Lightweight zBoard Shelving Helps 3Seams Help Haiti

August 19, 2011



We saw this photo of 3Seams posted on our Facebook wall. It captured an amazing shot of people coming together, working together, building something. When we asked more about the organization and why Way Basics products were used, we were touched and inspired by the cause Inga Swope started. Traveling to Haiti, she used Way Basics products for it's lightness. How ingenious and creative to solve the challenge of maximum luggage weights when you fly. Take a moment to read Inga's story and help her share 3Seams' journey.

‘3seams’ came to be over the course of about 4 years. A passion had been growing within our founder and director, Inga Swope, for women and children around the world. At the same time, as a mom of young children, she had a great passion for helping to grow global perspective and compassion within our next generations here in America. As she watched our culture become more and more materialistic, indulgent, and self-centered, she realized that our young upcoming generations had very little concept of how incredibly fortunate they were, and in the same respect, very little concept of the extreme poverty and struggle going on around the world.


(This became the question.)

How could she tackle both of these passions with creativity?

(And this became the answer.)

‘3seams’ is an organization dedicated to both issues. Our organization creates opportunities for people to purchase clothing and accessories for their children while at the same time supplying a child in need with an identical piece. Each piece of clothing is made in sets of two and all pieces are sewn by our Haitian seamstress program! One of these pieces goes home with the buyer and one is donated by ‘3seams’ to an organization that ensures a child in need will receive it! Not only does a child somewhere around the world receive a much needed item and someone else a much needed job, but the child here in America knows that there is a child in another part of the world wearing the exact same dress or pants or shirt.

Our hope is that through job creation in the developing world, ‘3seams’ can put a small dent in the global poverty crisis as well as give families here in North America the platform to discuss poverty and other global issues with their children!

‘3seams’ is a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization. For more information or to make a tax-deductable donation towards our program in Haiti, please visit, or .

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