Eco Friendly Cat Products

Innovation Your Cat Deserves

Way Basics, an eco friendly furniture company, features a new line of cat products. Our patented zBoard ensures that our cat accessories aren’t just modern yet timeless, they’re also safe and healthy for your feline friends.

zBoard is a revolutionary environmentally friendly alternative to particle board and MDF. Crafted from 99% recycled paper, this board is super strong, yet lightweight and free from toxins, VOC and formaldehyde.

The Cat Essentials

Presenting our one-of-a-kind new designs: a litter box, a scratcher, a cat house and a fun jumper.

Our most popular item,  Cat Litter , is a discreet and classy litter box where kitty can enjoy total privacy. The Cat Litter looks like a cupboard, with doors that swing shut on the litter. An opening at the end creates a path for your cat to get to the litter. And that path fits a scratch pad that will collect litter left over on your cat’s paws.

Where does a cat go to rest? With our new Cat House , the answer is: a beautiful hideaway! This streamlined design is the perfect home for your cat or kitten that needs a little peace and quiet. Great for when you have company over and a shy kitty.

The Cat Jumping Bookcase, with holes in the shelves, so your cat can happily zig zag and jump around. It’s an adventure park for your cat: open all day and all night, with free admittance.

Two types of cat scratchers. First up is the Cat Scratcher Incline, a cool design in any home. The scratching pad insert is refillable with the Simple Cat Scratcher. The Simple Cat Scratcher can also be used alone for a more classic look. Both include organic catnip. They’ll be your cat’s new best friends.

Have a cat who needs some help getting to and from high places? The right solution can look good as well as be safe and stable. The 2 Step Pet Stepper and 3 Step Pet Stepper are a relief to any pet wishing they could reach their favorite spot.


The Cat’s Meow

All of these products come in two to four sleek colors. They’re easy to assemble, with no tools required. Most importantly, they’re safe for you, your cat, and your home.


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