, all items are backed by’s 365-day guarantee return policy.

    We are so excited to partner with them and join the ranks of other amazing brands such as Seventh Generation, Inhabit, Method, Happy Baby and more! Be sure to check them out and let us know what amazing new eco-friendly products you find (comment below!).

  • Earth Day Contest!

    In honor of Earth Day this year, we want to retouch on why zBoard is such an amazing alternative material.  Every year, thousands of units of furniture, literally tons, build up in our nation’s landfills. Way Basics helps reduce this buildup with our recyclable furniture that’s also 99% post-consumer paper, so we completely reuse material that has already been through the consumption process. We would like to remind everyone to help reduce our nation’s already-crowded landfills and find other creative ways of using and reusing your furniture!

    Of course, reusing and recycling your furniture is not the only way to help sustain our Earth. Please comment below on your favorite ways of being eco-friendly at home (the wackier/more creative the better!) and be entered to win a cube for you and a friend (color of your choice).

    Ps. Next week's contest has to do with pictures of you/your family celebrating Earth Day so if you do anything to celebrate, be sure to snap a pic!

    Way Basics zboard

  • Modlife: Creativity Knows No Bounds

    The zBoard product line has been Way Basics' pride and joy for years. Its modular capabilities have unleashed our creative side. Its strength and durability have supported us (and our possessions) in times of need. Its peel-stick-done assembly process have kept us tool- and frustration-free. Its recycle-ability has kept our planet a little greener. And its brilliant colors have lit up our day.

    However, we think it's time to make a new addition to our Way Basics family, one that offers a whole new spectrum of possibilities. The best part about it? It has all the favorite traits and core values of Way Basics. Way Basics is proud to present to you our entirely new product line: Modlife.

    Modlife is a series of shelving units made of high-grade plastic that is made in Switzerland, ensuring top-quality material and design. Assembly is simple: just plug, snap, done! No tools required and no room for error. As the name suggests, all modlife products are capable of anywhere from three to six different configurations depending on the shelf. Our four basic shelves have a total of 17 different possible designs! Be sure to check out the different configurations on our website [hyperlink to Way Basics' modlife page]. These shelves provide plenty of space for convenient storage for audio equipment, books, files, textiles, toys or ornaments. Different configurations, different possibilities. With modlife, creativity knows no bounds.


    The Lucerne shelf is perfect for making the most use of small spaces, but is simple and savvy enough to stand on the main stage as well. The low tiers make the Lucerne great as a shoe rack, a magazine holder, or even desk shelving. Configure it into one of its two other forms and you have yourself a nightstand or coffee table.

    The Lugano shelf represents all the creativity and innovation of the modlife line in its most basic form. Its particular configuration possibilities make it one of the most efficient modlife products, able to be used in an endless variety of situations. The original configuration is well-suited as a stand for low-lying furniture or as a footrest. In its tall configuration, it's a perfect size for shelving in the office or in the bathroom. Lastly, use it as a simple cube to add playfulness or boldness into a room depending on what you put on it.

    The Geneva shelf boasts five different possible configurations, making it truly a shelf for all occasions. Its size sits at a nice median, so you can configure it to meld into the background, or use it to display a collection in the center of the room. Because of its many configurations, it can be used as anything from a coffee table to in-closet storage, to a bathroom shelf, or even in the office. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours!

    As its name suggests, the Zurich shelf is our largest and therefore most variable shelf. Its size allows for it to fit some roles that none of the other midlife shelves can approach, such as a room divider or a staircase shelf. Put two side-by-side and fill an entire closet with ample shelving space. Of course, it can still serve as more traditional space for displaying a collection, holding large quantities of office supplies or clothes, or livening up a room. You'll definitely want to spend some time looking at the additional images to see which of the six distinct configurations you'll want to choose.

    We're very proud of our new modlife line, and hope you'll love it as much as we do! New colors coming soon!

  • SuperCubes - Bigger IS Better

    It's finally here! Due to popular demand, we have decided to release our amazing cubes in a new, super size! Now sporting an increase in all three dimensions, the SuperCube is here to store an even greater variety of items: extra-large stuffed animals, vinyl records, textbooks, purses, anything! As with all our products, they're perfect for designers or lovers of elegance in simplicity. Mix and match them with our storage baskets and other accessories to make yourself a personalized and gorgeous shelving system. Take a look at some of these neat configurations, and send us some of your own creative flair!

  • Unveiling: The Manhattan Storage Bench and Coffee Table

    We know how difficult it is to keep a clean space with minimal effort. That's why we've developed our newest product to fit that role and help you a bit in sweeping the proverbial mess under the rug! Because we all need that nice-looking box that we can throw all our stuff into and shut the lid. We are pleased to introduce to you our newest product: The Manhattan Storage Bench and Coffee Table!

    This brand-new storage bench has a secure lid so a space remains clean no matter what mess you throw in! Use it as a footrest in front of your couch, or a footstool to reach high places. It's also perfect to use for storage in your garage, entryway, kitchen, anywhere! And of course you can sit on it while whittling a wood sculpture or just tying your shoes.

    Keeping things simple is one of our hallmarks! The assembly process  is so simple, it doesn't even require words. Just take a look at the photos below!

    Outside: Depth 15.0" | Width 30.0" | Height 15.6"
    Inside: Depth 10.8" | Width 25.7" | Height 14.8"

  • Taking 'modular' to the next level: Module R

    Here at Way Basics, we encourage individualization and customization through our modular zBoards, allowing our customers to not only select, but design their own furniture to satisfy both organizational needs, and creative ones. With that said, we'd like to introduce one of our awesome retailers! Module R is a fantastic gallery that takes the idea of the "Age of Personalization" and brings it into design and art, blurring the line between items that are mass-produced facsimiles and unique, personalized artifacts. Check out their website to learn more about Donald Rattner, their founder, and their fresh and much-needed role as a "central marketplace where customizable and transformable design (and art) from around the globe could be presented as a coherent body of work." Be sure to stop by and check them out if you're ever in the Brooklyn area!



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