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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Most Common Questions

Due to popular demand in displaying cubes on the wall, we've created Wall Cubes and Wall Rectangles. These styles are specially designed to display Cube and Rectangle styles cleanly and minimally on your walls without exposed hardware. Shop here

Other Way Basics products can also be displayed on the wall with the support of L brackets or other support hardware. Make sure to support your Way Basics furniture from the bottom, as the products draw their strength from their vertical construction. Here is an example illustration:

We recommend you use one of the following methods, based on your needs, to secure your modular creation in place.

This adhesive or hardware is not included, but is readily available at your local hardware store. We also really like the 3M mounting squares to secure your cubes together since they are removable. They're available on Amazon here.

Our products must be used right side up as shown on the product pages. The way the products are assembled with its vertical stacking construction, putting the unit on its side will compromise the structural integrity. If you are interested in a product but would like to flip it on its side for a longer width styling, contact us at talktous[at], we may be able to help with recommendations and design idea. Check out our design gallery too!

We recommend you anchor and secure as shown below, with L-brackets and screws into wall studs. This hardware is not included, but is readily available at your local hardware store.

Shipping is based on the weight of your total order. On the checkout screen shipping will be quoted before you place your order. As an added bonus, we cover 45% to 75% of your total shipping to pass maximum savings to you. Way Cool! If you have any questions, live chat with us at the bottom right corner of your browser or contact us here

Refer to the map below for the average business days it takes FedEx Home Delivery to ship to your address. Note FedEx Home Delivery delivers Tuesday through Saturday. The transit day count begins on the day after your package is picked up by FedEx. As an example, a package picked up on Monday with a 4 day transit would deliver on Friday. Furthermore if this same package was picked up on a Tuesday, it would deliver on Saturday.

Please note if you need for your order to arrive by a specific date, or you just want to clarify a shipping question, please contact us store[at] so we can best take care of you!

If you are a registered Way Basics customer, login here to get details on your order. If you are not a registered Way Basics customer, please email store[at] and we’ll be happy to share the details of your order with you.

It's very strong indeed! zBoards are constructed through our patented process and are made from multiple, overlapping layers of paperboard and corrugated paper that combine to withstand tremendous pressure. We like to describe zBoard as the carbon fiber of paper. Take a look at this video showing our team member standing on a cube!

zBoards are just as strong as common particle board constructed furniture. Our furniture is designed for use in common storage, home, and work purposes. The following are recommended maximum loads per shelf.

Product Recommended Max Load per Shelf
Cube 50 lbs
Cube Plus 50 lbs
Super Cube 50 lbs
Double Cube Plus 50 lbs
Triple Cube Plus 50 lbs
Tribeca 20 lbs
Soho 20 lbs
Madison 20 lbs
Cozy Bench 50 lbs
Quad Cube 50 lbs
Wall Shelf 10" 20 lbs
Wall Shelf 24" 20 lbs
Wall Shelf 36" 20 lbs
Duplex 30 lbs
Triplet 30 lbs
Laguna 30 lbs
Chelsea 30 lbs
Sutton 30 lbs
Rectangle Plus 30 lbs
Box 10 lbs

Glad you asked – we're proud to say that zBoards are made from 99% post-consumer waste paper. That means recycled paper that's already been used, so we're not chopping down any more trees to create zBoards. Also, we're saving enormous amounts of water that are used to make virgin paper. Our purpose is to eliminate as much environmental impact as possible by offering an avenue for sustainable living. Many moons from now when your Way Basics furniture has reached the end of its life, you can simply recycle it in your recycling bin.

zBoards are created through a patented, proprietary process that's revolutionized paperboard manufacturing. Developing this process took more than 10 years, and it combines techniques of plywood craftsmanship, paperboard composition, and furniture manufacturing. It leads to extremely sturdy yet lightweight boards that hold up to plenty of use. Learn more about the benefits of the zBoard here.

zBoards are made almost entirely (99%) from post-consumer recycled paper, and do not consume additional natural resources like trees and the enormous amounts of water needed to make virgin paper. While very strong, paper zBoards are made from the lightest form of wood byproduct. zBoards are eco-friendly, formaldehyde and toxin free so it's safe for your family and our environment.

Particleboard is made from wood particles (like wood chips, sawmill shavings, or sawdust), which is bound together with synthetic resin or other materials, then pressed and extruded.

Plywood is engineered from thin sheets of wood veneer in layers that are glued together. It's fairly heavy and expensive. It also means that trees must be chopped down to harvest the wood.

