Blox Cube 2 Shelf, White

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Our 2-shelf vinyl record storage unit is the ideal solution for LP record enthusiasts, but don’t let its name dissuade you from finding other uses for it. It works perfectly for large books that don’t fit on regular bookshelves, large toys, bags, or even chunky sweaters. Made from natural non-toxic materials, it is the perfect organizer for eco-conscious warriors who still care about design and don’t want to go all hippie. Ok, collecting vinyls might be a little hippie, but we’re not here to judge. After all, we designed this thing!


  • D : 13.4"
  • H : 29.1"
  • W : 15"


  • D : 12.6"
  • H : 13.4"
  • W : 13.4"

Max load

  • 30 lbs

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