DVD Rack, Espresso (pre-order ships 5/25)

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Storing your DVDs stylishly is not the easiest task to conquer, but we believe we’ve achieved that and beyond with our stackable DVD rack. Made from zBoards, which are strong recycled paperboards with a paper veneer finish, our media shelf is not only aesthetically very pleasing, but it is very eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals as well. Oh, and did we mention the assembly process is as easy as aligning some pins and sticking the zBoards together with no tools required?


  • D : 6.8"
  • H : 9.8"
  • W : 18.1"


  • D : 6"
  • H : 9.1"
  • W : 16.5"

Max load

  • 30 lbs

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