Our Story

Welcome to Way Basics, where we serve families who appreciate frustration-free essentials as much as we do!

We believe in treating everyone as if they were our friend, protecting our environment as if it were our home, and finding creative solutions to challenges. Every product is built with you in mind, inspiring you to build your own possibilities!

In the beginning, inspiration struck our founder, Jimmy, who wanted to create a recycling bin made from recycled paper.

From our product names to how we work with customers and associates, we like to keep things easy and simple. We put a lot of thought into our work and products to achieve simple yet powerful solutions. An eco-company? Yes. A green company? Yes. But these are not our selling points. We are not being green to be different. We just are because it is fundamentally right.

How did the name Way Basics come about?

Our name depicts how we, as a company, are doing things in a different way and catering for our customer’s lifestyles. Each of our products are simple and brought back to the basics, so they can fit into your home. Your product, your home, your way... Way Basics.

What does the square logo represent?

Our logo goes back to the idea of simplicity, while evoking thoughts of nature and sustainability through the green and brown coloring. Notice how the outside square is slightly tilted in our logo? That’s because we are a unique company, and we like to do things our way, to benefit our customers, no matter how ‘tilted’ it sounds. The green color represents our heartfelt commitment to protect the environment through our products and company philosophy.

Building Possibilities

Our tagline: “building possibilities” describes all aspects of our business, from helping our team members “build” their careers to helping a customer build” a furniture solution. One look at our products, customers instantly see the possibilities of building Way Basics into your life. The Cube may be a storage unit to a college student, a stool for a toddler, or a footrest to a musician. This is why we do not categorize our products and instead, leaving it up to you!

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