Stackable Storage Cubes for Vinyl Records

Have an audiophile in your family? Lots of coffee table books, or large toys that need to be put away? Where other storage cubes and bookshelves are too small, Blox Cubes are large, strong, and sturdy enough to handle it all. Designed  to hold vinyl records there is ample space for 70 records. Stackable design allows for easy adding for your growing collection. 

Way Basics Stackable Vinyl Record Storage Cubes   

Colors Colors Colors

At Way Basics we love color. The Blox Cube is available in 4  colors: black wood grain, natural wood grain, espresso wood grain, and white

Black Vinyl Record Storage Cube by Way Basics Natural Wood Grain Vinyl Record Storage Cube Espresso Wood Grain Vinyl Record Storage Cube White Vinyl Record Storage Cube

Tool-Free Assembly! Peel, Stick, Done!

Like all Way Basics products, these LP record album storage cubes are easy to assemble with no tools required: simply peel, stick, done! 3M industrial strength adhesive is used to bond the zBoards together. It’s simple, safe, stylish storage. Check out the assembly video and see it to believe it!



Eco Friendly, Toxin and Formaldehyde Free

Blox Cubes are made from sustainable, non-toxic recycled zBoard paperboard. No trees were cut down in making them, and they’re free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or VOCs making them safe for your home and our planet. Take a look at real customer photos enjoying their vinyl record collection with Way Basics Blox Cubes.


    Way Basics Black Wood Grain Storage Cubes for Vinyl Albums  Natural Wood Grain LP Album Record Storage Cube  Natural Wood Grain Vinyl Album Record Storage Cube  Espresso Wood Grain Vinyl Records Storage Bookcase  Way Basics Vinyl Record Storage Cubes 


The Way Basics Story

Way Basics started with an idea to create a recycling bin made out of recycled paper. That recycled paper, zBoard, is now the foundation of an international sustainable furniture company. zBoard is safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic and free of VOC and formaldehyde, all while being incredibly strong. It’s also easy to install, with no tools or hardware required.

Way Basics: good for the planet, good for your home and good for your family.

Our Promise To You: Lifetime Guarantee

When you purchase a Way Basics product, you are guaranteed to be satisfied and we won’t stop until you are. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty for all our products. They’re made to last for a lifetime of use, but in the unlikely event something goes wrong, you can rest assured we have you covered. For more information and to activate your lifetime warranty, go here .

Environmentally friendly, safe, easy to install and good for a lifetime: that’s the Way Basics way. Click here to shop now!