Hot or Cold Stainless Steel Water Vessel

August 28, 2010

Water bottles are dime a dozen. Why are we including this one in the Way Basics collection? Most water bottles available here in the US can only be filled with cold or room temperature liquids. Try filling hot water, coffee, or tea in a stainless steel water bottle and ouch, your hands are burned. Or you might risk melting inner plastic liners or having chemicals leach into your water with plastic versions.

The Think Sport stainless steel, double walled, tea filter included, big mouth or small mouth opening, organic contour design, ultra durable, easy handle....phew... water bottle is a gem in the sea of water bottles. It looks good AND has so many useful benefits. In the winter you can throw some tea leaves and the filter keeps your mouth free of little leaves. The small mouth opening is great for a little sip and easily twist open the big mouth opening to quench your thirst. The best thing we love about this bottle is that it's double walled. That means, you can put hot or cold liquid and it keeps it hot or cold! Added bonus is that water doesn't condense around the bottle leaving water puddles on your desk or counter top.

Just looking for a simple water bottle? Take a look at our Vapur water pouch. Either way, let's save the planet, live simply, eliminate plastic bottled water and use a reusable bottle today.

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