Ever Wonder Where the Name zBoard Came From?

June 16, 2009

zBoard Logo
The name of the zBoard is no coincidence nor did it originate from a late night coffee-fueled brainstorm session. If you take a look inside a zBoard, you will see that the corrugated pattern looks like the letter Z. Add “board” to this equation and voila! You have a zBoard! To top it all off, the zBoard even sounds French: “ze-board”, now we are getting fancy! Made 100% from paper, a colored zBoard will use 99% post-consumer recycled paper with the remaining 1% coming from the vibrant color of the paper veneer. We also offer a Kraft version (all of which is 20% off for a limited time) and is composed 100% from post-consumer recycled paper…an environmentalist’s dream! With a patented manufacturing process that took a decade to develop, there is nothing in the market that comes close to the zBoard. Eco, green, light and cool are just a few of the adjectives people mention when seeing the zBoard for the first time. Weighing 62% less than particle board or MDF, the zBoard is solid and engineered to last!

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