Way Basics Baby

July 07, 2010

Taking care of a newborn and children can be a challenging experience. At Way Basics, you know we like to keep things simple. In our new Way Basics Baby category, we've partnered with innovative companies that have embraced our philosophy of easy, functional, safe and eco. Introducing the Go Crib from Guava Family and the Puj Baby Bath Tub from Puj Baby. The Go Crib is more than just a crib. It's a super simple safe playground and rest environment for your little ones. Compactly packaged in a go anywhere backpack, it sets up instantly with a few pumps to the inflatable frame. This isn't your normal inflatable pool toy! The tubes inside the Go Crib are developed from the extreme sports kite surfing industry, so rest assured they are super strong. If you're interested in learning more about the technical these ' leading edge inflatables ' click here . Once you've unpacked the Go Crib simply insert the included air pump and with a few pushes, the frame pops up. The see through mesh netting is soft and easy to keep your eye on your precious ones. Included is also a soft mat that sets into the bottom of the crib. More than just a resting environment, the organic styled frame also encourages children to play around. Why has Way Basics considered the Go Crib as part of our collection? First the product is functionally simple to use and very well made with quality in the forethought. Secondly, the smart design is mindful of our environment. Because of the compact design, it is much smaller to transport than traditional crib and playpen products. Products that have small cub space like the Vapur bottle reduce carbon emissions since you can transport more product in the same space. The small size also allows for mobile transport, thus the name Go Crib . This one crib eliminates the need to have multiple products at the parent's house, grandparent's house and the other grandparent's house. The Go Crib makes it easy for you to take your child's play and rest space wherever you go. Even the park and beach! Enjoy family time anywhere, your way. That's Way Basics. Another product we have introduced is the Puj Baby Tub . Simply it's just a better solution to washing newborns. Safe, easy, and much less strain on your back. You can take baby baths in no time. Instead of big, hard plastic tubs, Puj Baby Tub is soft and easy to setup, take down, and hang dry. Lightweight and snaps together in a matter of seconds, it is the most simple solution you can find. The flat pack design again make it easy to ship and saves space and carbon emissions on transportation. Take a look at these videos to see how it works.

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