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Tribeca Bookcase - Natural White

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Function and style combine to provide you with a natural white, cubed bookcase. The Tribeca Bookcase is perfect for any room. It allows you to organize and store books, games, toys, you name it!  It is also eco-friendly, made out of environmentally sustainable paperboard called zBoard. The unit is non-toxic, formaldehyde and VOC free so it is safe for you and your family. Way Basics products are easy to assemble, requiring no tools, just peel, stick, done! Watch video to the left.

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  • EXTERIOR   D: 11.2 | W: 32.1 | H: 44.8
  • INTERIOR    D: 10.7 | W: 14.9 | H: 13.9
  • NET         24.3


Providing extra storage space to those who need it, the Tribeca Bookcase doesn't sacrifice looks for function. It maintains the modern, clean lines of every Way Basics product while allowing you to increase your storage space. Perfect for the office or your home study, the lightweight bookcase is strong and durable. The Tribeca Bookcase is made from zBoard which is recycled paper and itself, completely recyclable. The bookcase assembles quickly without the need for tools only using pre-applied 3M adhesive strip to bond your unit together.

Made to stand upright, do not place on side or back
Made with eco-friendly and sustainable zBoard, non-toxic and free of formaldehyde & VOC Learn benefits here.
Easy to assemble, no tools required, just peel the 3M adhesive strips and put together with easy-align pins
Combine with multiple, modular units and customize to meet your needs or space
Maximum load 30 lbs (recommended)
Questions? Contact us or visit FAQ 

eco storage bookshelf white dimensions




  • non toxic

    Formaldehyde and VOC free which means it’s safe for you and your family. Did you know that almost all furniture contains formaldehyde and VOC?

  • recycle

    Trees are saved! Made from 99% recycled paper board.

  • easiest assembly

    World’s easiest assembly, no tools or hardware needed!

  • storage solution

    Stack & arrange multiple to create the perfect storage solution

  • zBoard

    Way Basics' patented material - the smarter, lighter, healthier alternative to particle board and MDF



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Since you’re here, you’re probably a lot like us: creative, practical, caring, and ready to inspire a better way. We are inspired to do things right and keep things simple. We believe in treating everyone as if they were our friend, protecting our environment as if it were our home, and finding creative solutions to over complicated challenges. In short, we are Way Basics. Paper based storage furniture became the foundation of our initial introduction for the brand. Our founder, Jimmy, thought it would be fun to create a recycling bin made from recycled paper, since it’s one of the most commonly recycled materials. It comes flat and then pops open like paper grocery bag, but a much fancier design. You can throw all your recyclables in it, and then recycle the entire thing - then pop another one open and the recycling starts again. It's simple and elegant.

Simple: The World's Easiest Assembly

In our packages, you won't find mysterious collections of screws and nails, or complicated diagrams and instructions. That's because you can put our unique zBoards together without tools or hardware. Super-strong 3M brand adhesive strips let you fit the pieces neatly together. Just peel, stick, and you're done.

Safe: Zero Formaldehyde Or VOC

We treat the people of the world as our family. We want you to be safe and live the healthiest life possible. You can rest assured that our products aren't polluting the air inside your home, as there are no VOCs or formaldehyde in our products. VOCs are chemicals that become a gas at room temperature, such as formaldehyde. Products made with those chemicals will release the gas into the air, a process called off-gassing, and if high concentrations of formaldehyde are off-gassed and breathed in, it could cause health problems. We also use a water-based glue that is completely recyclable.

story 1

How Strong Is The Double-Sided Adhesive Tape?

Very, very strong. We use only 3M industrial-strength heavy-duty adhesive tape on our products. To take full advantage of all that sticking power and get optimum adhesion, make sure your bonding adhesive surfaces are clean, dry, and properly joined. It works best if you put together your furniture in a room that’s between 70° F to 100° F (21° C to 38° C). This super-tape’s bonds get stronger during the first 24 hours, so we recommend that you let your furniture sit in place for the first day.

story 2

What Is zBoard?

