Unveiling: The Manhattan Storage Bench and Coffee Table

January 20, 2012

We know how difficult it is to keep a clean space with minimal effort. That's why we've developed our newest product to fit that role and help you a bit in sweeping the proverbial mess under the rug! Because we all need that nice-looking box that we can throw all our stuff into and shut the lid. We are pleased to introduce to you our newest product: The Manhattan Storage Bench and Coffee Table!

This brand-new storage bench has a secure lid so a space remains clean no matter what mess you throw in! Use it as a footrest in front of your couch, or a footstool to reach high places. It's also perfect to use for storage in your garage, entryway, kitchen, anywhere! And of course you can sit on it while whittling a wood sculpture or just tying your shoes.

Keeping things simple is one of our hallmarks! The assembly process is so simple, it doesn't even require words. Just take a look at the photos below!

Outside: Depth 15.0" | Width 30.0" | Height 15.6"
Inside: Depth 10.8" | Width 25.7" | Height 14.8"

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