Save Space with Way Basics Fashionable Wall Shelves

Way Basics eco-friendly wall shelves and wall cubes help you organize your life, save space and decorate your home to perfection.

Need more space in your home? Want a nifty way to showcase photos or art? Consider wall shelves, wall cubes and wall rectangles from Way Basics. They’re modern, attractive and very strong.

Wall Cubes and Wall Rectangles : Create Your Own Storage Solution

Our innovative wall cubes and wall rectangles make storage and decor easy and stylish. Coming in three classic colors, they fit well into any home. They’re also completely modular: hang one or hang multiple in combinations that are limited only by your imagination:

Wall Shelves with a Difference

From beautiful soft wood grain textures to more modern designs , Way Basics has many different types of wall shelving for you to save floor space with. They come in multiple sizes, too: try the Uniq Wall Shelf 10" for a beautifully quirky way to store your alarm clock or the Grenada 30" Soft Grain Wall Shelf to highlight family photos. The possibilities are limitless, and you can again combine, mix and match in nearly infinite ways.

Save Space, Save the Planet

As with all Way Basics products, our wall shelves, wall cubes and wall rectangles are made from non-toxic recycled paperboard that is free of formaldehyde and VOC. Along with being safe for your home and the environment, all these products can hold up to 20 pounds. That’s a lot of space you can save!

Unlimited potential awaits: shop wall shelves , wall cubes and wall rectangles today.

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