10 Storage Hacks for Dorms and Off-Campus Homes

September 20, 2022

Most people would agree that being a student is the best phase of our life. Some would also agree that living in dorms or off-campus homes to study is fun. But it is also true that it can sometimes get messy and tiring.

And the reason for this untidiness may have no connection with your academic performance. But instead, your belongings and the tension in storing them properly can be the sole reason. Organizing and storing things can be a tremendous task for every student. Still, some hacks ease up this burdensome task considerably. This article will discuss hacks and tips to help you store your belongings elegantly and make your dorm look lovely. Apart from that, we will provide you with some essential product recommendations that can make it even easier. So, without any more ado, let us get started: 

10 Must Do Storage Hacks to Try Out For Dorms 

Knowing some fabulous dorm room storage hacks is excellent, especially if you are a student studying in an off-campus hostel or dormitory. We bring out to you 10 must-know hacks that will not only help you to save a lot of space but also help you to be organized with your belongings.

Foldable Cube 

There is no shortage of wonders about what a foldable cube can come in handy when you have a storage shortage in your dorm. These collapsible and foldable options of stackable storage cubes can be used for storing materials instead of laundry baskets. There are colourful collapsible laundry baskets made of natural straw that can be collapsed and kept elsewhere when not used. Using natural straw laundry baskets is also an eco-friendly storage idea. It can be squeezed and fits easily anywhere. 

Hanging Closet Shoe Storage 

Often, the storage of shoes becomes a thing to figure out. But we have great DIY shoe storage ideas for small spaces. A hanging closet rail helps you easily store your slippers, boots, and loafers. And the best part is that if you do not need it to store your shoes, you can use it to hang clothes and other stuff in the closet. 

DIY Shelves in Closet 

DIY Shelf in closet

Using the closet shelves smartly is a great idea for DIY storage. You must know what to keep on which closet shelf and make sure you stick to it. You can yourself make shelves in your cabinet and avoid filling the place with objects with no customized space for anything. Go through our product recommendations for a nice closet with shelves. These stackable storage cabinets can safely store most of your belongings safely and securely, taking up significantly less space neatly and cleanly. 

Stationaries in a Jam Jar 

You know how messy it looks when all your stationaries for studies, such as pens, erasers, pencils, sharpeners, and whiteners, roam around your study desks or your DIY or regular bookshelf, making your entire dorm look dirty. Why not keep them all neatly in a jam jar? It makes your living space look clean, and on the other hand, you can find your stationaries whenever you want them. 

Wall-mounted Desk

wall mounted desk

For a student, desks play a very crucial part in storage. There are many advantages of using a wall-mounted storage desk. They take up much less space than the regular ones. They are mounted on the wall and give a lot of working space in your room. You can keep some space under the desks also. This storage under the desk can be used as stackable shoe storage. And your under-desk storage can be used for keeping your seldom-used belongings also. 

Nothing Better Than a Bedside Caddy 

Suppose you love to read a good book before you go to sleep. Where to keep it after you finish reading it for the day? Here is where a bedside caddy can do a world of good to you. Not only for keeping your books, it can also be used for storing many things so that they are in your reach when you are relaxing in your dorm bed. 

Over-the-door Hooks

Using the dorm door for hanging clothes, bags, and similar items is a great idea. Make hooks in the doors to enable doing this. You can also install hooks on bathroom walls for hanging robes, towels, etc. 

Using a Mini-shelf

Student life means a plethora of books, notebooks, assignments, and projects. So, in no time, your bookshelf becomes full of papers. All mixed, it becomes so hard to find the ones we will require in recent times. Hence, you can go for a mini desktop organizer shelf so that we can keep your "very essential" papers there without mixing them with the "not so important" ones. This shelf can be easily shrunken to fit your study desk without taking up any space.

Under-the-bed Storage 

under the bed storage

Storage under the dorm bed can be an excellent way to free up your room's working space. Often dorm beds come with bed risers so that a space can be created under the bed for storing things like books from previous semesters, food jars, luggage, bags, etc. Rolling trolleys can also be kept under the bed with things like sheets and blankets in them. 

All-in-one: Utility Cart 

Want to store many things in a single cart-like space? Then going for the rolling utility carts with the maximum shelves is the best choice. You can keep almost everything on the utility cart shelves, such as books, ironed clothes, blankets, electronic gadgets, etc. The lowest rack can be used for storing shoes as well. 

What Is DIY?

You must have the DIY quite a lot, but do you know what it is? DYI simply stands for "Do it yourself". As the name suggests, instead of opting for a professional to do something, or instead of buying readymade products, one can themselves do a particular task without any help directly from the experts. You can certainly use your available information resources, such as YouTube videos or books. Still, you should be the one doing the job. It is a brilliant idea to acquire and develop new skills. 

For example, you can yourself make a DIY bookshelf or an artisan DIY book ledge shelf with the help of a drilling machine, adhesives, toughened cardboard, paints, etc. And then, when you are finished with it, you might think of some brilliant DIY shoe storage ideas for small spaces and make DIY shoe storage that eats a lesser space but does the job of shoe storage perfectly. Similarly, a DY lampshade, a DIY closet, and DIY under-desk storage can be done. This idea of DIY, in more straightforward works, makes you ready for every situation and more creative than anything else. So,  shop now!

Product Recommendations for Elegant Storage in Dorms and Off-Campus Homes

This bookcase is an excellent addition to your dorm as it gives you the space to store your books while occupying significantly less space itself. You can store your displayable collection of books, magazines, décors, flower vases, and other collectables on the two shelves of this fantastic furniture. It is an eco-friendly product made with recyclable z-board sustainable paperboard. No strings attached, just place it anywhere and start using it. 

Made of high-quality materials, this vinyl record shelf and bookshelf hold many of your loved books and audio records that you can keep beside your bed and within your reach while resting. This vinyl shelf is sleek and hence occupies less space. It comes with a foolproof design and can also be attached to your study desk.

The worries of storing shoes are gone with the 3 Cubby Stackable storage bench. Although small, it easily holds up to 12 pairs of shoes, with 3 distinct spaces. The product is not entirely designed as a shoe rack, which is an advantage as it can be used to store other things at the same time if not being used for shoes. 

This stacking rectangle box can be your ultimate companion in your dorm for storing things. You can store whatever you want in this rectangle and mount this storage box on the wall or place it somewhere on the floor space. The best part is that it has doors attached to it so you can close the storage cube when required; perfect for storing food items, important documents, precious belongings, etc.


Dorm rooms are usually small, making it difficult to store all your belongings elegantly. Often it looks chaotic and messy, and you can directly affect your state of well-being. This article aims to provide you with some helpful essential storage hacks that will help you store things without mess and make your dorm look cosy and neat. We have tried to cover everything from the DIY bookshelf, bedside caddies, and DIY shoe storage. So, enjoy your mess-free dorm and wonderful college days!

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