Introducing zTube Open Bookcases and Shelving

May 01, 2016

zBoardwas born in 2008 with the innovative technology for a non toxic storage shelving solution. It is simple and made from a material we use in our daily lives... paper! Isn't it incredible that recycled paper can be created into a super strong paperboard used to build modular bookcases, wall shelves, monitor stands, benches and more? The possibilities are endless with paper, and the Way Basics creative team is super excited to announce another addition... introducing the zTube! Rather than panels as the sides of a shelf, this collection uses tubes to create a robust frame for an airy open style shelving. This model and timeless design allows for versatile organizing and displaying ideas. Multiple units can align together to create a room divider, media center, shoe rack, closet shelving.... what are your ideas? We can't wait to see your creation! Assembling the zTube collection is still just as easy, tool free and hardware free! Like all Way Basics products, our materials are non toxic, formaldehyde free, and VOC free to create a healthy space whether it be in your home or work space. Enjoy building possibilities with Way Basics!

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