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  • Taking 'modular' to the next level: Module R

    Here at Way Basics, we encourage individualization and customization through our modular zBoards, allowing our customers to not only select, but design their own furniture to satisfy both organizational needs, and creative ones. With that said, we'd like to introduce one of our awesome retailers! Module R is a fantastic gallery that takes the idea of the "Age of Personalization" and brings it into design and art, blurring the line between items that are mass-produced facsimiles and unique, personalized artifacts. Check out their website to learn more about Donald Rattner, their founder, and their fresh and much-needed role as a "central marketplace where customizable and transformable design (and art) from around the globe could be presented as a coherent body of work." Be sure to stop by and check them out if you're ever in the Brooklyn area!



  • Way Basics Storage Cubes in the 2011 Plush Holiday Catalog

    Plush Little Baby recently released their 2011 Plush Holiday Catalog and guess what?! They've included Way Basics storage cubes in their holiday catalog! Way Basics Storage Cube

    They commended the eco-friendly zBoards for being 100% recyclable and at the same time toxin-free, making it safe for your little ones.

    Way Basics storage boxes are also given away as part of Plush Little Baby's Twelve Days of Plush Giveaways Christmas promo.

    The lucky winner will receive SIX storage cubes with their CHOICE OF COLOR of Espresso, Black, Natural, White, Green, Orange, Pink, or Blue.


    Plush Little Baby is a luxury source for babies and toddlers.

  • Madison Bookcase in the San Francisco Chronicle


    In a recent article by Chantal Lamers for the San Francisco Chronicle, she recommended Way Basics Madison Bookcase as a smart choice for bookshelf keeping and at the same time, creative and eco-friendly interior decoration. Way Basics Madison Bookcases come in white, espresso, or black.

    San Francisco Chronicle is Northern California's largest newspaper, serving primarily the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Lightweight zBoard Shelving Helps 3Seams Help Haiti


    3SeamsWe saw this photo of 3Seams posted on our Facebook wall. It captured an amazing shot of people coming together, working together, building something. When we asked more about the organization and why Way Basics products were used, we were touched and inspired by the cause Inga Swope started. Traveling to Haiti, she used Way Basics products for it's lightness. How ingenious and creative to solve the challenge of maximum luggage weights when you fly. Take a moment to read Inga's story and help her share 3Seams' journey.

    ‘3seams’ came to be over the course of about 4 years.  A passion had been growing within our founder and director, Inga Swope, for women and children around the world.   At the same time, as a mom of young children, she had a great passion for helping to grow global perspective and compassion within our next generations here in America.  As she watched our culture become more and more materialistic, indulgent, and self-centered, she realized that our young upcoming generations had very little concept of how incredibly fortunate they were, and in the same respect, very little concept of the extreme poverty and struggle going on around the world.

    (This became the question.)

    How could she tackle both of these passions with creativity?

    (And this became the answer.)

    ‘3seams’ is an organization dedicated to both issues.  Our organization creates opportunities for people to purchase clothing and accessories for their children while at the same time supplying a child in need with an identical piece.  Each piece of clothing is made in sets of two and all pieces are sewn by our Haitian seamstress program!  One of these pieces goes home with the buyer and one is donated by ‘3seams’ to an organization that ensures a child in need will receive it!  Not only does a child somewhere around the world receive a much needed item and someone else a much needed job, but the child here in America knows that there is a child in another part of the world wearing the exact same dress or pants or shirt.

    Our hope is that through job creation in the developing world, ‘3seams’ can put a small dent in the global poverty crisis as well as give families here in North America the platform to discuss poverty and other global issues with their children!

    ‘3seams’ is a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization.  For more information or to make a tax-deductable donation towards our program in Haiti, please visit,  or .

  • Building Possibilities Highlights

    This post is dedicated to our amazing customers! Every time we receive photos from our customers sharing how they've used Way Basics, we get the warm and fuzzies. Seeing our products in people's homes and used in their lives is very rewarding. We thank you for choosing Way Basics and taking the time to share these photos with us.

