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Simple: The World's Easiest Assembly

In our packages, you won't find mysterious collections of screws and nails, or complicated diagrams and instructions. That's because you can put our unique zBoards together without tools or hardware. Super-strong 3M brand adhesive strips let you fit the pieces neatly together. Just peel, stick and you're done. Best of all you and your family can rest assured that all Way Basics products are sustainably made from non-toxic, VOC and formaldehyde free materials.


These three videos will give you a better idea of how it works!



Safe: Zero Formaldehyde or VOC

We treat the people of the world as our family.  We want you to be safe and live the healthiest life possible.  You can rest assured that our products aren't polluting the air inside your home. VOC's are chemicals that become a gas at room temperature. As a result, products made with formaldehyde will release the gas into the air. This is called off-gassing. If high concentrations of formaldehyde are off-gassed and breathed in, it could cause health problems.  There is no formaldehyde in our products.  We also use a water-based glue that is completely environmentally friendly, and recyclable too!


Eco: Saves Trees

zBoards are made almost entirely (99%) from post-consumer recycled paper, and do not consume additional natural resources like trees and the enormous amounts of water needed to make virgin paper. While very strong, paper zBoards are made from the lightest form of wood byproduct.  Our patented, environmentally sound manufacturing process turns this post-consumer recycled paper into superbly strong boards that weigh 62% less than particle board with unmatched quality and durability. zBoards are the wave of the future thanks to the basic principles of being simple, fun, practical, and made from one of the simplest materials ever - paper.

As founding members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, a coalition united to promote environmentally healthy practices in the industry, we are helping consumers identify good furniture choices. We also strive to offset our company carbon emissions by being a carbon neutral brand. We invite you to find out more about our products, our company, and our goals. Because we’re pretty sure they’re right in line with yours.

Infographic zBoard

Interested in using zBoard in your products, retail displays, furniture, packaging, or any other application? Visit to learn more about this revolutionary alternative material that will save you money, open possibilities, and create a sustainable future.


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