10 Ways to Use The Box

May 30, 2013

We love being inspired by others and we loved Obsessive Mommy's latest post: 10 Things To Store In "The Box" because it gave so many practical uses for our new eco-friendly storage solution, The Box. Our list below is inspired (and some ideas are borrowed) from the amazing Ashleigh at

coffee table, storage solution

Coffee Table & Storage Solution!

Obsessive Mommy.

1) Kid's DVD Collection - Perfect place for your kid's to store THEIR DVDs that way they don't mess up the entire collection and you can monitor what they are allowed to watch!

2) Games - Favorite games can be stored in the Box while the rest are neatly packed away in the garage.

3) Homework - Perfect homework station for books, pencils, and homework. You could even have them decorate the outside with stickers that they receive when their homework is complete!

4) Key/Purse/Wallet Holder - Not just for kids, this is the perfect place for those items that you need as you dash out the door. Just place in a closet and throw your necessities inside!

5) Blankets - Perfect place to store your blankets. Connect a few together and it makes the perfect coffee table!

6) Remotes - Don't you hate all those remotes that get lost in the couch. Designate one Box in your coffee table specifically for remotes!

Eco Friendly Bookshelf

7) Bookshelf - Use one Box at a time to store "favorite books" or stack them together to make a full bookshelf. The Box is the perfect bookshelf because it is lightweight, sturdy, non-toxic and can be assembled with or without doors.

8) Art Supplies - The multicolored Box will inspire your creative side and it is ok if you miss your canvas. The Box looks great with paint splatter!

9) Shoes - Perfect way to store your shoes in the garage for easy access without them getting dirty and dusty!

10) Spices - Organize your pantry with different colored boxes for each type of cooking. Savory spices in blue, sweet spices in pink and salty spices in white. Easy to remember and keep organized!

What practical uses do YOU have for The Box?

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