Share The Love!

February 11, 2010


At Way Basics, we're all about sharing the love and creative solutions for everyday living. This Valentine’s Day we're sharing a story of love that looks to the creative side of life to express those three little words. Our founder is a busy, busy guy. Many times he wakes up in the morning earlier than his wife. And rather than wake her from her peaceful state to express his love, he uses Q tips to create shapes (hearts, cupid's arrow) and messages to leave by her toothbrush so she will be sure to see it when she wakes up. The possibilities to express your love are endless, because there is more than one way to say "I love you".

Share the love this Valentine's day! Visit our Facebook page, then click "share" to post this little story on your profile. Whoever can get the most "likes" on this story will win a 3 Spinning Cube in Pink. Email us a screen print of your profile page showing the number of "likes" by noon Pacific Standard Time this Friday. We'll announce the winner by 2 PM on our page!

Think you can share the love better than we can? On our page, post your own unique way of sharing the love and whoever has the best/unique story (judged by likes) will win another 3 Spinning Cubes in Pink!

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