Cat Litter Mat, Espresso (2 units left!)

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Having a cat is fun but keeping your house clean and tidy can be quite a challenge once your cat leaves its box. Way Basics came up with the Cat Litter Mat – efficient, simple, and eco-friendly mat created with the idea of attracting all litter off your cat's feet, leaving the rest of your home nice and clean. It can be used on on its own, or for a full experience, as an addition to Cat Litter Enclosure.


  • D : 21.7"
  • H : 0.8"
  • W : 21.7"



    • 2.9 lbs

    Max load

    • 30 lbs

    Our Story

    Since you’re here, you’re probably a lot like us: creative, practical, caring, and ready to inspire a better way. We are inspired to do things right and keep things simple. We believe in treating everyone as if they were our friend, protecting our environment as if it were our home, and finding creative solutions toover-complicated challenges. In short, we are Way Basics.

    The World's Easiest Assembly

    In our packages, you won't find mysterious collections of screws and nails, or complicated diagrams and instructions. That's because you can put our unique zBoards together without tools or hardware. Super-strong 3M brand adhesive strips let you fit the pieces neatly together. Just peel, stick, and you're done.

    Zero Formaldehyde Or VOC

    We treat the people of the world as our family. We want you to be safe and live the healthiest life possible. You can rest assured that our products aren't polluting the air inside your home, as there are no VOCs or formaldehyde in our products.

    How Strong Is the Adhesive?

    Very, very strong. We use 3M industrial-strength heavy-duty adhesive tape on our products. Take a look at this video

    What Is zBoard?

    Our patented manufacturing process turns this post-consumer recycled paper into superbly strong paperboards that weigh 62% less than particle board with unmatched quality and durability. zBoards are the wave of the future.

    How Strong Is It?

    It’s very strong indeed! zBoards are made from multiple, overlapping layers of paperboard and corrugated paper that combine to withstand tremendous pressure. A cube has a recommended max weight of 50 lbs.


    Yes, our cube products (Blox, Connect and Basic Storage Cube Collection) are designed to be modular and can be arranged any way  to fit your space and create your own organization system.

    Great For Any Space

    Way Basics Cubes are the perfect storage solution for any room in your home, kids love them, and they even find their way into the work environment.


    zBoards are made from post-consumer recycled paper and do not consume additional natural resources like trees and the enormous amounts of water needed to make virgin paper.​