Way Basics to Furnish Hurricane Impacted Areas

June 03, 2009


Way Basics has taken the opportunity this month to partner with Catholic Charities in Louisiana to furnish the homes of families recovering from hurricane impacted areas.

Way Basics made a heartfelt commitment to help those in need through donations and sponsorships of charitable organizations much like Catholic Charities. We are happy to announce our efforts to furnish the homes of families in need in Southeast Louisiana.

Catholic Charities operates numerous programs dedicated to serving those most in need, addressing issues such as hunger, poverty, unemployment, domestic violence, education and the needs of the mentally ill. They have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of residents in Southeast Louisiana, and recently took steps to partner with Way Basics for the betterment of their community.

With this partnership, Way Basics and Catholic Charities will do our best to serve those most in need of hurricane relief efforts.