Solid wood is made directly from lumber, which means chopping down thousands of trees which adds to the continuing deforestation of large areas of our planet. Solid wood furniture is heavy and generally very expensive.

MDF stands for medium density fiberboard, a variety of particleboard. It's made by breaking down softwood into small wood fibers and particles that are then bound together with wax and resin. The panels are formed by applying high temperature and pressure. This manufacturing process uses lots of energy resources and puts contaminants into the environment.


Way Basics Storage Furniture

The zBoard storage line is assembled with 3M industrial adhesive so once it's assembled it's very secure and cannot be taken apart.

All of our products can be stacked on top of each other except for the Madison and Soho designs. In the zBoard products each unit can simply rest on top of each other or if you're looking for a permanent solution, we can send you double sided adhesive. Contact us at talktous[at] and we'll send them to you for free. Take a look at our Design Gallery to see how customers have organized and stacked. Please use precaution to secure units and anchor them to the wall to prevent any accidental tipping.

Peel, stick, done! Assembling Way Basics is fun, easy, requires no tools and best of all, is frustration free. Our zBoards attach to each other with industrial-strength, double-sided adhesive strips from 3M. Your package includes an assembly guide with step by step pictorials. You can also follow this link to our help page for assembly videos and assembly guides.

When you're done assembling your Way Basics unit, secure the backer board on the backside. This sturdy paperboard is the essential framework that holds it all together. It's designed to adhere neatly, stabilize your furniture, and create a finished look. Take a look at our help page for step by step video guides.

Just wipe it clean with a damp cloth using plain or slightly soapy water." Sharp or pointed objects can scratch the paper veneer, so take special care!

Very, very strong! We use only 3M brand industrial-strength adhesive tape on our products. To take full advantage of all that sticking power and get optimum adhesion, make sure your bonding adhesive surfaces are clean, dry, and properly joined. It works best if you put together your furniture in a room that's between 70° F to 100° F (21° C to 38° C). This super tape's bonds get stronger during the first 24 hours, place objects on top of your unit to adhere to adhesive and keep in place. Still have doubts? Check out the zBoard Tape Strength video:

Absolutely. All our products are made from paper, so at the end of its useful life you can just recycle it in your curbside bin. Your furniture might even find its way back to Way Basics to begin another life as a new zBoard unit!

No, Way Basics furniture does not "off-gas," contain formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients. Off-gasing occurs in the manufacturing process of particle poard and MDF in which various types of formaldehyde are used.

Since packaging is just used to safely transport and protect your furniture, we'd rather keep it basic, recycled, and completely recyclable to ease the load on our environment. Please reuse or recycle your packaging when you're done with it.

This is normal and is caused by friction from packaging materials we use to keep your product safe during shipping. To get your zBoards zesty clean, just wipe off with a slightly damp cloth and voila, problem solved! If it still doesn't come off or looks like a damage, please contact us with your information here and select the product service icon.

The difference between the Cube and Cube Plus is the height of the product, all other dimensions are equal. The Cube is 12.6” tall and the Cube Plus is 15.5” tall. If you intend to store taller items such as large books or textbooks, we recommend using the Cube Plus. The Super Cube is a larger size cube that is in between the height of the Cube and Cube Plus and the widest among the three. The Super Cube is a great option for storing Vinyl Records or anything needing more storage. Below is a chart comparing the three sizes.

Way Basics furniture is made on the beautiful island of Taiwan. Taiwan inherited advanced paper engineering and manufacturing processes enabling 74% of total paper production to come from recycled paper. Taiwan is also very eco conscious recycling 60% of paper used, compared to 50% here in the United States. The Way Basics zBoard is non-toxic and contains no VOC or formaldehyde so it's safe for your home and our environment!

Our products are paintable, but you will need to prepare the surface first before doing so. Make sure the surface is dry and free of any dust or other material that may hinder the adhesion of the paint. It will also be necessary to use a primer on the surface before painting to assure you get the best possible result. Because our products are water resistant, painting directly on the boards without a primer will create the paint to “bead up” similar to what may happen if water comes into contact with the surface. When choosing a primer, we recommend using a product that will bond to surfaces such as paper, formica or a similar nonporous material. As long as you use a good primer, you will be able to use a water based paint and paint the product to your liking. Please note that painting Way Basics products is at your own risk with no returns or exchanges.

