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Good Practical Simplicity

  • Feline Frenzy: New Furniture for Your Cats

    Your cat deserves the very best: fun cat furniture that’s environmentally friendly as well, so kitty is safe. And you deserve stylish furniture to liven up your home! Well, Way Basics has some new cat products that could be just purrfect for you and your cat or kitten.

    Check them all out here. Here’s the lowdown on three of our many new cat products:

    The Pet Steppers: Coming in two-step and three-step versions, these mini-staircases are fantastic, safe and easy ways for cats and dogs to get around. Maybe you have a kitten who can’t climb yet, or an older cat with arthritis. Any pet that needs a little help with mobility could use these sleek steps in their daily lives.

    2 Step Pet Stepper, Natural White3 Step Pet Stepper, Espresso

    The Cat House: Yes, cats can have houses, too! This is a hideaway your cat will love going to for some down time. And for their loving owner, it’s attractive and modern, fitting well into any house. Purchase this cat house and the next time your cat scurries away from visitors, you’ll likely know exactly where to find him or her.

    The Cat Litter Box: Litter boxes can be awfully conspicuous things, but with this litter box, you can hide the kitty litter in plain sight! Now your cat or kitten can finally have some privacy when doing their business. And you can have a modern piece of furniture that combines function, style, and respectability.

    Cat Litter, NaturalCat Litter, Natural

    All our cat products come in three to four elegant colors. Like all Way Basics products, they’re easy for anyone to assemble, as well as being eco-friendly, non-toxic and free of formaldehyde and VOC.

    Function, form, and feline fulfillment: these furnishings are as enticing as catnip. See the rest here!

  • Practical Style and Storage with Textured Wall Shelves

    Are you looking for a stylishly simple way to organize your home? Maybe you want extra storage space without buying a bookshelf that dominates the space and takes over your decor. Way Basics has you covered with our selection of textured wall shelves.  Available in two options, the Antigua and the Grenada, the shelves will help keep your home neat and organized while displaying your decor in a trendy way.

    Both the Antigua and the Grenada come in four finishes to complement any color palette; White Ash, Black Ash, Oak and Dark Teak. The key difference is the length of the shelves themselves, the Antigua is 24" while the Grenada is 30". Each provide a simple solution to your every day storage needs. The shelves look great in any room too, offering practical options wherever you need them, simply install them to any vertical surface. It's that easy!

    Why zBoard is a better alternative

    Way Basics also prides itself on providing safe options for you and your family with our revolutionary zBoard. Made from recycled paperboard, zBoard is non-toxic and free of both VOC and formaldehyde. That means you can use it anywhere - a child's room or a nursery - without worry!

    Our Grenada and Antigua Textured Wall Shelf are the perfect lengths, in either 24" or 30", giving you ample room to display knick knacks, pictures or other mementos. They can even hold up to 20 pounds safely!


    • All hardware included (wall bracket, anchors, screws & shelf)
    • Easy to mount to any wall or vertical surface
    • Environmentally friendly & safe for your family (non-toxic)
    • Realistic wood look and texture
  • Monitor stand video review [placeholder title]

    Recently, we received a lovely video review from a happy customer. Amber Pierce reviews our Computer Monitor Stand in this short video:

    Amber appreciates how the Way Basics Monitor Stand's height improves her posture and reduces neck strain. She also says, "I can't tell you how nifty and handy it is to be able to put your keyboard underneath the desktop monitor," showing how easily her keyboard slides underneath the stand. A computer mouse, papers, and more can also be stored underneath. This is a great way to save space when you need to use your desk for something else, such as writing with pen and paper.

    On the product page for the black Monitor Stand (it also comes in pearl white and espresso), you can see more pictures of the stand in action, sent in by customers like you and Amber. The stand features enough space for small knickknacks, speakers and office supplies in addition to your computer monitor. If you don't need space for a monitor, the stand provides extra room for documents, day planners and more. Simplicity and versatility is the Way Basics way.

    Amber also mentions how eco-friendly our products are, and our lifetime warranty. Indeed, all our products are free of VOC and formaldehyde and made from 99% post-consumer recycled paper (which is incredibly strong, by the way--the Monitor Stand alone can hold up to 30 pounds!). And our warranty guarantees lifetime happiness, with personal support offered from our CEO, who can be reached at Check out our comprehensive warranty here.

