Live Simply with Way Basics!

July 15, 2010

Just as spring turns to summer, a caterpillar into a butterfly, or watching our children grow, Way Basics is growing and evolving in order to share the wonderful solutions our community has to offer.
At the birth of Way Basics, we wanted to create fun, affordable, and eco friendly furniture and storage solutions for our friends, family and community. We quickly learned that there was so much else in the world that we wanted to share!
We introduced our line of paper based furniture in 2008 and it has quickly become the most popular, simplest, most ingenious storage furniture ever. Made from environmentally sound building blocks we call zBoardsĀ® - we use recycled paper rather than chopping down new trees to create our furniture.
At Way Basics, we're all about sharing and spreading the love. We care about you and our environment, so why not share our knowledge about how to make our lives simpler and better? We see so many wonderful products in the market place that are designed smartly, easy to use, safe for us, and nice to the earth. We thought would be a great place to share with you our findings from around the world and be your place to go where you can learn and shop about products that could help you live simply. Enjoy!

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