Cat Litter Enclosure, Espresso

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Every cat owner knows how cats are meticulous about their surrounding. However, many cat owners have trouble maintaining a clean house, which is why Way Basics came up with a solution called Cat Litter Enclosure. Intended for hiding cat litter and creating a piece of furniture that can blend in any room or home style, Cat Litter Enclosure also comes with a litter mat on top of it – it’s both modern and efficient, giving cat owners an alternative to messy rooms and spaces.


  • D : 23.6"
  • H : 17.7"
  • W : 24.4"


  • D : 22.2"
  • H : 15.4"
  • W : 22.8"


  • 16.5 lbs

Max load

  • 30 lbs

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