New at Ditto Recycled Paper Hangers

July 06, 2010

Who would have thought so many products could be made from paper. Alternative materials are becoming more popular and prevalent in consumer products. Way Basics is leading the way with recycled paper. We started 2 years ago with the patented recycled paperboard we call zBoard and created the amazingly simple peel, stick, done storage furniture. We'd like to share with you other paper creations we believe are simple to use and good for the planet and your family. Introducing Ditto paper hangers! Hangers are often thrown away after the dry cleaners, when we move, or children clothes are outgrown. An estimated 15.5 million plastic, wire, and wooden hangers are thrown away each day in the US alone. What a waste and irresponsible contribution to landfills! Let's join the revolution and try these alternative styled hangers made from 100% recycled paper. Available in kraft finish and come in 3 different sizes: adult, children, and infant. Hang your latest eco fashion on Ditto Hangers today. Click here to shop.