Humidity is not a problem unless moisture eventually builds up on the zBoard surface, which can lead to damage.


zBoard Material

We use a water based glue that is completely environmentally friendly and recyclable too!

Yes, the exterior layers of the board are treated with a water resistant material just like other finished wood veneers. If water gets on the zBoard surface, it will dry (though of course it's best if you wipe it up like all spills). You'll want to keep water away from the furniture's edges and corners where it's a little more vulnerable to moisture. Again, we hate to sound like your mom, but if water spills, just wipe it up :)


Order Processing, Shipping & Backorders

Our standard shipping method is FedEx Ground. Upon shipment you will receive a tracking number directly from our system. Please make sure you add to your contacts so our email doesn't end up in spam.

Orders placed Monday - Friday before 9:00 AM (EST) will be processed and shipped on the same business day. As an example, if your order was placed on Friday at 11:25 AM (EST), your order would be processed and shipped on Monday. Upon shipment, you will receive a tracking number directly from our system. Please make sure you add store[at] to your contacts so our email doesn't end up in spam. For any order related inquiries, please contact us at store[at]

We know backorders are no fun, that’s why we make sure to ship out all available items right away so you have something to enjoy while you wait! We also only bill you for the portion of your order that shipped. For example, if you ordered an Orange Cube and a Blue Cube that is on backorder, we would ship the Orange Cube right away and charge you just for that item. You would only be charged for shipping once, so when that Blue Cube ships you are charged the balance of your order, nothing extra! Phew, maybe backorders aren’t so bad after all?

Yes we can ship to APO/FPO addresses!

To get a better rate on your international shipping, shop our products on

For European customers, please visist our exclusive distributor David and Luna at


Returns, Warranty & Conditions

Please visit our customer care returns page for details and next steps:

Rest assured, we are here to help and guarantee a 5 star positive experience with us.

Way Basics believe in our product so much that we offer lifetime warranty. We agree to repair or replace without charge for labor or materials, all defective products which are returned for inspection and with the original receipt, provided that the inspection discloses that the product has (i) not been altered or repaired other than by Way Basics personnel, (ii) not been subject to misuse, improper maintenance, negligence, improper handling, inadequate packaging or accident, or (iii) not been subject to misapplication of the product instructions for assembly, use or care, which is included in the delivered package. Those replaced or repaired parts supplied by Way Basics under warranty are excluded from this warranty, and the product, including any replaced and/or repaired parts, will be covered for the unexpired portion of the original warranty. All defective items or parts that we replace shall become the property of Way Basics. Register for your warranty here


The terms accompanying all orders shall become a binding contract. The terms and conditions stated herein may not be altered or amended in any manner, and upon your submission of this order, you accept and agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained herein.

Delivery; Inspection

Shipments are scheduled after acceptance of a valid order. Following delivery of the ordered product, you should examine whether any products are non-compliant, in short supply or damaged. Within three days from the date of delivery, you shall notify us, in writing, of any claimed shortages, or any damaged, non-compliant, or defective products. As soon as commercially practicable following receipt of such written notice of deficiency, we will investigate the claim and inform you of our findings, and, at our sole discretion, either replace or repair the products. Any products that are not subject to a written notice of deficiency or not otherwise rejected in writing shall be deemed accepted.

Limited Warranty

We disclaim all other representations and warranties, expressed or implied (except those expressly set forth hereunder) as to the product, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Except as expressly provided herein, in no event shall Way Basics and/or any of its business affiliates, including its officers, directors, agents, suppliers, distributors or any other representatives, be liable for any direct and/or indirect damages, or any other relief arising out of the use or inability to use any delivered products, including, but not limited to, lost profits, lost business, or lost opportunity, or any indirect, consequential, incidental, exemplary or special damages, even if we have been informed of such possibility, and you expressly agree that our liability, and your exclusive remedy are expressly limited to the repair or replacement of materials pursuant to the warranty set forth herein and such liability shall in no event exceed the purchase price for such product. In no event shall you be entitled to deduct all or any part of the damages resulting from any breach of the terms herein, including the cost of repair or replacement, from the purchase price. The stated warranty is a “repair or replace” warranty and does not cover the costs incurred for assembly, disassembly, or reassembly of the product and/or any damage to your home, office or other location where the products were placed, used or installed.

Governing Law

The terms of this transaction shall be governed, construed, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of California. Any and all actions or proceedings relating to this transaction shall be submitted to binding arbitration in Orange County, California before JAMS/Endispute in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules then promulgated by JAMS.



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