No Assembly Decor Items That Are Hot Right Now!

September 20, 2022

It's time! It's the time of year when students are excited to begin a new term and are packing up all the necessary items for the university dorm room. Then, finally, they arrive at the rooms to unwind after a long, exhausting day at school. In that case, you'll need a few special items to make life in your space more comfortable. Are you the one looking for fantastic items to decorate your dorm room while also making your student life a little easier? But are you worried about the challenging manual instructions and tools? If so, this article is ideal for you. 

No Assembly Decor is Here

Everyone puts in a lot of effort in today's busy world, whether at work, home, or school. Finding the time to build furniture can be a hassle. Here is the answer for you to get a straightforward method for furnishing your home with hassle-free essentials. The solution is Way Basics.

No Assembly Decor Items

At Way Basics, we offer modern solutions for modern issues. We are here to transform your space into something stylish, enjoyable, and welcoming. You no longer have to spend all your time trying to understand the convoluted, foreign instructions in the manual or searching for the right size screws and nails to build your decorative item.

We are introducing to you the items that require no usage of tools, hardware, or complicated assembly instructions. You can build a decore item in just 2 simple steps:

  1. Peel 
  2. Stick

And you're done! Yes, you read that correctly. In addition, we offer you unique decor items called No Assembly Items, which are currently experiencing tremendous global demand.

Why? This is due to the product's simplicity, lack of need for tools, lack of risk of injury, lack of labour, lack of need for complicated manuals, recyclable nature, and total lack of chemical use.

How? We use a 3M self-adhesive strip that is incredibly powerful to secure the pieces in place. The materials used to make each product are non-toxic, VOC-free, and formaldehyde-free. The goods are entirely recyclable and environmentally friendly. We want to see you and your family live longer, healthier lives. You can unwind knowing that none of our products has harmed the air in your house. VOCs are substances that release gas when heated to room temperature. Products made with it will therefore emit formaldehyde into the atmosphere. It's referred to as off-gassing. Large amounts of formaldehyde that are inhaled or released into the air can have negative health effects. None of our products contains formaldehyde.

We also use water-based glue, which is completely eco-friendly and recyclable. It is over 60% lighter than wood-engineered boards while maintaining the same strength. Additionally, because our zBoards are made almost entirely (99 per cent) from post-consumer recycled paper, they don't require using natural resources like trees or the enormous amounts of water needed to produce virgin paper. Therefore, even if your pet chews on it, it won't hurt them.

We encourage environmentally friendly, sustainable business practices and help customers choose furniture carefully. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to check out some eco-friendly, no, assembly decor items on our official website.

Furthermore, Way Basics also provides our customers with a Lifetime Warranty for all products. Also, our Customer Care Team will also assure you 100% total satisfaction with our products and services. Additionally, we offer Free Shipping on all purchases over $100 when you use the promo code FREESHIP at checkout. Moreover, receive an additional 10% off of your first order if you shop now

List of Must-dos/Must-knows

Home furnishings and decor are now status symbols and fashion statements. However, antique home décor items are also crucial to enhancing the beauty and appeal of your interior space. People are already spending huge amounts of money to make their space as they have dreamed of. If you are looking for easy-to-make, instant, and reliable furniture options, we suggest you use No Assembly Decor Items. These decor items are best for college students and DIY-ers looking for easy and affordable options for decorating their place. When it comes to interior design, there are no set rules, but everyone could benefit from a few pointers and tricks. Here is a list of must-dos / must-knows to read before you make your product purchase.

No Assembly Decor Items

  1. Should Match with Theme: Theme and decor items must complement each other. And both contribute equally to the stylish and appealing appearance of your home. The main consideration before purchasing items for your home's interior décor. Sometimes, it's challenging to stay focused on a particular theme. In these situations, the house will probably look disorganized and, more importantly, have no organized structure. To get out of this situation, though, you might want to make a few lists. Make a list of the items you want in your home first, and then write down any appealing themes that come to mind. Then check if the items are of a similar colour to your theme.
  2. Please don't make an unwanted purchase: Make sure you truly need an item before purchasing it. If the item is not required, it will take up unnecessary storage space and add no value. Spend your money on items that can be used as decoration and storage, if possible. You should only consider necessary items.
  3. Buy Lightweight Items: It will be simpler to move items from one corner to another if you buy lightweight or not too heavy items. By lifting heavy objects, you don't want to injure yourself unnecessarily. Dismantling, moving, and reassembling an item will be a heavy task if it is hard to lift.
  4. Reading the reviews: It is essential to be aware of every aspect of the product, from the type of material used to the cost. The product description gives you an easy way to learn more about the item but doesn't tell you how it is. It is essential to read reviews from other customers.

List of Recommended Products

Here is the list of some recommended products that are complete, not assembled decor items that are easy to use and stylish. 

  1. Cat Scratcher Tunnel

If you are a cat owner, too, you must know how much your cat loves to starch every piece of furniture and ruin it. Way Basics has a solution to your problem. We have designed a tunnel within a cube with scratchers inside and outside the product. The cat enters the tunnel, which is opened on both sides. Inside the Cat Scratcher Tunnel, the cat can easily play, exercise and scratch everything. This No Assembly Item is not only for the cats but can also be a stylish decor item for your living room. This can be used as a side table, coffee table, or creative add-on.

  1. 4 Cubby Cube

Looking for storage space but afraid of the old-fashioned cupboards? Way Basics has 4 Cubby Cube, a chic, modern, simple organising unit. It looks fantastic in any space and complements nearly any style of decor! The Quad Cube is made of zBoard, a patented, durable material that is safe for your home and eco-friendly. Instead of hardware, Way Basics uses an industrial adhesive from 3M., which implies that no tools are needed. The 4 Cubby Cube is an inexpensive way to organise and decorate your home simultaneously. The boxes/cubes double up as all sorts of storage. They are stackable and robust. Although individual basic cubes can cooperate to work as a team. They can be stacked and altered to suit your preferences. You have the option to use a variety of colours or keep it simple.

  1. Side Entry Litter Box

This piece has been recently added to our latest cat furniture addition. This sleek and stylish-looking side entry cat litter box doesn't even look like a litter box. The product has two front doors and a side hole for the cat to enter and do its business. Even though you love your cat dearly, the cat litter box is an eyesore, especially if you have to keep it in your otherwise stylish living room. Because of this, we developed our collection of chic cat furniture items, and this side entry cat litter box is the ideal choice. The side entry cat litter box comes with two front doors for simple cleaning, two panels with side holes that can be placed either on the left or right for your convenience, and simple to assemble peel-and-stick boards.


No Assembly Decor Items

At Way Basics, we always create products keeping you in mind. We serve families who appreciate frustration-free essentials as much as we do. We adhere to the principles of treating everyone as if they were our friends, preserving the environment as if it were our own, and coming up with original answers to problems. Each item is designed with you in mind to encourage you to create your possibilities. To know more about these unique and stylish No Assembly Decor Items, visit our official site and Shop Now

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