Cubby Storage with Infinite Possibilities

Way Basics’ eco-friendly storage cubes are the perfect way to store more and organize with flair.

Stack, arrange, store and organize. Our Storage Cube, Storage Cube Plus, and Modular Cubes let you do it all. Coming in up to 8 different colors ranging from elegant to funky, they are totally modular and can be fit together in any combination you imagine. They’re also strong, durable, eco-friendly, and easy to assemble.

The Storage Cube : Simple and Effective

The basic Storage Cube is a classic. Great for organizing anything you want, it comes in 8 different colors for maximum customizability. Store books, toys, art, and more, simply and beautifully.

The Storage Cube Plus : Maximize Storage Possibilities in Tight Spaces

Sometimes you need a narrower cube, a taller cube, or both. The Storage Cube Plus is here for those times. The rectangle is designed to fit in spaces other cubes won’t, so you can store more even in a small space.

Modular Cubes and Modular Organizers : Take It to the Next Level

And sometimes you want many cubes! With Modular Cubes and Arlington and Oxford Modular Organizer Sets, you get six to nine individual cubes or rectangles to stack in any configuration you want. Get them all in one color or multiple colors, and start arranging to your heart’s content.

Cubby Storage with a Difference

All our storage cubes are made of strong, environmentally friendly and non-toxic recycled materials, so they’re safe for your home, your family, and our planet. Each cube can hold up to 50 pounds and is easy to assemble, without need for tools or hardware:

Ramp up your home’s storage capacity today by shopping Way Basics’ storage cubes !

The Way Basics Story

Way Basics started with an idea to create a recycling bin made out of recycled paper. That recycled paper, zBoard, is now the foundation of an international sustainable furniture company. zBoard is safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic and free of VOC and formaldehyde, all while being incredibly strong. It’s also easy to install, with no tools or hardware required.

Way Basics: good for the planet, good for your home and good for your family.

Our Promise To You:  Happiness Guarantee

When you purchase a Way Basics product, we promise you will be fully satisfied with our products. They’re made to last a lifetime, but in the unlikely event something goes wrong, then don’t worry, we have you covered.

Environmentally friendly, safe, easy to install and good for a lifetime: that’s the Way Basics way. Click   here  to shop now!

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