Easy "how to" organize your spices!

February 27, 2013

Guest post from the amazing Natalie Wright, creator of Natalme and Organized Mom!

It's no secret I love to be organized, but I often forget the correlation between health and organization. I recently just cleaned out my fridge, and yeah... I was definitely hoarding some unhealthy expired food! So I decided to take some time during my week to look through other areas of my kitchen, and not only organize them, but promote healthy eating. My goals are to organize my canned goods, baking necessities, and spices.

Here's a simple and affordable way to organize your spices. I love this project because not only does it make my seasonings easier to find, but it also forced me to throw out old and expired spices I never use.

All of my baking and cooking spices I keep in a drawer near my stove. Since the bottles are all difference sizes, they often get jumbled around and the one I need ends up being difficult to find.

I purchased about twenty of these glass jars at Ikea; four jars for under $4. I also used chalkboard vinyl to create labels or each jar. The great thing about these little babies is that you can adhere your labels to the top or the front of the jars.

I created scalloped labels with a scrapbook paper punch, but you could easily cut circles or squares by hand.

After emptying my drawer and throwing away expired spices and seasoning, I inserted a layer of decorative gift wrap, and added a clear plastic drawer liner on top.

My jars fit perfectly side by side! I was able to fit twenty jars in all.

With a white chalk marker I labeled all of my seasonings. (Note: A chalk marker is easier to write with versus regular chalk. It does not smear when touched, but easily wipes off with a damp cloth.) If I ever run out of a spice or decide to try a different seasoning, I can easily erase the chalk and write a new label.

This is such an easy and quick project that took me less than an hour from start to finish. And I love that it's a much prettier, functional, and healthier way of organizing my seasonings!

To follow me as I continue to organize other areas of my kitchen and home, be sure to check out my blog at www.natalme.com!


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