Bring your man cave out of the Stone Age

October 01, 2013

Designed to reduce the stresses of every day life, the man cave (or male sanctuary) is a dedicated area of the home where a man can relax and enjoy his favorite pastimes, away from the influences of his domestic goddess; an adult version of the boys’ clubhouse, complete with the ‘no girls allowed’ sign, if you will.


A haven for all things manly, as well as housing the belongings that have no other place within the home, a man cave is a safe place for a man to unwind; be it alone or with friends.

Making plans

As with any conversion, it’s important to make plans before carrying out any work. These will make the creation of a man cave much easier, and prevent any nasty surprises from ruining the process. Creating a man cave could be as easy as redecorating, as many homes already have an area suitable for conversion; perhaps a spare room, basement, loft, shed or garage space. In fact, areas away from the general living space are often preferred as they give extra privacy and can be more easily soundproofed.

For those thinking about creating a purpose-built space suitable for use as a man cave, the process may not be so smooth. Issues such as damp proofing, insulation and wiring must be considered, ensuring that the man cave is safe, cozy and fully equipped for any technology. Careful planning also makes sure that all the right tools are close at hand, and allows licensed professionals to be contacted should wiring, plumbing or HVAC work need to be undertaken.

One more thing; BUDGET! Having an awesome man cave is all well and good, but it is important to ensure that all work is carried out within an allotted budget. Debt, not to mention unfinished work, is no friend of the man cave.

Making it home: Decorating and furnishing a man cave

You’d think that decorating and furnishing a man cave is as easy as loading it up with a few cans of beer, a stack of computer games and a big chair. Not so! Picking a theme for the space, be it a dream bar, shrine to a sports team, or home movie theater, helps to bring cohesiveness; it is important to design each aspect carefully.

When it comes to decorating, think low-maintenance flooring, dark hues and subtle lighting, perfect for turning a man cave into a home movie theater or ultimate gaming den, as well as making it more homely. Furnish it with a beer fridge, television and sound system, pool table, games consoles, comfy recliners, giant beanbags and corner sofas; black sofas are ideal for hiding any stains! Of course, the sky’s the limit when it comes to man caves. Fans of music or television memorabilia could just as easily convert their cave into a veritable museum, while techno-geeks could stock theirs with gadgets galore.

AND FINALLY… Remember, to keep a man cave sacred: don’t forget to put a lock on the door!

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