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  • Press: Dutch magazine Ariadne at Home

    Voorjaar 2011

    Dutch magazine Ariadne at Home features Way Basics! In this article are the Tribeca, Double Rectangle Plus, Cube Plus, and double stacked Cubes. Shop for Way Basics in Europe via our exclusive distributor David and Luna.

  • Why choose Way Basics?

    Brand and products are abundant in our consumer driven world. Sometimes there's almost too many choices when we shop. Should I buy the one with bamboo accents or stainless steel? Made in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, or here at home in USA? Mass market low quality and low price or eco friendly high quality but a slight premium? Our choices are personal and reflect who we are as individuals. Perhaps in these economic times it's a purely financial decision purchasing what we can afford. Other times it could be an emotional connection we have with a brand, color, the design, etc.

    We thought we would ask our customers why they chose Way Basics when there are so many other alternatives out there. What we found out was very heart warming because it's why we started the company and makes us so excited that so many people have embraced our brand and vision. Here are the results from a recent survey...

    Customers enjoy Way Basics for our commitment to sustainability, modern design and making products simple to interact with.

    Customers enjoy Way Basics for our commitment to sustainability, modern design and making products simple to interact with

    Over 91% of our customers think that just peel, stick, done is easier than other do-it-yourself storage and furniture products on the market.

    Over 91% of our customers think that just peel, stick, done is easier than other do-it-yourself storage and furniture products on the market.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported Way Basics! We very much value your feedback in our company and products, please reach out to us if you have anything you would like to share: talktous [at]

    Happy Friday :)

  • zBoard: What's the difference?


    We often get asked what differentiates the zBoard from the particle board, MDF, plywood, and solid wood? Is it cardboard? Is it made from wood?

    zBoards, are created through a patented, proprietary process that's revolutionized paperboard manufacturing. Developing this process took more than 10 years, and it combines techniques of plywood craftsmanship, paperboard composition, and furniture manufacturing. It leads to extremely sturdy yet lightweight boards that hold up to plenty of use. Because we use recycled paper, no no trees were chopped down to producing zBoards. Since recycled paper is used, the process also uses  a lot less water than what is used to make virgin paper. Our purpose is to eliminate as much environmental impact as possible and offer a sustainable product. When you're done with your Way Basics furniture (after its long lifetime), you can recycle it again by simply putting it in your recycling bin.

    Is it strong, will it hold? Yes! zBoards are just as strong as other wood engineered boards like particle board or MDF. Watch this video to see zBoards in action.

    zBoards are made on the beautiful island of Taiwan. Taiwan inherited advanced Japanese paper engineering and manufacturing processes enabling 74% of total paper production to come from recycled paper. Taiwan is also very eco conscious recycling 60% of paper used, compared to 50% here in the United States.

  • Way Basics Across the Pond

    Did you know Way Basics is available in Europe? We thought we would share with you our exclusive partner David and Luna across the Atlantic Pond. Please visit their website if you are interested in Way Basics in Europe:

    David and Luna logo

    David and Luna also wholesales our products for online and brick and mortar retailers. You can email export [at] for more information.

    We also just learned that Wilma and Friends in Sweden is carrying Way Basics! Shipping can be expensive so we're working hard to bring Way Basics closer to you. If you're in Sweden or Northern Europe, visit Wilma and Friends:

    Wilma and Friends logo

  • Say Goodbye to Melamine


    A Way Basics customer recently used our storage products as displays at the CaterSource tradeshow. Bamboo Studio makes disposable bamboo dinnerware for foodservice and reusable bamboo dinnerware for the home. The booth looks great with the total eco theme and natural wood colors. Really nice how they chose Way Basics'z zBoard to display their products instead of using particle board or MDF made product. Great job Bamboo Studio!

    Presented in this display are the Triple Cube Plus and Double Rectangle Plus.

  • Customer Care: Feedback Welcomed


    When Way Basics started over 3 years ago, we set out to assure customer service was our top priority. Sounds cliche doesn't it? What does customer service mean? We looked up 'customer service' at and found this:

    "assistance and other resources that a company provides

    to the people who buy or use its products or services"

    Seems so mechanical and impersonal. We've all interacted with customer service in our lives either through a brick and mortar or online retailer. More often than not, the experience with customer service is remarkable in the negative sense. Sometimes it even ruins our day doesn't it? We've all been there.

    We believe in doing the right thing and from the start we set in stone that customer care would be part of our core values. Rather than just servicing our customer, we care about you. We make sure your email, phone call, feedback, product issues, you name it, we attentively service you in the way each person deserves.

    With new technologies evolving the way we interact, the team at Way Basics is wondering how our customers prefer to be cared for. Would you like a phone number to call and speak to someone? How about using Twitter and Tweeting a comment or posting your love, question, or issue on our Facebook Wall? Does it matter which communication medium is used as long as you are attended to in a caring way? How important is response time?

    Our team is always looking for ways to make our lives simpler, products better, and customer care more loving. We would love to hear from you. Use any one of our ways to connect and share with us:

    Phone: 949 229 3304

    Email: talktous [at]



    Blog: click on "Leave a Comment" below this post

    Any other communication channel we're not using?

  • Happy Valentine's Day

    Michelle Sterling

    Happy Valentine's Day! We love love love Valentine's Day because who doesn't love to be loved? Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone around the world just loved a little bit more. We're romantics at heart and look through this crazy world with rosy colored glasses :)

    We received an email from our customer today with a post on her blog. She has purchased the Charlotte Table (we're out of stock at the moment and will have it again in a few weeks) in white for her daughter's birthday. Since her birthday is close to Valentine's the theme was pink. Her mom is also a photographer so the photos are amazing! You can see the details of her post here.

    Need some pink storage to decorate a cute pink room? Shop our pink cubes.

  • HGTV's Carter Oosterhouse uses Way Basics in eco-friendly makeover

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The quiet southeast Charlotte street that looked more like a movie set this week wasn’t for carpenter Carter Oosterhouse’s show on HGTV.  It was for a series of online clips that will be posted on the web site for Clorox Green Works.

    Oosterhouse was in Charlotte for three days creating a $20,000 makeover for the Harding family.

    “We're going to give the nursery and the family room, which is kind of like a rec room playroom, a complete greenover, which is a makeover with an eco friendly twist,” Oosterhouse explained.

    Read the Full Article

  • Press: Apartment Therapy Budget Basics

    Way Basics at Apartment Therapy

    Way Basics was proud to be included in Apartment Therapy's Shopper's Guide!

    "When you're looking for CHEAP — but not willing to throw all aesthetic consideration to the wind — this is the list for you. Here are 5 go-to sources for budget-friendly shelving and storage options for the design-minded organizer. Almost all of the units shown here are priced right around $100."

    "Exactly as the name implies, these shelving systems are way basic. Made from recycled paper, the zBoard furniture is exceptionally lightweight, sturdy and amazingly cheap — its downfall is that the weight limit is on the low side. I like the Madison Bookcase ($89.50) the best but their are fun, cheaper options like the Triple Rectangle Plus in Green($29.99). Strong enough for most uses, Way Basics are ideal for kids' rooms, and nooks that you need some bonus shelving. As an added bonus, Way Basics are completely recyclable."

  • Happy Holidays from Way Basics!

    Happy Holidays from Way Basics

    Wishing you and yours the absolute best 2010 holiday season!  We hope you enjoy and share our holiday card!

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