    Thanks, Amber, for a wonderful review!

  • Why Connect Cubes are the Ideal Storage Cubes

    The perfect shoe rack. Customized cubby storage for linens. A whimsical, multi-colored place for keeping the kids' toys.

    Our customers have done some very creative things with the Connect Storage Cubes. They've impressed us greatly, and now it's your turn.

    The Connect Cubes come in 3 designs: an open cube, a shelf cube and a cube with a door. In many fun, unique colors, they make for unlimited possibilities. Unlimited ways for you to organize your house to perfection. That's what makes Connect Cubes the ideal storage cubes.

    Remember playing with building blocks as a kid? It's like that, except these blocks are storage boxes and can hold up to 50 lbs! Who says storage can't be useful and fun?

    Like all Way Basics products, the cubes are as environmentally conscious as possible: they're made with 99% post-consumer recycled paper, free of toxic chemicals. And installation is as easy as it gets. Peel, stick and you're done. That's it.

    We would love to see your imagination go wild with this. After all, that's why we created them--for your imagination and use. What will your storage cubes hold? What pattern will they be in? We'd also be thrilled if you could email us a picture of what you used Connect Cubes to create. You can reach us at

    Lastly, all Way Basics products are covered with a lifetime warranty. We strive for quality in all we do, and our products are designed to last a lifetime. But in case something's not right with your product, we're here to help. We're here for you.

  • Blox Collection + Endless Possibilities = Your Dream Organizer!


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  • Connect Cubes now in 6 new colors. Get yours now!

    Poster Connect Cubes in 6 New Colors 072016 1

  • Introducing zTube Open Bookcases and Shelving


    zBoard was born in 2008 with the innovative technology for a non toxic storage shelving solution. It is simple and made from a material we use in our daily lives... paper! Isn't it incredible that recycled paper can be created into a super strong paperboard used to build modular bookcases, wall shelves, monitor stands, benches and more? The possibilities are endless with paper, and the Way Basics creative team is super excited to announce another addition... introducing the zTube!

    Rather than panels as the sides of a shelf, this collection uses tubes to create a robust frame for an airy open style shelving. This model and timeless design allows for versatile organizing and displaying ideas. Multiple units can align together to create a room divider, media center, shoe rack, closet shelving.... what are your ideas? We can't wait to see your creation!

    Assembling the zTube collection is still just as easy, tool free and hardware free! Like all Way Basics products, our materials are non toxic, formaldehyde free, and VOC free to create a healthy space whether it be in your home or work space. Enjoy building possibilities with Way Basics!

  • Elizabeth Pyo at Being MVP blog loving Way Basics!

    We partnered with Elizabeth for a honest review for the Arlington Modular Organizer so she can organize her children’s play room. Take a look at her review at her site Being MVP. The Arlington helped her unclutter her children toys and be more organized. She found Way Basics very easy to put together because its tools free Elizabeth is enjoying her modern and chic organizer, the way she likes it as you can see here. Her children’s room is now eco-friendly as Way Basics products are sustainably made from non-toxic, VOC and formaldehyde free zBoards.

    how to organize the playroom

    She enjoyed Way Basics so much a few weeks later she reached out to review the Salinas tower to organize her shoes. How could we say no? The Salinas tower helped her neatly organize shoes for easy access so you can easily choose what to wear and also with the different shelf sizes, she is able to organize different shoe styles be it sandals or even boots. Read more about Elizabeth’s experience here at her blog being MVP.

    The Salinas shoe tower is now discontinued, yet here are some awesome alternatives for shoe organizing:


    Remember to sign up for our newsletter so you can be the first one to know all about new products we’re introducing this April.

  • We rise by lifting others

    The happiest people are the ones who make others happy and here at Way Basics that’s what we do for our customers, each other, and everyone. We donated several Quad Cubes to Long Beach Elementary School to help students stay organized and to provide each student with a compartment for their school things. We love how creative the students were with the zBoards, mixing and matching the colors to build an even more colorful Quad Cube Don’t you agree?

    The thing about giving is you don’t expect anything in return. When you receive these sweet thank you notes in the mail box from the students it just makes our hearts smile to see their enthusiasm. We are so glad to be part of this and that we had a part in the student’s daily lives and helping them be more organized. Building possibilities together in the classroom!

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