Q&A with Way Basics Design Studio

December 19, 2009

The two most common questons we get at Way Basics are: 1) Can I place my Way Basics furniture on its side? and 2) Can I assembly my Way Basics furniture without the backing board? We'll address both!

Question 1) Our products are vertically constructed and when properly oriented can hold a substantial amount of weight. When these products are placed on their side, the boards that were once vertical (now horizontal) do not have the proper support in order for the product to have a long life. With proper upright orientation, each shelf has the support of the two boards it is placed upon, which makes the unit strong and stable. When placed on its side, there is only the adhesive providing support and will fail if weight is placed on the unit when oriented improperly.


Question 2) The backing board is instrumental to preserving the overall structural integrity of your Way Basics Products. It acts at a skeleton that provides lasting support for your Way Basics products. Choosing to not use it will make the product susceptible of collapse.

Check out this video, which helps to illustrate these questions and answers.

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