Save Your Furniture With These Beautiful Cat Scratchers

Cats love to scratch. We all know it. Problem is, if you don’t give them something to scratch, they’ll take matters into their own paws and go after your furniture. So let’s give them something to scratch--something unique, beautiful, and safe.

Way Basics has two new eco-friendly cat scratchers that are fashionable for you and fun for your cat or kitten. Read all about them below.

Two Unique Ways to Play

First up is the Simple Cat Scratcher . This cat scratch pad may be simple, but it gets the job done well! Good for cats that like to lie down while they scratch. Three different colors to choose from.

Of course, they can also lie on the Cat Scratcher Incline , which can be positioned horizontally or vertically up against a wall. It’s a neat twist on the traditional cat scratcher - or should we say, neat incline--and its unique design looks good in any home. Four different colors to choose from.

Just Purrfect

All our cat scratchers require no assembly. And as our gift to you, all of them come with 5 grams of catnip. It all adds up to an excellent way to treat kitty!

Did we mention they’re eco-friendly? Made from non-toxic recycled paperboard, these cat scratchers are completely safe for your home and your pet.

To save your furniture, buy a scratcher today!

The Way Basics Story

Way Basics started with an idea to create a recycling bin made out of recycled paper. That recycled paper, zBoard, is now the foundation of an international sustainable furniture company. zBoard is safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic and free of VOC and formaldehyde, all while being incredibly strong. It’s also easy to install, with no tools or hardware required.

Way Basics: good for the planet, good for your home and good for your family.

Our Promise To You: Lifetime Guarantee

When you purchase a Way Basics product, you are guaranteed to be satisfied and we won’t stop until you are. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty for all our products. They’re made to last for a lifetime of use, but in the unlikely event something goes wrong, you can rest assured we have you covered. For more information and to activate your lifetime warranty,  go here .

Environmentally friendly, safe, easy to install and good for a lifetime: that’s the Way Basics way.  Click here to shop now!




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