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  • 10 Ways to Use The Box

    We love being inspired by others and we loved Obsessive Mommy's latest post: 10 Things To Store In "The Box" because it gave so many practical uses for our new eco-friendly storage solution, The Box. Our list below is inspired (and some ideas are borrowed) from the amazing Ashleigh at

    coffee table, storage solution Coffee Table & Storage Solution!

    Obsessive Mommy.

    1) Kid's DVD Collection - Perfect place for your kid's to store THEIR DVDs that way they don't mess up the entire collection and you can monitor what they are allowed to watch!

    2) Games - Favorite games can be stored in the Box while the rest are neatly packed away in the garage.

    3) Homework - Perfect homework station for books, pencils, and homework. You could even have them decorate the outside with stickers that they receive when their homework is complete!

    4) Key/Purse/Wallet Holder - Not just for kids, this is the perfect place for those items that you need as you dash out the door. Just place in a closet and throw your necessities inside!

    5) Blankets - Perfect place to store your blankets. Connect a few together and it makes the perfect coffee table!

    6) Remotes - Don't you hate all those remotes that get lost in the couch. Designate one Box in your coffee table specifically for remotes!Eco Friendly Bookshelf

    7) Bookshelf - Use one Box at a time to store "favorite books" or stack them together to make a full bookshelf. The Box is the perfect bookshelf because it is lightweight, sturdy, non-toxic and can be assembled with or without doors.

    8) Art Supplies - The multicolored Box will inspire your creative side and it is ok if you miss your canvas. The Box looks great with paint splatter!

    9) Shoes - Perfect way to store your shoes in the garage for easy access without them getting dirty and dusty!

    10) Spices - Organize your pantry with different colored boxes for each type of cooking. Savory spices in blue, sweet spices in pink and salty spices in white. Easy to remember and keep organized!

    What practical uses do YOU have for The Box?

  • Spring Organization!

    Spring has definitely sprung and summer is right around the corner. Have you started pulling out your wind chimes, bird feeders or calendar to plan a vacation? Don't forget another key part of the spring, organizing! Horrible, I know. Well, actually I don't quite know because I love organizing! That sense of self purpose when you get a room done. 130521_Spring Organization

    The key is to tackle small manageable tasks one at a time.  That desk? Look at what is preventing you from getting work done and start there? The kitchen? Start with those horrible plastic containers that seem to spill out everywhere. No matter your task, we want to help which is why we created this fun infographic! Look at all our products side by side and mix and match them to decide what is right for YOU! We think organization should be personal and easily customizable. With our fun inforgraphic, you can imagine each space and decide exactly what it needs. The only question you should have left is where do I start?!


  • Moving Preparations Checklist

    At Way Basics, we are all about helping you personalize and organize your home. But what do you do if you are moving from one home to the next? Guest blogger, Grace has some tips about how to make the move as smooth as possible!

    When you have a move ahead, you might think its an easy task that may easily be done in a weekend or two. Well you should stop for a minute and think ahead before you allow things to progress that far. There are plenty of tasks that need to be completed long before the arrival of the moving vehicle. Planning ahead ensures you won't suffer from last minute changes and trouble. Check out the following tips so you can be prepared well ahead of time:

    • Get free estimates

    You will most likely need professional movers to handle heavy lifting and the sheer volume of possessions you need to move when the time arrives. If you put off hiring them for a long time however, you risk not being able to do proper research of the moving companies available in your area. Make sure you begin checking out and calling companies at least a month ahead of time so you'll be able to figure out the best deals, prices and chances to work with them. Calling up and checking as many of them as you can will allow you to even let companies know of better deals offered by their rivals, allowing you to maybe get a better deal yourself.

    • Selecting a mover

    Once you have done this, you need to ensure you understand the agreement you are signing before the contract is finalized. Ask a number of questions that give the best information all around. Know whether the company will charge you by the hour or by weight of the items, whether they will do the packing for you, what type of insurance they offer and so on. Ensure there are no surprise fees or hidden charges and make sure everything you are promised is promised on paper as part of the contract.

    • Prepare plenty of boxes

    Before you begin the packing process you will of course need boxes. You can buy them off a retail store, office supply store or even the moving company itself if they offer such services. The main thing is that you will need a lot of boxes to get the job done. Make sure you pick a wide range of boxes from varying sizes so you'll have no trouble fitting everything you need safely. They have to be strong and possibly reusable. In some cases you can even find boxes for free from a number of sources, such as retail stores, liquor stores and more.

