2-Shelf Monitor Stand, Black

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This is a two shelf monitor stand that is the perfect size for any space. It's black, sleek, and fits almost any monitor size with a little shelf below for a little something (Think, books... printer paper....hmmm). Not only is it stylish, it's eco-friendly...talk about a bang for your buck and bragging rights if you are into that sort of thing (ahem, karma!). All products are sustainable and non-toxic because who wants to get sick from their furniture!


  • D : 9.3"
  • H : 5.5"
  • W : 16.7"


  • D : 8.5"
  • H : 2.0"
  • W : 15.1"


  • 3.3 lbs

Max load

  • 30 lbs

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