Best Space-Saving Cat Litter Box Ideas

October 26, 2018

No matter how small your cat litter box is, it will always take up some space in your home and this could really be troublesome especially when you live in a tiny apartment where space is almost unavailable. This is very common in the urban areas where every space counts. Sometimes, it is even near impossible to see an apartment that is big enough for you and all your personal stuff. Can you imagine how much more if you own a cat? Well, it will be really difficult to find a perfect spot for your cat’s comfort if you live in a place that could only accommodate you and a few stuff.

For cat owners, it is a given fact that cats need their own space. If you don’t want your feline companion to mess around, it is a must to give them the comfort they need. But is this really possible despite having limited space?

If you are one of those cat owners who really feel the need of providing the best cat litter box for their pet, and yet at the same time don’t want to sacrifice too much of their home space, well you are in the right place.

Did you know that there are cat litter boxes that not only function as your cat’s little shelter but also can be used for your own convenience? Yes, there are several products available online which take cat litter box ideas into the next level. These are not only functional, but also space-saving as well.

Here are some of the best space-saving and most creative cat litter box ideas:

Cat Litter Enclosure

When we hear of litter boxes, the first thing that probably comes to mind is dirt and mess. It is an unpleasing sight to see especially for guests who are not used to seeing pet wastes inside a home. This is where cat litter enclosure performs best, hiding those nasty litter boxes. Just like the one available at Way Basics, not only it functions as a litter box, but it is also used as a furniture as well. It is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can easily blend in any room or home because of its neutral design and elegant style. It also comes with a litter mat on top which can be a good alternative to messy spaces and rooms.

Cat Litter Side Table

This creative idea will work pretty well to most areas of your home, even in your own bedroom. Cat litter side table allows you to hide unwanted litter boxes, and at the same time be used as a functional furniture as well. You can simply put your drinks, books, or magazines on it without any worry because this definitely works perfectly fine. This is really a good alternative to the typical side table and the design is even impeccable. You can check out to find some creative and modern designs which may fit into your home.

Cat Litter Box Furniture

If you have several cat toys, food, and other stuff that you really need to keep in a small apartment, cat litter box furniture could be the best product for you. It is specially designed to provide plenty of room for storage without compromising your cat’s own space. Aside from storage, it also has two easy to open doors which gives your cat more room to walk in and out with ease. Surely, this will give your cat a great place to relax and chill.

Every individual has their own needs and so do cats. In order to know which product will work best for you, it is important to know first your personal preference in consideration with your cat’s comfort style. There are several cat litter box furniture's which can function differently, you can check them out here to see your options.

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