FAQ Spotlight: Displaying and Anchoring to the Wall

May 06, 2011

Can I display my Way Basics furniture on the wall?

Yes, of course you are able to display your Way Basics products on the wall with the support of L brackets or other support hardware beneath your furniture. Make sure to support your Way Basics furniture from the bottom, as these products draw their strength from their vertical construction. The zBoard can be used like other wood products by drilling on its main surfaces, but drilling on the edges is not recommended. Hey, I just came up with a new design idea! How to display storage cube on wall.

How can I secure my Way Basics product from tipping if I am concerned about children's safety?

We recommend you secure as shown below, with L-brackets and screws into studs in your wall. This hardware is not included, but is readily available at your local hardware store. How to anchor products to the wall.

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