    Take a look at how people have taken a basic unit and transformed organization and furniture into their space.

    ClosetFrom Shelley6 Cozy Storage Benches stacked on top of each other to create closet shelving. Cozy Storage Bins are nestled in each cubicle.


    Darcy F.From Darcy2 Cozy Storage Bench created the base for books and a TV stand. 2 Triple Cube Plus towers on the left and right as bookshelves.
     Cubes and Tables at Re4m boutique storeFrom Re4m Cubes, Cube Plus, Charlotte Tables used as store displays. Cubes are displayed on the wall with supporting braces. See how here.  From Koru Cubes used in a trade show display. Sets up in minutes and totally modular!
  • Mom Trends Reviews Way Basics Storage Cube

    Momtrends logo

    "It’s no Ethan Allen, but I think that might be a good thing. These products are made of 99% post consumer recycled paper that are just as strong as conventional furniture. I don’t plan on sitting on my cube, but it seems to be holding up just fine against my pounds of papers."

    Read Cheryl Fenton's review here

    Shop the cube collection here:

  • Way Basics Available in Canada

    My Little Green Shop Logo

    We have many customers interested in Way Basics in Canada, but shipping can be so expensive! My Little Green Shop to the rescue. My Little Green Shop is an eco-friendly e-boutique for babies, their siblings and mums based in downtown Vancouver. Offerings include safe and colourful children’s table sets and storage cubes, organic clothing and accessories, eco-toys, BPA-free meal items, mum essentials like organic nursing pillows, nursing covers and baby slings, OKO-Tex Certified and PVC-free rainwear for babies and kids, natural pet products, eco-stationery and lots more.  My Little Green Shop offers mostly items made in North America and some Fair Trade items. My Little Green Shop' is very proud to be Canada's first Way Basics retailer!

    Shop our collection here:

  • Organization Expert Julie Morgenstern with Way Basics Cube

    Watch as Julie assembles the Way Basics Storage Cube in less than 3 minutes! Just peel, stick done.

    Julie Morgenstern is an organization and time management expert, business productivity consultant, and speaker. She is also a New York Times bestselling author. Her company Julie Morgenstern Enterprises helps individuals and companies transform the way we function through a wide range of practical solutions.

  • FAQ Spotlight: Displaying and Anchoring to the Wall

    Can I display my Way Basics furniture on the wall?

    Yes, of course you are able to display your Way Basics products on the wall with the support of L brackets or other support hardware beneath your furniture. Make sure to support your Way Basics furniture from the bottom, as these products draw their strength from their vertical construction. The zBoard can be used like other wood products by drilling on its main surfaces, but drilling on the edges is not recommended. Hey, I just came up with a new design idea!
    How to display storage cube on wall


    How can I secure my Way Basics product from tipping if I am concerned about children's safety?

    We recommend you secure as shown below, with L-brackets and screws into studs in your wall.  This hardware is not included, but is readily available at your local hardware store.
    How to anchor products to the wall

    For other frequently asked questions, please visit our page here.


  • New for Spring: Quad Cubby Organizer

    4 Cubby Storage Organizer, Espresso4 Cubby Storage Organizer, White4 Cubby Storage Organizer, Green4 Cubby Storage Organizer, Orange

    Many of our customers purchase multiple cubes and piece them together to create a storage solution. We thought we could make it even easy for you and created the Quad Cube. This unit is a single piece with 4 cubicles the same size as our regular cube. Rather than a backing board, we have created a modern checkered looks with a zBoard back board. Great for children's rooms and simple home organization. You can even put it in your closet and or dorm room to store your clothes. Got toys, socks, or anything you want to store but want to hide? Get the storage bins from JJ Cole to fit perfectly into each cubicle.

    4 Cubby Storage Organizer with Storage Baskets, Espresso4 Cubby Storage Organizer with Storage Baskets, White4 Cubby Storage Organizer with Storage Baskets, Green4 Cubby Storage Organizer with Storage Baskets, Orange

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