    • Start packing small

    You should focus on rarely used items first, packing them at least a month or two in advance. Most of us keep a staggering amount of personal possessions that accumulate around our homes as the years go by. Begin packing those who are out of season at the moment, starting with clothes, blankets and more, slowly working your way toward the final day. Ensuring that is done early will allow you to deal with the stress of last minute moving troubles.

    • Declutter and minimize

    Moving is the perfect moment to downsize your belongings to a more manageable size. Any items you don't consider vital or that you have not used for a long time should simply go, opening the way for something new or more useful. Although this may seem a bit drastic at first, you should consider the prices involved in moving everything you own. The more you move, the more expensive the final result will be, so making sure you are only moving what you care about is vital to keeping your expenses low and at the same time ensuring a stress-free move.

    • Organize a yard sale or donate unwanted items

    Doing so will either help someone else obtain what they want or you could lessen your moving expenses further by using unwanted items as fuel, so to speak. Put up fliers or even a listing on a classifieds website such as Craigslist to spread the word. Donate your unwanted books to your local library to enrich the community and so on. There is much you can benefit from, both financially and as a philanthropist.

    Grace is an expert in the field of real estates and relocation, working on a behalf of SM6 moving firm.

  • The Way Basics "Way"!

    Did You Know?

    How did the name Way Basics come about?

    Paper as we know it today was invented in the ancient Far East, and the character for recycle in Mandarin Chinese is “hui” (pronounced huey). Hui sounds a bit like ‘way’ and thus we get our first word. The second word, basics, represents our fundamental goal in bringing things back to the basics. Our name depicts how we as a company are doing things in a different way, and our products are built for our customers lifestyles… their way. Best of all, we keep everything simple and way basic.

    What does the square logo represent?

    To understand our logo, we need to look again at the “hui” or “recycle” character. Take a look at the the “hui” character in Mandarin Chinese:


    Look familiar?


    Notice how the outside square is slightly tilted in our logo. That’s because we are a unique company, as can be seen through our products and the way we do business. We like to do things our way no matter how ‘tilted’ it sounds. If it makes sense, we’ll go for it. You’ll notice that part of the logo is brown which symbolizes nature, strength, and the sustainability of our furniture. Finally, the green inner square represents our heartfelt commitment to doing business the right way. To be proactively conscious in protecting the environment through the way we work and our products.

    Building Possibilities

    Our tagline: “building possibilities” describes all aspects of our business. From helping you “build” your career, to helping a customer “build” a furniture solution, we are always building possibilities. With one look at our products, customers instantly see the possibilities of building Way Basics into their lives. The Cube may be a storage unit to a college student, a stool for a toddler, or a footrest to a musician. This is why we do not categorize our furniture as “children”, “office”, “college” or any kind of furniture. A Cube becomes your cube. Use it how you see fit… build your possibilities.

  • Box Photoshoot

    When we were looking for the perfect location to shoot our new Box, we could not have found a better location than Hotel Seven4one. This local boutique hotel in Laguna Beach has transformed their quaint location into a must-see location for weddings, private parties and other events. Just steps from the beach, their staff were incredible to work with, and best of all, they care about the environment and do everything they can to make their space Eco-conscious! What a perfect partnership.

    We arrived early in the morning, lattes in hand, to meet our photographer Nanci Kassel and mold Seven4One into a picturesque backdrop. Their Euro-chic lobby lounge, urban courtyard, and breathtaking sun deck didn't need much molding but the Box added a perfect organizational touch. The Box easily stacked to create closet organization in one room, and simple cube storage in another. Wheels on, door off, we had a blast thinking of all the different ways we could organize a room with the Box storage. We had an amazing day and we can't wait to share the pictures with you all!


    The Box showing up for their debut!
  • Thinking Outside the Box About Spring Cleaning

    Thanks to the amazing people at Sylvane, we have some awesome tips about Spring Cleaning! 

    Spring cleaning is a time of year that many people dread – after all, nobody likes cleaning! But this year will be different. This year you'll have some new cleaning techniques that will make things easier, faster, and even reduce the need to clean again anytime soon! This seems too good to be true, we know, but let's take a look at some of the unique methods being used by some creative household owners that have been proven to work.


