Affordable Organizing Hacks Every DIY-er Should Know

September 20, 2022

Organizing your house might make it look neater and more beautiful, but it should also be useful for your family. We’ve shared some simple and affordable organizing hacks that will help tackle clutter in every part of your house. With a little creativity and innovation, you can organize your house on a budget.

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8 Simple and Affordable Organizing Hacks

Here are 8 simple and affordable organizing hacks every DIY-ER should know.

1. Add Stackable Cube Storage to your Desk 

Affordable Organizing Hacks

If you work from home and don't have a designated space for your office, you can add a stackable storage cube to your desk or almost any corner of your house. Stackable storage cubes allow you to store your work files, notebooks, and other important papers all in one place. They’re an excellent choice to keep your desk neat and tidy. Plus, stackable cube storage helps keep your work material out of sight when needed.

2. Turn a Rectangular Stackable Storage Bench into a DIY Shoe Storage Box

If you live in a small space, it could be difficult to have a big cabinet or cube storage for shoes. A stackable storage bench can be a perfect DIY shoe storage idea for your small space. In addition to helping you organize your shoes, cube storage for shoes also protects them from dirt and scratches. Additionally, this DIY shoe storage guarantees effective utilization of your space. There are numerous types of stackable shoe storage available online, but if you have a tight budget, you can try this DIY shoe storage idea for your small space. 

3. DIY Bookshelf to Store Your Child’s Books

If you’re a parent, you know the struggle of tidying up your child’s room every time they play or study. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. A DIY bookshelf is a simple and affordable hack to organize your child’s bedroom or study room. You can install a desk with a bookshelf in your child’s room to store all their books and other study materials in an organized manner. Moreover, a stackable storage bookshelf can also be used for your child’s other storage needs. A DIY book ledge shelf is another affordable book storage hack. You can add a DIY book ledge shelf to the walls of your child’s room to display books and decorations. They’re attractive and easy-to-build book storage options.

Affordable Organizing Hacks

4. Utilize the Space Under the Desk for Storage 

Rectangular and stackable cube storage organizers are space-saving under-desk storage ideas. You can also use DIY under-desk storage cubes for storage under the bed. The most significant advantage of storage boxes for under desks is that you can reduce the clutter on top of the desk. DIY under-desk storage for a vanity table set is a great idea to organize cosmetics, beauty tools, purses, and other accessories. You can also use this inside your wardrobe if you want to keep your products out of guests' sight. Plus, this simple and affordable under-desk storage idea can help you find your products quicker than usual and make your space look prettier. 

5. Add Storage Under a Dorm Bed to Make More Space in the Room

If you have a dorm bed in your children’s bedroom, you can add a storage box under the dorm bed to save space. This dorm room storage hack will not just help save space, but will also keep items easily accessible and space more livable and less cluttered. You can use stack cubes with shelves or stack cubes with doors under the bed dorm storage for organizing things. Using this dorm room storage hack can help you stow stuff under the bed and maximize your closet space. The stack cubes with shelves and stack cubes with doors come in different colors, sizes, and designs. Based on the color of your dorm bed, you can choose a suitable under-the-bed dorm storage box for your children’s room.

6. Organize Wine Bottles in a Wine Rack

Affordable Organizing Hacks

For organized bar or kitchen countertops, tables, dining rooms, and pantries, install a wine rack. They’re a budget-friendly and eco-friendly storage idea for wine bottles. As we all know, wine bottles are delicate and need specific conditions to age gracefully without getting spoiled. Laying wine bottles on their side in a wine rack is a good organizing hack as it gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the wine bottles and a classy feel to the wine rack. Plus, a wine cube organizer can be used to store other items too. 

7. Add a Multiple Compartment and Shelf Storage Box to Your Space 

A multi-shelf-and-compartment storage box is a convenient storage hack, especially if you’ve got a small space. This type of stackable storage box doubles or triples the storage capacity in a limited space. Apart from maximizing the space, it makes it easy to identify items quickly, keeps them secure, and saves time and energy. 

8. DIY Shelves in the Closet to Maximize Space 

Installing shelves in the closet is a brilliant hack to create extra space. DIY shelves in the closet will allow you to organize your clothes according to style and texture and subdivide your wardrobe into compartments that fit your specific needs. Moreover, shelves will instantly transform your cluttered wardrobe into an organized one. 

Things to Remember When Organizing Your House 

  1. Avoid buying things that you already have. It is the quickest route to effective organization. For instance, if you have enough organizers already, don’t buy an extra one. 
  2. Be creative, especially when you have a small space. Try to find organizers that are major space savers, such as a multi-shelf storage cube or one that blends in well with your interiors.
  3. Be thoughtful while shopping. Don't panic and buy things you don’t need. Impulsive buying will lead to the stocking of items at home which will, in turn, add to the clutter. 
  4. Reduce your collection of shoes to the amount that will all fit in one stackable shoe storage. Remove the ones that are worn out or you don’t wear anymore. 
  5. Make it a rule that you'll buy nothing unless it is on the list. If a pillow isn't on the list, but at the store, you feel you might need it, pass. If there is a buy one, get one offer when you are shopping, wait to take advantage of it until you have two items on your list.
  6. Repurpose your old furniture. Make DIY shoe storage or stackable cube storage from an old piece of furniture. This will help you save a considerable amount of money. 
  7. Always keep a budget. Shopping within a fixed budget will not just help you save money but also ensure that you have enough money for the things that you actually need to buy.
  8. Have a designated area in the house set aside for children to leave school books, flyers, and other study materials. Make this a daily habit for them. 
  9. Help your child organize their books, install a study desk with a bookshelf or wall-mounted bookshelf. Make sure to secure a big bookshelf to the wall with bolts if you put it in a kid's room for safety reasons.

Affordable Organizing Hacks

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Make sure your house is as orderly as it can be so you can take the time to enjoy it rather than constantly battling chaos and mess. Follow the aforementioned 8 affordable organizing hacks to set your home up in the best possible way. You can visit way basics to check out the best organizers online. They’ve got a selection of affordable and eco-friendly storage organizers like stackable shoe storage, under-the-bed dorm storage, under-desk storage ,and many more. So what are you waiting for? Shop now!

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