Our patented manufacturing process turns this post-consumer recycled paper into superbly strong paperboards that weigh 62% less than particle board with unmatched quality and durability. zBoards are the wave of the future thanks to the basic principles of being simple, fun, practical, and made from one of the simplest materials ever - paper.

story 3

How Strong Is It?

It’s very strong indeed! zBoards are made from multiple, overlapping layers of paperboard and corrugated paper that combine to withstand tremendous pressure. We like to describe the zBoard as the "carbon fiber of paper." A cube has a recommended max weight of 50 lbs.

story 4

Can I Stack Them?

Yes, cubes are designed to be modular and can be arranged any way to fit your space and create your own organization system.

story 5

Great For Home, Kids, Office

Way Basics Cubes are the perfect storage solution for any room in your home, kids love them, and they even find their way into the work environment.

story 6

Toxin Free

zBoards are made from post-consumer recycled paper and do not consume additional natural resources like trees and the enormous amounts of water needed to make virgin paper. Way Basics furniture also does not "off-gas" or contain formaldehyde and VOCs.


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Review by A. Auerbach (Posted on 4/21/2010)
So easy with many variations
I have to add my kudos along with the other posters to Way Basics for making a product that is easy to put together AND flexible in design. In this set you are given four horizonal-use boards and nine vertical support boards. Yes, you can quickly put it together the way they suggest, but you can also, say, inset the vertical supports four inches or so in on the top and bottom level and come up with a different look! My one suggestion, though, if you are going to play around with the lay out: set everything out on the floor as if the unit was laying flat on its 'back' (the boards are thick enough to 'stand' on their narrow width) to make sure a)you like the pattern you are planning and b)you have all the pieces for the pattern you are planning. Because once you've pulled back the covering for the adhesive and 'stuck' it, you're pretty much set with where it is. (fortunately not a problem I ran into, although I was working to make two non standard units out of four sets).
I'd also strongly suggest putting it together in the room you are going to use it unless you have the space to leave it where you've built it for 24 hours to set (heavy books on top apparently help this).
All in all a great product, I'd give it a five but there were some dings and slightly warped/crumpled edges (inside a pristine box) - which were only noticeable when you're right on top of the piece, which of course you are when you set it up.
Off to order another unit for my son's room. Love this product!
Review by avidbeachgoer (Posted on 4/21/2010)
Easiest shelf I ever made (college student)
For all you fellow college students out there, buy this shelf. I saw this at my bookstore and it was perfect for my quarters, especially since I can move the dividers to categorize all my books by whatever criteria I want. If you want an organized shelf, this is it.
Review by Bill Johnson (Posted on 4/21/2010)
Pretty cool and customizable
I like the customizable aspects of this bookshelf. It works really nicely in my office - I've had it for a while and it still looks great!
Review by Love2bGreen (Posted on 4/21/2010)
Great Product
This product is awesome. I love how the dividers can be moved around. I actually made mine so that one of the boards is in the front. That way I can hide stuff behind it (like my diary). It fits perfectly in my room.
Review by B. Yu (Posted on 4/21/2010)
Great Innovation!!!
I've owned this unit for about 5 months now and it has far exceeded expectations! It is situated in a medical office, holding toys for children to play with, where toys are constantly being taken off, put (thrown) back on, and it's held its structure well without any blemishes, as there are no "wood chips" or nicks. And the bookshelf itself has enough weight to hold itself up without risk of tipping. Assembly was very simple, the biggest challenge was just aligning the different pieces, but it took about 15 minutes with no tools. Everything has "stuck together" the unit has been well admired from parents to college students as the rich espresso color has complemented my more "traditional" furniture. I'm not sure how much weight it can bear, but I have placed heavy wooden puzzles, a wooden doll house, building blocks, etc, without any warping whatsoever. I am planning to add their small table and cube chairs soon to allow kids to draw and play games on. Again, I am very impressed with the quality, durability, and most of all, its resilience!


I like to get organized. I like things simple.
I like to build possibilities.

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