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September 26, 2013

If you have just completed a move or you simply want to do a small addition or change to the layout and decoration of your home, then you can use a few simple design tips to get things done with less effort and at a fraction of their original cost. In many cases the simplest of all solutions can be the ones that yield the best results. In many situations you could bring about a great deal of change with the introduction of a simple thing like mirrors, lamps or paintings in the right spots. These can serve to soften up the colors of a room, add up some warmth and to refresh the space you have to work with.


  • Softer colors for expanded space

If you have limited space to work with, but you want it to look bigger and better, then it could all come down to the importance of colors. Small rooms can look and feel cramped and crowded, however you can go one step beyond that with the introduction of light, soft colors, larger windows and mirrors to fool the mind into believing the room is actually much larger. Optical illusions are your friend when it comes to limited space. Darker colors can create the opposite effect, stifling the larger spaces and creating an illusion of reduction.

  • Using decorative mirrors

As we mentioned in our previous example, we can use mirrors to create the illusion of space. When you're dealing with larger, spacious rooms however that have less natural light streaming in, we can use mirrors for added effect. Place them right across the windows and the reflected light will dissipate across the room evenly. You can also use mirrors instead of art for a an interesting effect. Regardless of what size mirrors you want to use, they will definitely expand your rooms and bring light to a darker place.

  • Pattern mixing


If you have various objects worth displaying, such as old family heirlooms or something similar, then don't be afraid of using them in your decorations. These old objects are parts of your past and they perfectly express where you're coming from, so expanding your home's decorations with such items can create a truly beautiful experience for all who inhabit that space in the future. Combine and create the other decorations around your heirloom and create a theme for it. After all, you don't want things to look out of place and patched-on if your combinations are wildly varied.

  • Using Slip Covers

You could use slip covers to completely change the way your furniture looks. You could use different ones for each season, reflecting the changes happening outside your home or your office. These covers will also work wonders at protecting your furniture. You could use them to protect your furniture from children and pets and they are also a wonderful solution to bring about elegance and style while covering damaged parts of the furniture pieces.

  • Baskets

Whether they are made of wicker or cloth, they are an excellent and easy solution for storage for any room or office. You could store magazines, toys, blankets, towels and pretty much almost anything, making sure there is no wasted space around your home or office.

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