Monitor stand video review

March 06, 2017

Recently, we received a lovely video review from a happy customer. Amber Pierce reviews our Computer Monitor Stand in this short video: Amber appreciates how the Way Basics Monitor Stand's height improves her posture and reduces neck strain. She also says, "I can't tell you how nifty and handy it is to be able to put your keyboard underneath the desktop monitor," showing how easily her keyboard slides underneath the stand. A computer mouse, papers, and more can also be stored underneath. This is a great way to save space when you need to use your desk for something else, such as writing with pen and paper. On the product page for the black Monitor Stand (it also comes in pearl white and espresso), you can see more pictures of the stand in action, sent in by customers like you and Amber. The stand features enough space for small knickknacks, speakers and office supplies in addition to your computer monitor. If you don't need space for a monitor, the stand provides extra room for documents, day planners and more. Simplicity and versatility is the Way Basics way. Amber also mentions how eco-friendly our products are, and our lifetime warranty. Indeed, all our products are free of VOC and formaldehyde and made from 99% post-consumer recycled paper (which is incredibly strong, by the way--the Monitor Stand alone can hold up to 30 pounds!). And our warranty guarantees lifetime happiness, with personal support offered from our CEO, who can be reached at Check out our comprehensive warranty here. Thanks, Amber, for a wonderful review!

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