    Scrub-Free Toilet Cleaner

    Although not something that many people keep handy, denture cleaner works wonders as a toilet cleaner. It makes sense that denture cleaner would be good at removing stains and sanitizing toilets because it was created to clean porcelain dentures, which is the same material that your toilet is made from. Just drop a few tablets into the bowl and let it go to work for you!

    Robo Vacuum

    The modern world runs on technology, so shouldn't your cleaning techniques keep up with the times? Using a robotic vacuum can save you hours of vacuuming, and they are quite nifty at getting Neato Vacuum and Catsinto small areas and completely cleaning your carpet. Some robotic vacuum cleaners are even pet friendly, so they will steer clear of any curious animals coming around to investigate. Neato Robotics is a well-known maker of intelligent robot vacuums that are capable of this.

    Easy Microwave Cleaning

    Microwaves can be difficult to clean when you have to scrub all the hard, crusty buildup that has accumulated over time. You might be surprised to learn that you can clean your microwave in almost the same way that made it messy in the first place. Fill a microwave-safe bowl with about two cups of water and half a cup of white vinegar. Place it in your microwave and heat it for 3-4 minutes. When the bowl is cool enough to touch, remove it and give the inside of the microwave one good wipe. Voila!

    Newspaper Your Cabinet Tops

    Lots of apartments, condos, and townhouses have prefab kitchen cabinets installed that don’t quite touch the ceiling. The tops of these cabinets need to be dusted and cleaned regularly, but they can be very difficult to reach. To make the result of your cleaning efforts last as long as possible, line the tops of your kitchen cabinets with newspapers to prevent dust from collecting directly on the cabinets themselves. The next time you’re cleaning, all you will have to do is carefully remove the old, dusty newspapers and replace them with fresh ones.

    Organize Your Clutter

    "For every minute spent in organization, an hour is earned." That quote by Benjamin Franklin couldn't be more true. If you want to take your organizational level up a notch, it’s time for some creative solutions! Clear some extra space in your home by looking for functional furniture pieces that allow you to organize within them. One example would be a chair bookshelf, which allows you to store your books and magazines inside your reading chair. You could always start with something simple, such as using a stylish storage chest as your coffee table. Even easier still, you could use these stackable storage cubes to create a completely custom clutter solution. Add a set of wheels to your creation and roll it around the house as needed.

    Couch Cushions and Upholstery

    If you don't want to pay a king’s ransom to have your couch professionally cleaned (and who does?), you can do it yourself using a steam cleaner. Most common household cleaning products release harmful chemicals into the air you breathe, which can cause serious health problems. But steam cleaning your home will actually improve your indoor air quality because steam cleaners use hot water vapor (not chemicals) to clean almost any surface, and to kill germs and bacteria.


    A mixture of vinegar and water will be enough to remove most tough stains and grease from your kitchen countertops. For those hard food or make-up stains that won't come off easily, create a baking soda paste by mixing baking soda with water. Use the paste on a hard scrubber to clean the stubborn areas. They should come up rather easily, and again you’ve avoided using toxic chemicals!

    Kitchen Cabinet Tops

    Wax Your Shower Walls

    After cleaning your shower walls initially, a little car wax can go a long way. Waxing the inside of your shower makes it harder for soapscum, limescale, and other objects to stick to your shower walls. Never wax the floor of your shower though, as this could pose a threat because it will make the floor really slippery. There are several manufacturers that produce eco-friendly car waxes that do not contain harsh chemicals or VOCs.

  • Easy "how to" organize your spices!

    Guest post from the amazing Natalie Wright, creator of Natalme and Organized Mom!

    It's no secret I love to be organized, but I often forget the correlation between health and organization. I recently just cleaned out my fridge, and yeah... I was definitely hoarding some unhealthy expired food! So I decided to take some time during my week to look through other areas of my kitchen, and not only organize them, but promote healthy eating. My goals are to organize my canned goods, baking necessities, and spices.

    Here's a simple and affordable way to organize your spices. I love this project because not only does it make my seasonings easier to find, but it also forced me to throw out old and expired spices I never use.

    All of my baking and cooking spices I keep in a drawer near my stove. Since the bottles are all difference sizes, they often get jumbled around and the one I need ends up being difficult to find.

