Smash Can: Save space, save bags, save money

August 15, 2010

Who doesn't love a stainless steel trash can in their kitchen? We do! The Smash Can not only looks good but also helps you save space, save trash bags, and save money. People throw so much stuff away all the time. Ever visit a landfill? Take a look at Way Basics' visit to Waste Management's sorting site and you can see how much junk goes to our landfills everyday.

Beyond the high quality stainless steel construction, soft closing lid, large 10.5 gallon capacity, easy step pedal, the most way basics feature is the compacting lid. Instead of an electronic garbage compactor, the flexible lid extends into the trash can and 'smashes' and compacts the contents to save space and time taking out the trash. The patented lid makes it simple to clean and extends the life of your garbage bags, without being exposed to messes and harmful bacteria. The Smash Can is now available at

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