    I purchased about twenty of these glass jars at Ikea; four jars for under $4. I also used chalkboard vinyl to create labels or each jar. The great thing about these little babies is that you can adhere your labels to the top or the front of the jars.

    I created scalloped labels with a scrapbook paper punch, but you could easily cut circles or squares by hand.

    After emptying my drawer and throwing away expired spices and seasoning, I inserted a layer of decorative gift wrap, and added a clear plastic drawer liner on top.

    My jars fit perfectly side by side! I was able to fit twenty jars in all.

    With a white chalk marker I labeled all of my seasonings. (Note: A chalk marker is easier to write with versus regular chalk. It does not smear when touched, but easily wipes off with a damp cloth.)  If I ever run out of a spice or decide to try a different seasoning, I can easily erase the chalk and write a new label.

    This is such an easy and quick project that took me less than an hour from start to finish. And I love that it's a much prettier, functional, and healthier way of organizing my seasonings!

    To follow me as I continue to organize other areas of my kitchen and home, be sure to check out my blog at!

  • Mommy Greenest's - Importance of seeing the big picture

    Rachel Sarnoff is the brilliant mind behind both Eco Stiletto and Mommy Greenest. Both blogs focus on maintaining a happy and sustainable lifestyle and we are such huge fans of her work.  We were overjoyed when she agreed to write a little something about how she stays happy even when the mess gets too much! What do you do to maintain your sanity when the mess becomes overwhelming? 130226_Mommy Greenest

    "Quote: ""I am an obsessive organizer. I keep a calendar synced to my phone, and a daily paper list as well. But sometimes I feel like my focus on being organized stops me from being truly happy. Yes, I like opening drawers and seeing things neat and tidy. But should it ruin my day if they're not? My husband and kids help me see the big picture. They're totally comfortable with dishes in the sink and towels on the floor, and with the occasional tardy slip. When I get obsessed with something, sometimes I just need to take a deep breath and step back for a moment. The dishes will get done. The towels will just get used again tomorrow. And taking time to talk with my daughter as we walk to school is far more valuable than rushing her through the door in order to get to kindergarten on time.

    --Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff,""

  • Montessori High School & their X-terms

    Intrigued yet? What's an X-term you may be asking? X-terms two week experiential learning intensives which take place in January and in May/June. The program in May/June is student led and students must raise the funds, plan the curriculum, and design the entire program. X-terms are based on Maria Montessori's views, and they provide a unique learning experience that cannot be matched. Every year the students choose something different Way Basics donates to X-Termsthat is sure to change their lives for the better. Two years ago, they ventured out to New York City, and spent a week immersed in the startup culture. They worked with Union Square Ventures, Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange, and Coco Foods International.  Cool, huh?

    We love supporting our future generation, especially brilliant go-getters like these kids, so we were thrilled when they contacted us to be apart of their fundraising for this years X-terms! They have some pretty cool prizes including a Nook, Jambox, and Way Basics Cubby Organizer! Be sure to check it out and help them reach their $10,000 goal! After all, all students deserve to be supported and helped to reach their dreams!

  • Let's Accessorize!

    We are starting to drop pictures and information about our awesome new organizational cube, the Box. It is our traditional storage cube on steroids! Especially good for someone who wants something a little bit special and different! WB-BOX-BE_6C_AV3

    Each Box comes with a matching door that you can use to hide your goodies and you can purchase wheels to make the Box more portable (if you wish!) Just like our cubes, you can combine them to create a larger piece, but the Box has been especially designed to connect and align for a sturdier fit!

    That isn't really what we are here to talk about today. Not necessarily the mechanics of the Box, but the awesome ways you can decorate it to make it your own!

    Have you heard of IKEA hacks? Lots of people take their IKEA furniture and "hack" it (modify it) to make it perfect for their home. We think our products are just as good (and more eco friendly) than IKEA so we have written a Way Basics hack for your new Box!

    WB-BOX-BE_AV21) Love the color, but want to make one wall different, or the inside different than the outside? Look at craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby for awesome contact paper!

    2) Flip through the contact paper to your heart's content and find something that suits

    3) Make sure you have enough contact paper to cover as many walls as you wish!

    4) Measure the walls, cut, and stick!

    5) Stand back and admire your handiwork!

    What patterns would you like to add to your Box?

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